7 Unknown Erectile Dysfunction Causes People Are Unaware About

7 Unknown Erectile Dysfunction Causes People Are Unaware About

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

What is Erectile Dysfunction and Its causes? In erectile dysfunction, an individual cannot develop or maintain an erection during sex. Also commonly referred to as impotence, like other sexual dysfunction, this condition becomes more common with age. Sex can be important within relationships, so erectile dysfunction causes often carry with it an emotional and psychological stigma.

You Can’t Understand How can Erectile Dysfunction Causes
If You Don’t Know How Erection Happen

In both males and females, the sexual activity involves a sequence of events called the sexual response cycle. This cycle has four phases, excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.

  • During the excitement phase, we can have tense pelvic muscle, heart rate increases, and blood flow to the genitals increases. In males, we call this an erection.
  • When this cycle reaches the maximum level, we call it the plateau phase.
  • Next, the men release the built sexual tension up during orgasm, causing ejaculation in males.
  • Immediately after orgasm comes the resolution phase, where the body slowly returns to its original, un-excited state.

What Erectile Dysfunction Causes – Some Straightforward Facts

Well, erectile dysfunction in terms of a diagnosis can be challenging. Because it can be multifactorial and sometimes we don’t even ever really find the true cause. But there are some known erectile dysfunction causes or at least reasons for the increased risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

  • Medications can often cause problems with erectile function, specifically medications that treat blood pressure.
  • Other causes for erectile dysfunction can be disease states, most commonly diabetes. Diabetes often will lead to erectile dysfunction, as well as a whole host of other potential problems.
  • Neurological diseases, spinal cord injury can lead or at least contribute to erectile dysfunction.
  • Well obesity, which is very prevalent unfortunately in India today, has been linked to a higher incidence of erectile dysfunction.
  • There’s definitely a link between heart disease and erectile dysfunction.
  •  Well, drug use, marijuana use specifically, alcoholism, all of these things have shown to have an increase in erectile dysfunction.

7 unknown Erectile Dysfunction Causes About Which Most People are Unaware.

Now, erection is possible only when you know How to increase blood flow to penis. At the same time, ejaculation should be totally under one’s control. When a body or mind cannot perform these basic functions, a man will have problems with erection and ejaculation.

The first fact about erectile dysfunction is that 80% of men suffering from ED are experiencing either high blood pressure or diabetes. This Erectile Dysfunction causes and symptoms of a bad lifestyle or side effects of the medicine. A man will complain about the inability to develop and maintain a full erection; when they are under stress, performance anxiety, and depression.

Apart from the above said common erectile dysfunction causes, there are 7 unknown Erectile Dysfunction causes. Most people are unaware of these underlying reasons showing symptoms that we closely link with erectile dysfunction. read more about erectile dysfunction in hindi

Saturated Fats Might Block Your Arteries

Saturated Fats Might Block Your Arteries

The saturated fats, trans fats consumed by men, sticks on the walls of arteries(atheroma). When a man consumes too much fast food or saturated fats, they can build up plaque around arteries walls. This narrows down the arteries thus restricting the easy flow of oxygen and nutrients through the blood. Also, the main cause of atherosclerosis, which can also disrupt the blood flow in the groin region, leads and become one of the erectile dysfunction causes.

When Your Body can’t Produce ‘NO’ for a Better Erection

NO here is a nitric oxide which is much needed to relax the penile muscles. A man under stress can have hypertension because of his current lifestyle. High blood pressure may cause wear and tear in the endothelial cells. Endothelial cells are a layer of cells over blood vessels to regulate blood flow. By, this damage the regular nitric oxide synthase is affected and endothelial cells decrease their ability to produce nitric oxide. Eventually, this leads to tense muscles and thus blocking the free flow of blood to the penile region.

If You Are Diabetic, You Can Have Problems With Erection

Another condition that can also damage the arteries to the penile region is diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is what we commonly refer as diabetes. Where the body no longer uses glucose natural sugar in the body for energy. When you have high blood sugar, it decreases the elasticity of the blood vessel. Consequently narrowing it down the arteries and restricting the blood flow to the penile region.

When Less Nitric Oxide is Produced in The Male Body

When Less Nitric Oxide is Produced in The Male Body

NOS(nitric oxide synthase) produces Nitric oxide organically in the body which happens by taking a good diet and having balanced ECS in our body. However, less nitric oxide in the body leads to conditions like stroke, multiple sclerosis, and back or pelvic trauma. These conditions can directly damage the nerves, leading to erectile dysfunction.

When Age Affects You, Staying Hard Can be a Problem

Next is endocrine dysfunctions that cause testosterone levels to fall in men. The system in a body, having a network of glands primarily focus on regulating hormones levels, is an endocrine system. This endocrine system deflates with growing age and starts showing symptoms of low testosterone level disease like hypogonadism. As we age, the testosterone level goes low and can lead to erectile dysfunction cause. This happens because we associate low testosterone levels with lower levels of nitric oxide and less smooth muscle relaxation. Since testosterone, production decreases with age and refractory period after sex increases with the age.

Medicines you are having Might Be One of Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Medicines you are having Might Be one of Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Finally, many medications can cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect. For instance, if you are on diuretics for your high blood pressure problem to get rid of extra salt and fluid in your body and allow arteries to carry oxygen and nutrients only. These medicines are helpful in maintaining blood pressure but because they leave less fluid in your circulation, making it difficult to achieve an erection. Medications like antidepressants and methadone show side effects, but those mechanisms are not clear.

Don’t Stress, It May Cost You a Thing!

For, the psychological erectile dysfunction causes, as you can imagine most commonly, would be stressful because your brain actually controls the function of the penis and the blood flow to the penis. If you’re suffering from any stress, be it relationship stress, financial work-related stress, this will have a negative impact on your ability to maintain or get a healthy erection. Indeed, if you’re suffering from depression or any psychological difficulties like performance anxiety that will also affect your ability to get interaction or maintain.

Symptom or Diagnosis of the Erectile Dysfunction Causes

There is no specific test to diagnose erectile dysfunction, so the diagnosis largely relies on the sexual experiences of the individual.

Careful questioning of psychological stressors and blood tests to check for testosterone and glucose levels, a neurological assessment, and duplex ultrasound to evaluate blood flow and atherosclerosis can be done to investigate the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Treatment Largely Focuses on Addressing Underlying Erectile Dysfunction Causes

In terms of medications, PDE-5 inhibitors, like sildenafil, can be used. These medications inhibit the PDE-5 enzyme in endothelial cells, which normally breaks down cGMP, leading to higher levels of cGMP. That allows for more smooth muscle relaxation, which facilitates an erection.

Sometimes, men use vacuum pump for men or erection devices for erectile dysfunction treatment.

These devices apply negative pressure around the penis, which can help draw in blood to achieve an erection.

Finally, surgical procedures like prosthetic implants can be embedded into the penis. They do not cause erections, but they could help in keeping the penis rigid.

Are there things that can be done to improve erectile function?

Well, of course, there are, limiting some of those lifestyle choices that are bad can help you to overcome ED. Cutting out tobacco use, limiting alcohol or drug use. Kegel exercise and yoga for erectile dysfunction are perfect natural remedies. Weight loss, controlling your weight, improving your diet, following the Mediterranean diet can help you to have better blood flow and increase nitric oxide in your body.

Are there other things that can be used to help with erectile function besides lifestyle changes?

There are, and these are the commonly prescribed medications for erectile dysfunction that almost everybody will see advertised if you watch any media these days. These are medications like Viagra or Cialis. These are safe medications in the properly selected patient and can impactfully improve erectile function if used correctly.

So, looking at those baseline tests that we talked about looking at lifestyle changes, and then perhaps considering medication to augment sexual function can all be helpful for a man who’s struggling with common erectile dysfunction causes and concerns.

If you have any more questions about Erectile dysfunction causes and would like to know more about the diagnosis and management of erectile dysfunction. We invite you to go to ohman.in, where through live chat or a telephone call you can actually speak to our expert to gather a little more information.

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