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Ohman Franchise

Become Local Expert in High-Demand Men’s Sexual Health Treatments

OH! MAN clinic in association with the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health is now offering franchise opportunities to open a world-class Men’s health centre catering to various reproductive health problems faced by men in your city.

OH! MAN is an online portal solely focused on the Sexual health and well-being of men. We Offer Clinically tested, High-quality medical products that help men improve their relationships, stamina, immunity, and fitness.

Now, You can also become a part of OHMAN’s mission of spreading tested & Trusted Sexual Health Solutions by owning an OH!MAN Franchise in your town.

OH!MAN Franchise Inquiry

    Industry Overview:

    • The market for sexual wellness in India generated $1.15 billion in revenue in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% from 2021 to 2030 to reach $2.09 billion.
    • This segment is the blue-eyed boy of the world’s healthcare industry and India is at the cusp of the sector exploding with organized brands taking over from completely unorganized individuals.
    • The expansion of the Indian sexual wellness market is driven by an increase in consumer knowledge of sexual wellness goods & services. This complements the growth of this segment through organized brands.
    • The rising demand for sexual wellness products & services, among young couples opens up new business potential.

    Why Ohman Pvt Ltd?

    • A unique male health center with a multidisciplinary approach & a strong focus on improving lifestyle.
    • Promotes the awareness of male sexual wellness, which addresses the silent pain of Men in the society.
    • Strong Brand Image & Loyalty as privacy is protected.

    Benefits as Ohman Pvt ltd Franchise Partner:

    • Franchise Partners will be benefitted from the immediate gain of the respect and trust that come with the brand name.
    • As the industry continues to flourish, partnering with Ohman Pvt Ltd offers potential owners a viable business strategy and unequaled growth possibilities.
    • Successful and proven business model.
    • The franchisee will become the local expert in high-demand men’s sexual health treatments & will serve the patients from Day 1.
    • Quick Return on Investments & easy working hours.
    • Most treatments are on a cash basis.

    Franchisee Eligibility Criteria & Expectations:

    • To become an Ohman franchisee, you don’t need to be a doctor or a medical professional, but you should be concerned about becoming part of the solution.
    • Service-minded individuals.
    • Franchise Partners with integrity and ethics.
    • Dedicated and passionate Professionals.
    • Franchisee with a Customer-oriented approach and the drive to achieve.
    • Entrepreneurs with the ability to build and manage a team.

    Your Ohman health center:

    1. Your Ohman health center will have a space of 1200 Sq. Ft in a premium location of the city.
    2. Enabled with CCTV Camera & Wi-Fi connections.
    3. Manager who is completely in charge of generating business in the specified location.
    4. The center will have its interiors as per Ohman Design guidelines.
    5. The center will stick to the methodologies provided by Ohman.
    6. The personnel of the Center will adhere to all operational and training compliances as given by Ohman Pvt ltd.

    Ohman Franchise Model:

    Ohman Pvt Ltd operates in the FOFO model (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated)

    Investment Details

    Franchise fee3,00,000
    Payback Period3-4 Years

    Note: Total investment includes Franchise fee, training, recruitment, external and internal branding, interior design and contractor cost, Computers, printer and software, Machinery, air conditioners, UPS for the center, and all furniture. Property rental advance payments are also included in the Investment

    Please speak to our consultants for a more detailed breakup. Please note that the above figures may not add up to their totals as detailed financials with all breakups will be discussed with profiles that have been approved by the company

    Disclaimer: The financial model is intended to forecast the future financial performance of a center in the above formats. It is only for discussion purposes and of speculative nature. It is the best estimate of Ohman Pvt Ltd & Sparkle minds based on the information available at the time of forecasting. The actual financial performance will depend on internal and external variables that may either change over time or not be forecasted accurately. The franchisee will be solely responsible for making their independent judgment on the validity of the model. Ohman Pvt Ltd or Sparkleminds will in no manner be responsible in any way directly or indirectly for any consequences of these financials.

    Franchise Training Program:

    Ohman Pvt Ltd offers training and ongoing support to the franchisees for successfully running the standard format franchise business. The training will be provided for all the employees who are employed with the Franchisee. The program is focused on operating the center efficiently, equipment & supplies, and retaining the best talent.

    Pre-training: 3 days at HQ which covers management and sales techniques.

    Post–training: 3 days at the Franchisee location, which includes operating procedures, staff training, regional marketing, equipment & supplies.

    Doctor Training: 1 month of extensive training at the Jaipur center.

    Franchise Term:

    7 Years

    Roles & Responsibilities:


    • The Franchisee will utilize the official logo and brand name in the proper manner.
    • The primary objective of the franchisee is to offer solutions according to specifications given by the clients, under strict quality accordance laid down by Ohman Pvt Ltd.
    • The franchisee & Team will attend management-level training & Doctor training Program pre & post launch of the health center at the HO & at the Franchisee location.
    • Franchises will be required to reach out to clients in their areas through innovative marketing programs.
    • The franchisee will ensure that the clients are happy with the services and will periodically stay in touch with them for new offers and services introduced.

    Ohman Pvt Ltd

    • Ohman Pvt Ltd will provide an On-site & administrative setup.
    • Ohman will provide the procedural & staff training for all treatments. To guarantee that all employees uphold a high standard of professionalism, ongoing HR and training support, will be offered.
    • For easy management and top-notch client experience, each franchisee center receives all the required business support, Equipment and medical supplies, ongoing operational training, assistance, and audits.
    • To help franchisee owners succeed, they also receive unmatched marketing and advertising support which also includes Digital Marketing, PR & brand building.
    • Pricing strategy & support network specific to your region will be provided.
    • Reduced cost of consumables & machinery from vendors to enable a high – profit margin.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: Who does the site selection?

    The franchisee can do their selection but Ohman will have to approve of it. You will need to be in an easily accessible, centrally located area with a very strong middle-class population. You will also have to give us a detailed report of all the centers in your 2 Kilometers area radius along with a few more requisites which we will analyze before we approve your franchise application.

    Q2. Who is the customer?

    Men with sexual problems who need medical services are our customers. If you have access to an appropriate location or can arrange one, and are absolutely sure that this is the need of the hour for your city/town, then this is the perfect franchise for you.

    Q3. What would be my target market segment?

    Your target market will primarily include Men who need medical services for sexual problems. Franchises will have to engage all of the above-mentioned services in their territory and reach out to them using innovative ways.

    Q4. Is there any min guarantee or any fixed return on investment that Ohman promises?

    We believe strongly that you will be able to operate an exceptionally profitable franchise. However, we cannot guarantee your effort, so the minimum guarantee will be provided to only those franchisees who promise 10% conversation.

    Q5. Can I terminate/withdraw the operations before the agreed time?

    Yes, you can terminate/shut down the operations if there is an emergency or any unforeseen event. The franchisor would be eligible to exercise the right to take over the center and transfer the same to any other franchisee or operate it as its own unit, at its own discretion.

    Q6. What is the audit clause with Ohman?

    There will be several audits on regular basis regarding the quality of work, accounts, hygiene, and several other parameters. If the franchisee fails to maintain the standards and there are consistent deviations, it will be taken up seriously up till corrective measures are not undertaken.

    Q7. What are the typical hours of operation? Can I be an absentee investor?

    Centres generally operate from 8 A.M to 8 P.M throughout the week. As a franchise owner, if you are involved in something else, then you could depute a full-time centre head who will be responsible to achieve the sales and operational goals that we have set for our franchises. However, you will need to be involved in the levels of ensuring that your team is performing as per our standards.

    Q8. Is there any seasonality in the business?

    No there is no seasonality in the business. It can be implemented anytime during the year and hence the marketing activity of Ohman happens throughout the year.

    Q9. I have a successful IVF Centre, a Multispecialty hospital. Can I include the Ohman franchise along with my running business?

    Yes, if you are a successfully running business and meet our franchise-eligible criteria you can take up the franchise of Ohman Pvt ltd.

    Next Steps:

    Our Selection Process


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    First Interview, Selection, and Signing of LOI.

    STEP 3

    Background / Credit check

    STEP 4

    Legal Documentation

    STEP 5

    Franchise Training Program

    State of The Art Infrastructure

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