4 Major Reasons for Sexual problem In Men: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

4 Major Reasons for Sexual problem In Men: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Sexual problem In Men

The sexual problem in men is the worst nightmare for many men. Every man in their life goes through one or another sexual problem, irrespective of their age. It is because a human is a mammal and reproducing is a fundamental attribute of every human. Sex on other hand is a process of being an offspring to the world. Just like your eyes, nose, the hand can get affected at any time in your life span so can your reproductive organ. The sexual problems are nothing more than When men reproducing organs or gametes get affected due to ageing or any health ailment. Because of sexual problems a man may not attain pleasurable sexual intercourse. The common sexual problems in men include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and low penis size or buried penis.

While in 90% of the cases, the sexual causes can be diagnosed easily, while 10% of the problem remains suspicious as not being able to determine the exact cause of sexual problems. However, with proper tests and examinations, it is possible to find the real sexual cause for men.

Why Sexual Problem in Men Occurs?

Sexual difficulties came into action because of the insufficiency of sexual desires, pain in the penile region, infection in the prostate, ejaculation or erection issues. Occasional problems can be ignored as it is quite common in couples. However, if the problem lasts long more than a month or two, consulting a sexologist for a test and treatment is a must

Sexual dysfunction can be caused in men due to any physical, psychological, or biological change in the body. When a person is challenged with any medical health issue, his sexual health also gets affected by that, resulting in troubled intercourse.

It can be due to medication side effects, depression,  alcohol consumption, or relationship conflicts as well.

4 Major Reasons for Sexual problem In men

1. Low Testosterone Level- Most common sexual problem in men

Low testosterone level is one hell of a sexual cause that results in many sexual problems if not treated on time. Losing interest in sexual acts, low libido, and a man will face trouble in getting an erection as well. It also affects a man’s energy level, mood leads to adverse physical health as well.


Testosterone is a male sex hormone responsible for fostering sexual desires in males for physical activities. The causes that show a decrease in the level of testosterone are hemochromatosis, physical injury to the genital part, and mumps orchitis (infection in the testicles). Klinefelter’s syndrome is a condition in which a man is born with three sex chromosomes which is also one of a cause of low libido issues.

Other causes of low testosterone level:

  • Obesity- a person with excess fat directly will impact his hormone production
  • Medications: any steroid and opioid pain medicine directly affect the functioning of the hypothalamus ( an area that controls hormone production).
  • Normal Ageing


Although there are plenty of symptoms that directly relates to Low Testosterone, the most important measure to diagnose Low-T is total blood testosterone level. Tests like Blood Hemoglobin, Blood Prolactin level, pt Bone density are there to help you find the exact cause. The doctor will also examine your medical history and physical appearances like hair pattern, prostate size, or excess fat over the waist for the same.


One of the most effective low libido treatments for this sexual cause is Testosterone Replacement Therapy. It comes as an injection and in a topical gel that helps to replace the missing testosterone in the body.

2. Heart Diseases Common Among Men

Sometimes heart disease also becomes a significant cause of sexual problems in men and introduce problems.  like erectile dysfunction, especially after their 40s. Diseases related to the heart mainly include atherosclerosis (hardening of muscles), high cholesterol, and hypertension ( high blood pressure). Due to shrinkage in arteries and blood vessels, the blood flow restricts to the male reproductive part, heart, and brain that hold back the process of erection. read more about erectile dysfunction in hindi


Cardiac-related issues generally occur due to diabetes, overweight, unhealthy diet, and obesity. All the given issues lead to the formation of fatty acids in the arteries resulting in improper blood flow. And when there is no blood flow to the penile region, it is not possible to get ideal erections.


There are various tests that help in determining sexual causes like heart disease in a man like

  1. Electrocardiogram,
  2. Blood tests,
  3.  echocardiogram and
  4. Coronary Angiography
  5. and MRI Scans.


Doctors recommend blood-thinning medicines that help in improving the blood flow in the body. These medicines that promote good blood flow to penis are :

Surgical methods to treat heart disease are Coronary Angioplasty and Coronary artery bypass graft.

heart disease major cause of sexual preoblems in men

3. Diabetes can Cause Sexual Problem in Men

Another major cause of sexual problems in men is diabetes and sugar issues. People who have diabetes, especially type-2 are more prone to sexual illness. Diabetes damages the nerve cells, arteries, blood vessels whose proper functioning is mandatory to perform well in bed and sometimes causes premature ejaculation & ed.

It is also possible to get a problem like erectile dysfunction early in men who has diabetes than in men who do not have such an issue.


A man endures diabetes when his body starts producing a higher level of glucose and collects it in the urine. This problem mostly affects people who have a family history of diabetes. The other cause of diabetes are

  •  Obesity
  • Genetic mutations
  • Cystic Fibrosis (a disease that causes damage to the lungs, digestive system and other parts) ‘
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Hormonal changes


Health professionals diagnose diabetes through blood tests to find out the glucose level in the blood. There are Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, Plasma  Glucose Test and Fasting Glucose Test that doctors use to find the sugar level in a man.


The most effective treatment for solving high-sugar level issues is insulin injections. Doctors also recommend installing pumps, frequent sugar level check-ups and medicines to help a patient maintain the ideal sugar level in the body.

4. Psychological Problems Affects Sexual Health

When the doctor says that taking care of mental health is important, a lot of people do not agree with that. Mental health is just as important as physical health to eliminate the sexual problem in men. Relationship conflicts, performance anxiety, poor communication and past deviate a couple to perform ideally in bed.


The psychological problems don’t have any exact cause they promote improper sexual intercourse in men. But any kind of psychological trauma, heredity, works-stress or any past life experiences can cause mental health problems in men.


There is no such as psychological physical diagnostic tests to find if the person is mentally fit or not. Although, doctors take the help of counselling sessions and sittings to find out the real problem in a man for improper sexual performance.


With the help of expert psychologists, it is possible to treat psychological causes of sexual problems easily. Treatments like Behavioural Therapies, Couple Sessions, and Counselling with medication helps in improving the mental state of a couple.


Take Away

If you are concerned about how to improve your sexual health and performance issues then you can visit Ohman online Portal for sexual health remedies.We are experts in providing medicine for all types of sexual problems.

Under the guidance of professional psychologists and sex doctors, we offer offline and online counselling sessions for people to solve their sexual health issues and dysfunctions so that they can live a healthy and happy married life with their spouses.

Many medicines are available over the counter such as topical, Ayurvedic, herbal and allopathic pills and tablets that are anti-depressants, analgesics and PDE-5 inhibitors helping in having a healthy sexual life.

There are now medical treatments through which a man can overcome sexual problems like early discharge without surgery or painful treatment. Moreover, Doctors like Dr. Chirag Bhandari also promote medication for PE cure that is available online.

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