Male Infertility Medicines

Male Infertility Medicines

It refers to a male’s inability to cause pregnancy in a fertile female.

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About Male Infertility

When a man cannot produce or transit the sperm in a woman's vagina, then it's male infertility problem that obstructs the female partner from conceiving and getting pregnant. If the men can induce high quality of sperm in the female body, then women’s eggs get fertilised in the uterus, making her pregnant.

But due to low sperm count, low mobility of sperm, and physical weakness to endure the sperm, man cannot do the basic phenomena of reproduction. In such cases, some natural herbs and medical formulas can help to work on male infertility issues and enable a couple to enjoy parenthood.

Facts about causes of Male infertility

  • Every 1 man in 5 infertile men faces sperm motility problem
  • Every 1 man in 100 infertile men is having sexual problems causing infertility.

  • Every 1 man in 100 infertile men has low testosterone hormones responsible for low sex drive.
  • Every 1 man in 16 infertile men has sperm antibodies that kill the sperm in the men's body itself before they can be transmitted to the women's body.

Common Causes Of Infertility In Men

Sperm production problemSexual problemSperm motility problemHormonal Problem Sperm antibodies problem
Chromosomal issuesED or Erectile DysfunctionVasectomyCongenital lack of LH/FSHVasectomy

Injury or infection in the epididymis

Undescended testesPremature Ejaculation (PE)Absence of vas deferensPituitary tumours
TorsionRetrogradeProstate-related problemsAnabolic steroid abuse
Radiation damage

Causes of infertility in men

A. Sperm production problems:

When a man's body cannot produce the right quantity and quality of sperm due to genetic issues, like Azoospermia or teratozoospermia or testes problems, he is considered infertile. Testes problems like failure to descend, twisting in the scrotum or varicose veins are also known causes for infertility in men.

Ideal sperm count in men:

It is expected that a normal fertile man will carry around 15 million to greater than 200 million sperm in every millimetre of semen.

Reason for low sperm count

Smoking, drinking, chromosomal issues, hormonal problems or any injury or damage can be reasons for low sperm count in men.

Treatment to increase sperm in the male body

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and avoiding excessive and drinking have shown a significant increase in sperm count. The other way is to take clinically approved medicine to increase sperm count.

B. Sexual problems:

A man can be infertile because of Sexual problems in life. When a man cannot erect or ejaculate or enjoy intimate moments, he cannot satisfy an ovulating woman and make her pregnant. Relationship problems or any spinal injury can also be the cause of sexual issues in men.

C. Sperm Motility problems:

The male sperm floats in the semen fluid, which is ejaculated after the partner consummate. If there is not enough fluid. Sperms are restricted to transport due to penile infection or absences of a long tube known as Vas deferens, that passes the semen to the urethra and prepares for ejaculation. Men who have gone through a sterilizing process like vasectomy also face problems with sperm motility.

D. Hormonal problems

The testerone level is responsible for male sexual drive. The hormonal imbalance can cause low libido in men which can also be one of the infertility causes. Tumour or any congenital issue in the pituitary gland can cause hormonal imbalance in men. Excessive smoking of tobacco or alcohol drinking is a major cause of hormonal causes that eventually leads to male infertility.

E. Sperm antibodies

When a man has an infection in the epididymis, the body starts making sperm antibodies which don't allow sperm count to grow. With low counts of male sperm, fertility is doubted among men.

How Is Male Infertility Diagnosed?

When a fertile woman cannot conceive even after continuous intercourse with the male partner, the expert recommends to diagnose the man's infertility problem.

  • The expert will physically examine your penis, testicles and abdomen to diagnose the real cause of infertility problem.
  • Semen analysis and urine tests are also asked to diagnose any other reason like low sperm count or semen efficiency,
  • To ensure there are no prostate cancer symptoms may again do a rectal examination.
  • In case of any more complications, may do nerve examination to find the real cause.

Treatment For Male Infertility

After proper diagnosis, the Andrologist (expert to treat male infertility) will suggest the best treatment for you. You may need any of the following options to treat the real cause of the problem:

Treatment options include lifestyle changes, adjusting medications, psychotherapy such as counselling and behaviour modification, oral medications, pills, enhancing the sperm count, enhancing sperm motility, and increasing sexual drive.

Male Infertility Medicine

Oral medication is considered as the best option to treat infertility in men. Many medicines are available on the counter. These medicines are safe to use but still should be consumed only under doctor supervision.

Types Of Medicines to Treat Male infertility

Fertility Booster Pack: 

This medicine will help to improve sperm count, motility or morphology. It also helps in improving the quality of men semen and builds endurance and immunity power.

OH! MAN Herb Mix Tablet

Oh!Man’s herb mix is the best medicine for male infertility. This Ayurvedic, herb Medicine is made from herbal plants rich in antioxidants like  Ashwagandha , ginseng,  Eurycoma Longifolia, L- Arginine which helps in:

  • Increasing sexual hormones
  • Giving strength to the body
  • Last longer time in Bed
  • Delaying the ejaculation.

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator(SERM)

It might seem logical to give more testosterone to a man with a low testosterone level; however, doing so can decrease his sperm count. Instead of prescribing testosterone to treat male factor infertility, a low dose selective estrogen receptor modulator can be used.

Vitamin C 500

New research published in Cleveland Clinic's Urology states that Vitamin C is one of the most abundant antioxidants in the semen of fertile men. It contributes to the maintenance of healthy sperm by protecting the sperm’s DNA from free radical damage. It has also shown to increase sperm count, motility, and morphology.

Vitamin E 400

According to the International Journal of Reproductive Biomedicine,  vitamin E helps to improve sperm motility (movement). Men with low fertilization rates showed a significant improvement in the fertilization rate after consuming these antioxidant pills daily.

How To Use

These medicines are mainly consumed orally. Some health supplements that help to increase testosterone levels are also available here. The pills are primarily consumed before having sex.

Prevention Tips by Expert

Along with taking your medicine to increase sperm count and motility you can do the following things to Support your treatment.

  • Quit smoking and drinking
  • Maintain a Healthy lifestyle
  • Eat a lot of food rich in Vitamin A and C
  • Follow the Mediterranean diet
  • Performing Kegel exercises, aerobics and yoga daily
  • Control your blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Stay happy and stress-free
  • Communicate more with your partner and create a special bond.

Whom to Visit for Male infertility Problems?

Andrologist is the specialized doctor to treat male infertility problems. Though all the treatments available here are scientifically proven still you should consult your andrologist if you observe any of the following side effects:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Headache, dizziness
  • A light-headed feeling
  • Unusual weakness or tired feeling.
  • Diarrhea, stomach cramps.
  • Easy bruising or bleeding (nosebleeds, bleeding gums)
  • Nausea.
  • Tired feeling

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can cigarette smoke affect sperm?
Yes, according to a journal of a famous urologist of Indiana , Cigarettes are responsible for low sperm count in men.
Q 2. Can using steroids for bodybuilding cause infertility?
Steroids change the hormonal balance of a man. Taking an inappropriate amount of steroids can result in male infertility.
Q3. What is the best medicine for male infertility?
Fertility Booster Pack: This medicine will help to improve sperm count, motility or morphology. It also helps in improving the quality of men semen and builds endurance and immunity power.
Q4. What can a male take to increase fertility?
Eating a lot of food rich in Vitamin A, C and E and following the Mediterranean diet are natural ways to increase fertility in men.
Q 5. What is a male fertility specialist called?
A male fertility specialist is called an Andrologist.
Q 6. Can a man with zero sperm count get a woman pregnant?
No, It is expected that a normal fertile man will carry around 15 million to greater than 200 million sperm in every millimetre of semen.
Q 7. Does masturbation reduce sperm count?
No, it's a myth that masturbation reduces sperm count.
Q 8. Is healthy sperm thick or runny?
Sperm is invisible to naked eyes. It's the semen fluid that is sticky and thick that carries sperms.
Q 9. How can I check my sperm count at home?
Semen analysis is done in laboratories to have a sperm count of men.
Q 10. What age do men become infertile?
Men become fertile at the age of 16 years and so.

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