Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's Disease

The male intimate organ can become curved as a result of formation of a scar tissue inside the organ causing pain or difficulty in having a satisfactory relationship with the partner.

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About Peyronies Diseases

Peyronies Diseases are caused by scar tissue of the penis that starts curving the genital. Due to this curvature, the penis may lose its length and girth. It causes your day-to-day problems during urination and Intercourse. Peyronie's diseases have some symptoms that you can identify and seek treatment immediately.

  1. your penis became shorter
  2. curved or bent penis
  3. painful and weak erection
  4. Lumps in your penis
  5. Difficulty and pain during Intercourse

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Who has the most risk of getting Peyronie's Diseases

Some people have a higher risk of getting Peyronie's diseases.

  1. Genetic – People whose family has a history of Peyronies Diseases are likely to get this disease.
  2. Age – Age is also a leading factor in Peyronies diseases. About 6% to 8% of people between the ages of 40 to 70 are affected by this disease.
  3. Erectile Dysfunction – A man with erectile dysfunction due to diabetes is at higher risk of Peyronies diseases than an average man.
  4. Prostate Cancer – Someone who has recently gone through Prostate cancer treatment is at Risk of Peyronies diseases.

Treatment of Peyronies Diseases

There is no direct treatment for Peyronie's disease; However, penile traction therapyis emerging as a reliable non-surgical treatment procedure for Peyronie's disease in recent years. Devices under this therapy slowly stretch the penile muscles by creating a small tear and correcting the length and shape of a penis. This method corrects 60% of the curvature in 4-6 months of use. Thus stopping the sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunctionand bendings. Penile traction devices available on Ohman are…

  1. Andropenis  : Medical penis extender
  2. Curvature correction Pack
  3. Andropeyronie

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