Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Guide – How it Works and Side Effects

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Guide – How it Works and Side Effects

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

We know that erectile dysfunction is one of the most devastating problems that a man can experience. It significantly affects self-confidence and changes how men see themselves. Erectile dysfunction can cause depression too. Often erectile dysfunction becomes a silent burden that men carry by being unaware about the erectile dysfunction treatment available online. It gradually eats away their peace while creating distance between them and the ones that they love.

Ohman’s goal is to remove the stigma of ED so that men feel comfortable seeking care and restoring both intimacy and confidence in their personal lives. As experts we truly believe that understanding what causes Ed is critically important. Because it lays the foundation for understanding how we can both treat and cure ED

In the blog with the help of a sexologist we are listing the Popular ways to cure ED In 2021.

How Does Erection Happens?

A man’s penis is essentially three tubes. There’s a urethra which carries urine and there are two erectile cylinders that travel down the length of the penis known as the corpora cavernosa. These are the tubes that handle erections. The accomplishment of erection is only by filling the cylinders with blood and becoming rigid.

The penile artery, on the other hand, travels down the center of each erectile tube. When a stimulation happens in man, his artery provides the better blood flow to penis, dilates and fills the spongy erectile tissue of the corpora.

The erectile tubes expand in both length and girth in order to provide a firm satisfying erection; it’s what’s we know as hydraulic mechanism fluid; here, blood flow moves into a confined space to increase both pressure and rigidity.

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Medicines And Pills For Erectile Dysfunction,

Now what’s interesting about Ohman erectile dysfunction treatment is based on either maximizing or reinforcing this mechanism.

Our first-line therapy for ED is a class of oral medicines that most have heard of known as phosphodiesterase inhibitorsThese are medicines like Viagra also known as sildenafil and Cialis also known as tadalafil. 

Although these medications were really expensive when they first came out 20 years ago they’re now available as generic medicines and are quite affordable.

Men can even get them online without ever seeing a doctor in person. These medications are great for men with mild erectile dysfunction and work by amplifying a signal that tells the penile artery to dilate.

Generally speaking, men should take beforehand the pills in anticipation of sex and on an empty stomach. During this time, the part of the body absorbs the medicine and then travels to the penile area.

Patients often ask if one brand of pill is stronger than the other? 

The main difference between each of these medications is how long the effect lasts and how far in advance each medication dosage should be . Although men may have different preferences, none of the medications are necessarily stronger than the other, so why would somebody choose one of these medications as erectile dysfunction treatment.

Benefits of Oral Medicine

The benefit of oral medication is that it’s an easy first step.

If you’ve never tried anything for your ED, one of these medicines can be a great first option. Just take it on an empty stomach and you’re good to go. The challenge is that these medications really only work for men with mild erectile dysfunction.

Now something that’s worth noting is that these medications require that men have an intact nervous system. This means these medications tend to work very poorly on men who have spinal cord injuries or who have significant damage to the nerves and the pelvis following prostate removal.

Side Effects of Oral Medicine

If the Medicines And Pills For Erectile Dysfunction are not herbal or Ayurvedic, they can also have significant side effects, headaches flushing sinus congestion muscle aches and changes in vision.

These are all potential side effects and some men can’t take these medications for that very reason. They can also interact with certain types of heart medication and cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure, which can be another obstacle for some men.

Lastly, they can have a real problem with spontaneity. Now taking medication an hour ahead of time on an empty stomach may not seem like that big a challenge.

Injections for Erectile Dysfunction

Injections For Erectile Dysfunction -Bimix, trimix

Typically, when a primary care doctor or another urologist or sexologist has already tried an oral medication and it’s failed or stopped working overtime, those erectile dysfunction patients are looking for a better option.

Well, one option is to take medication similar to the oral medicines that we discussed earlier, or dissolve it into a solution that can then be injected directly into their rectal bodies of the penis.

This is what’s known as an intricate or notional injection or Penile Injections that allows for a higher dose of a medication to be delivered right where the body needs it.

Benefits of Injection,

Injections typically achieve results within three to five minutes, unlike oral medications.

Injections work for men that have injuries in the nerves that supply erections.

They also avoid the side effects that are common with oral medication like headaches or stuffy nose.

Although most patients tend to go with generic options from compounding pharmacies as they tend to be more potent and much less expensive. These compounded names include Bimix, trimix, and quadmix.

Now the drawback of intra-confrontational injections is that they require men to stick a needle in their penis every time they want an erection. That can be pretty painful for a lot of guys and a real mental roadblock.  L

Side effects of the injection

Injections for ED can burn and can also cause scar tissue from repeated needle sticks that can curb or bend the penis known as Peyronie disease.

Andropeyronie  and Andropenis is an extender device developed by medical professionals. It has been designed to help with bent, curved penis, or those struggling with Peyronie’s disease. What’s more, it can help reduce the natural curvature of their organ caused by injuries or by Peyronie’s disease and it can even increase the length and girth of the organ, too. You can also try Oh!Man ‘s Curvature Correction pack  & Andropenis- Medical penis extender  to eliminate the peyronie disease. 

They also carry the real risk of working too well. This is what’s known as a priapism or an erection lasting longer than four hours that just won’t go down. Priapism is extremely painful; it can require some pretty uncomfortable maneuvers to get down sometimes.

Although in rare cases it can require surgery because of penile damage with scarring and a permanent loss of penile length and girth.

But the real challenge with a day-to-day use of injections is their lack of spontaneity. These medications need to be kept in the refrigerator and the injection needs to be performed immediately before sex. This pulls a lot of men out of the moment and it can be such a hassle that many men feel like they miss out on some chances.

Vacuum Devices for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Another common treatment for erectile dysfunction is a device known as a vacuum erection Device or EVD. This Vacuum pump for men consists a tube that goes around the penis, creates a seal with the skin and then pulls blood into the penis. As it evacuates air out from around it, this can give a man an erection without the use of any medication.

The problem is that it can be uncomfortable. Men who are on blood thinners because of the risk of serious bruising can ‘t use it and the erection goes away the moment you break the seal.  This means that in order to maintain the erection, you actually have to slide a rubber band onto the base of the penis. This holds the erection in place, but it also prevents the penis from getting any blood flow.

This means we can only use the rubber band for 30 minutes out of time without risking long-term damage. The erection is cold and the band blocks ejaculation during climax. It also creates a hinge and allows the erection to become floppy at the base of the penis, which can be a real problem during consummating.

As a result Ohman rarely recommends the Vacuum devices as a long-term solution for erectile dysfunction. 

It’s fantastic for other conditions like penile rehabilitation after prostatectomy but most men find it too cumbersome to be a long-term Erectile Dysfunction treatment option.

Urethral Suppository Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Another Erectile Dysfunction treatment option is urethral suppository also known by its Brand name. This is a pill that’s inserted into the tip of the penis, which then dissolves inside the urethra and is absorbed into the corpora or the erectile cylinders of the organ. Urethral suppository is a little stronger than oral medications but not as strong as injections.

Sexologists rarely prescribe this treatment anymore. 

So what do we do for men who want a better option? Maybe the oral medications don’t work, the injections sound painful and none of the other options really offer the sort of spontaneity that most men desire. After all, most men want to be independent and they don’t want to feel like they have to rely on something external for physical pleasure.

Shock Wave Therapy Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

There is a newer emerging therapy known as shock wave therapy that’s really exciting as an option for men with mild erectile dysfunction. But since it’s not FDA approved or covered by insurance people are more reluctant towards it.

Get the painless, non-invasive, drug-free, safe and effective erectile dysfunction treatment. The latest and most advanced shock wave therapy machine from Germany is now available at the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health (IASH), Jaipur. Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (Li-ESWT) has been proposed as a new non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction, causing blood vessels to carry blood to the penis.

Penile Implant surgery is Permanent Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Well, let’s get back to the anatomy of penile where we can see that ultimately erections just come down to these corpora cavernosa filling with blood and becoming firm through a hydraulic system.

So we say what if we could perform a quick 30-minute minimally invasive outpatient procedure where we slide our own inflatable cylinders inside the body’s natural ones and we restore the support that these cylinders have been lacking. And then instead of having to rely on a pill or a shot, all a man has to do is squeeze a small pump that’s hid inside the bottom of his scrotum.

Just as the body used to fill these cylinders with blood flow, the pump fills these cylinders with saline and this allows men to achieve a firm erection whenever he wants that lasts as long as he wants. This is the procedure known as the penile implant.

Benefits of Penile Implant Surgery

Out of all the treatments that we have for erectile dysfunction, the penile implant is the gold standard that we compare everything else against to it.

  • It has the highest satisfaction rate
  • It’s natural, invisible, durable and
  • It’s safe.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Many causes can uprise Sexual Problems and ED problem. Some of the commonly known reasons are

Loss of stimulation due to relationship issues

  • Low nerve transmission of the brain due to any spinal injury or stroke.
  • Hardening of the penile tissues because of high prolactin, or low testosterone
  • Low blood flow into the penis due to high blood pressure problem
  • Inability to contain the blood within testicles due to any radiation therapy
  • Medical issues like Parkinson disease or Multiple sclerosis can also cause ED

Other Factors Responsible for Erectile Dysfunction Problem

  • Stress, depression,
  • Growing old or man after 40 naturally feels ED problem
  • Chronic diseases
  • Addiction to alcohol, cigarette or any drug
  • Prostate cancer
  • Injury in spine or Groin

Prevention Tips by Expert

  • Quit smoking and drinking
  • Maintain a Healthy lifestyle
  • Eat a lot of food rich in Vitamin A and C
  • Follow the Mediterranean diet
  • Performing kegel exercises, aerobics and yoga for erectile dysfunction daily
  • Control your blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Stay happy and stress-free
  • Communicate more with your partner and create a special bond.

What is The Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Several natural erectile dysfunction treatments can assist you with your regular treatment. You can do pelvic floor exercises to enhance your pelvic muscles’ strength and eat healthy foods like fish, nuts, and leafy green vegetables. If you want to try some other home remedies, then try applying thick lubricant on the genitals before intercourse and practice stop & squeeze methods to improve your time in bed. Some herbs like Korean red ginseng & shilajit are really helpful in increasing the blood flow in the body and genital areas. so mix some shilajit with milk and enjoy the benefits of shilajit in your life.


Of all the things Ohman cares about is men’s sensation of orgasm and ejaculation. All the treatment shared above changes how a man achieves and maintains his erection. Now that may sound simple, but when it plays out in a man’s life it really can be a life-changing and transformational procedure .

Ohman is aware about the erectile dysfunction problem in men and is fully considerate about it. As a specialist, we provide consultation and medicine for the most complicated cases of Ed as well. Men who have used our oral medications, vacuum devices, injection are the happiest patients, and that’s because for the first time in years they don’t have to worry about their erection problems.

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