Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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1Is the brand backed and verified by medical experts?
All our products are verified and endorsed by a team of Oh!man Doctors who have studied and researched all the products thoroughly. All our products have scientific evidence behind their use.
2Is there any guarantee of results after using the products?
The results can be different for different people, depending on age, disease, and comorbidities. There can be no guarantee of the results.
3Will I be guided and given proper consultation after I buy the products?
Yes, our doctors and/or advisors will guide you on how to use the product after the purchase.
4In how many days would I see results?
Results can take from days to months depending on the type of product, people, age, severity of disease, and other medical conditions.
5What if I see no results after using the products?
If you are unhappy with the results, we will schedule a teleconsultation with our doctor free of cost who will then study your case and advise you further.
6What is the replacement and refund policy?
For all Oh Man consumables like medicines, nutraceuticals, etc. there is no refund or replacement. For Oh Man devices a refund is possible if the device is in intact condition and unused by the patient within 7 days of purchase. Only the shipping cost for return will be borne by the patient.
7What if I want to cancel my order?
In case you plan to cancel your order, please email us at with order details. You can also contact our customer care number at +91 911 6170 999 who will help you in resolving your queries.
8What will ensure the patient’s anonymity and privacy?
Oh, Man assures complete privacy and anonymity of its patients. The product packaging will be discreet in a plain box.
9Will the products have any side-effects?
Not necessarily.The do’s and don’ts, indications and contraindications, side effects etc are mentioned on specific product pages. Not all patients will have side effects and side effects will vary in type, intensity, duration from person to person.
10Do you have any offline stores?
No, currently we don’t have any offline stores.
11Can I talk to Oh Man! Medical Experts?
Yes, you can speak to one of our medical experts after the purchase of the product by writing an email at or calling us on +91 911 6170 999.

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