Erectile Dysfunction Medicines

Erectile Dysfunction Medicines

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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence happens when a man cannot get or keep his penis erect. However, it's common for men to have erection issues due to some problems from time to time. If this erection happens often & affects your sexual life, it's a matter of concern for you. Many reports suggest that half of the men aged 40 to 70 have erectile dysfunction. At the same time, having common symptoms like trouble getting an erection or keeping it or Loss of sexual desire is prevalent. In this situation, getting the proper treatment for erectile dysfunction should be the priority of patients.

What Causes ED?

Many causes can uprise the ED problem. Some of the commonly known reasons are

  • Loss of stimulation due to relationship issues
  • Low nerve transmission of the brain due to any spinal injury or stroke.
  • Hardening of the penile tissues because of high prolactin, or low testosterone
  • Low blood flow into the penile region due to high blood pressure problem
  • Inability to contain the blood within testicles due to any radiation therapy
  • Medical issues like Parkinson's disease or Multiple sclerosis can also cause ED

Factors Responsible for ED Problem

  • Stress, depression
  • Growing old or man after 40 naturally feel ED problem
  • Chronic diseases
  • Addiction to alcohol, cigarette or any drug
  • Prostate cancer
  • Injury in spine or Groin

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Oral medication is the most popular treatment procedure for erectile dysfunction, which most experts consider to be the best treatment option. Most men have trouble maintaining an erection or suffer from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction medications are a great way to solve the problem with erections.

Erectile Dysfunction Medicines increase the effect of nitric oxide in your body, which relaxes the muscles of the penile region and improves blood circulation, allowing you to attain a firm and more prolonged erection.

Erectile Dysfunction Medicines:

Oral medication is best for treating mild ED. These erectile dysfunction medicines are available over the counter. These erectile dysfunction medicines are safe to use but should still be taken under a doctor's supervision.

Types Of Erectile dysfunction Medicines:

Medications have become the mainstay of initial treatment for ED. Three ED pills are now on the market to treat ED:

  • Sildenafil Or Viagra
  • Vardenafil Or Levitra And
  • Tadalafil Or Cialis
  • Avanafil

These medicines belong to the PDE-5 inhibitor medicine family approved by the FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

How To Use Erectile Dysfunction Tablet?

Erectile dysfunction tablet are mainly consumed orally. Some health supplements that help increase testosterone levels are available in injectable form. Various topical creams are also available to apply directly over the groin. The ed pills are primarily consumed before having sex.

Sildenafil Or Viagra20-60 Minutes24 HoursAvoid Fatty foods
Vardenafil Or Levitra15-60 Minutes4-5 Hours

(24 Hours)

Avoid Medicine with Nitrate
Tadalafil Or Cialis30-60 Minutes36 Hours

Dosage Chart Of Erectile Dysfunction Medicines:

Erectile Dysfunction MedicineTabletsUsual Dosage
Sildenafil Or Viagra25 mg

50 mg

100 mg

100 mg
Vardenafil Or Levitra5 mg

10 mg

20 mg

20 mg
Tadalafil Or Cialis10 mg

20 mg


How Does Best Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction Work on Your Body?

All erectile dysfunction pills or medicines aim to increase blood flow to the penile area. This medicine helps maintain proper blood flow throughout the body. It also helps in stimulating the hormones responsible for erection. Consuming an Ed tablet/medicine/pill boosts the effects of nitric acid in your blood. It is a natural chemical produced by your body that relaxes the blood vessels in the penis and allows better blood circulation.

Things to Check Before Buying Erectile Dysfunctions Pill Online:

Nowadays, many products and pills are available online, and each of them claims to be the best erectile dysfunction medicine or treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, don't fall into this type of trap. Always check their certification, such as physical address and certificate, before purchasing medicines. The second important thing you need to check before buying medicine is the prescribed dosage of the medication. Consult your doctor for the right dosage, then buy the medication.

Who Should Avoid Taking Erectile Dysfunction Medicine?

A person already suffering from heart conditions or had a heart attack or stroke in the past. Then they should avoid the usage of Ed pills and medicines. Blood pressure medicines or pain in the chest during intercourse are also warning signs that you should not take Ed Medicines.

Precautions While Taking Erectile Dysfunction Medicines:

Erectile Dysfunction Tablets or pills should never be mixed with nitrate medicines. If you are taking blood pressure Medicine or Medicine for any heart disease, you should avoid taking erectile dysfunction pills or tablets and take advice from doctors.

Erectile Dysfunction Tablets Possible Side Effects:

There is no or very less side effect of the Erectile Dysfunction medicines.

DrugSide effects
Sildenafil Or ViagraVisual Changes
Vardenafil Or LevitraVisual Changes Less likely
Tadalafil Or CialisBack Pain

Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Pump

Ed vacuum pump for men is another option of Ed treatment. It will help to increase the blood flow in the male organ by creating a vacuum.

How does it work?

  • The air pressure in the pump is reduced by pumping the air out of the cylinder.
  • Hence, due to pressure difference, blood is pushed from the body into the penile region and causes the penis to become hard/stiff.
  • A constriction ring which is attached at the base of the penis then prevents the blood from running back into the body after the pump is removed and thus the penis remains erect.
  • Time to onset of erection – 90 to 120 seconds
  • Time Required to Terminate Erection – less than 30 minutes

Prevention Tips by Expert

  • Quit smoking and drinking
  • Maintain a Healthy lifestyle
  • Eat a lot of food rich in Vitamin A and C
  • Follow the Mediterranean diet
  • Performing kegel exercises, aerobics and yoga daily
  • Control your blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Stay happy and stress-free
  • Communicate more with your partner and create a special bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Erectile dysfunction (ED)?
Referred to as स्तंभन दोष in Hindi, Erectile dysfunction is also commonly known as ED, Impotence. It is a common sexual problem in a male in which he cannot erect or maintain the erection while consummating.
2How Experts Diagnose And Test ED?

ED mainly occurs when there is no proper blood flow in the penis region.

The expert will examine your penis, testicles and abdomen to diagnose the real cause of ED problem. Blood and urine tests are also asked to diagnose any other reason, affecting your erection.

To ensure there are no prostate cancer symptoms may also do a rectal examination.

In case of any more complications, may do nerve examination to find the real cause.

3When To Visit a Doctor?

Though all the treatments are scientifically proven still you should call a doctor if you observe any of the following side effects:

  • You have a sense of dizziness after taking an Erectile Dysfunction tablets.
  • Your erection lasts for more than 4 hours.
  • You observe low vision and have headache or back pain.
  • You experience a painful erection.
  • You find blood in the urine.
4What causes a weak erection?
The improper blood flow in the penile region or injured penis are the main reasons that cause weak erection.
5What are the symptoms of ed?

ED can range in being mild to severity among individuals. Common symptoms of ED are

  • It may be just inconsistent erection
  • Too soft to penetrate for intercourse
  • Early loss of erections
  • No erections at all
6Can you help me understand erectile dysfunction medicines in Hindi?
Yes, you can speak to one of our medical experts to help you understand the medicine in Hindi, Call us on +91 911 6170 999.
7How Can I Buy Best Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction Without Side Effects on an online platform?
OH!MAN is an online portal dedicated entirely to Men’s Sexual Health & Well-being.All our products are verified and endorsed by leading international and national medical experts and our own team of doctors.
8Is there a cream for Ed?
There are many kinds of cream available in the market that promise to treat Erectile Dysfunction. You can apply the cream before having sex to help you get an erection. Winner cream is a popular one among others.
9What do doctors prescribe for Erectile Dysfunction?
After proper diagnosis the expert will suggest the best Ed treatment for you. Treatment options include lifestyle changes, adjusting medications, psychotherapy such as counselling and behavior modification, oral medications, or pills, topical medications such as creams and gels vacuum devices, injection of medication into the penis and surgery including penile implants or prosthesis.
10Is erectile dysfunction preventable?
Maintaining a healthy routine and following the tips mentioned above can help you prevent ED.
11What are the best Ayurvedic, Herbal medicines for erectile dysfunction you have?

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