Workout and Fitness

Workout and Fitness

Oh!Man fitness products can help you build muscle and improve performance both in the gym and in the bedroom.

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About Workout & Fitness

Workout and Fitness should be essential to your daily routine to maintain a healthy body and good reproductive health. Daily workout not just keeps you fit but also helps your body to function correctly. Regular workout keeps your body in shape and increases your testosterone levels, which significantly affect your reproductive health and body's growth.

Importance of Testosterone in Your Body

Testosterone is a male sex hormone which helps improve libido, bone mass, fat distribution, strength, muscle mass and sperm health. As man ages, testosterone levels reduce in his body and cause many problems like muscle loss, weight gain, and low libido. Thus maintaining testosterone levels in your body is crucial for regular functioning and better sexual health. However, with regular workouts and herbal supplements, you can easily maintain testosterone levels in your body.

Causes of Low Testosterone levels in Men

Low testosterone level in men happens due to many causes like

  • Chronic stress & depression
  • Lack of physical activity and exercise
  • Overweight
  • Hormonal problems
  • Aging
  • pituitary gland dysfunction
  • Congenital disabilities

How to Treat Low Testosterone in Men?

Low testosterone levels are treated in various ways like

  • If you suffer from low testosterone due to congenital disabilities, workouts and other methods will not work. In this scenario, the doctor may suggest you take testosterone replacement therapy or injections to increase the levels in your body.
  • Suppose a low testosterone problem is caused by stress or depression. In that case, a doctor may prescribe you an antidepressant medication like tadalafil or SSRI to help you treat these psychological problems. In addition, you can add workouts with your regular medicines to enhance the effect of the medication in your body.
  • Suppose Low testosterone is caused by your weight, age or wrong lifestyle; treating these causes is straightforward. All you have to do is start eating healthy food, sleep on time, add a workout to your daily routine and avoid bad habits like alcohol and tobacco. You can also add herbs like ashwagandha, ginseng, and Tongkat Ali to your diet to increase testosterone faster in your body.

How Ohman Can Help You

Ohman is an Online Platform for Men Sexual health and wellbeing. If you have any questions regarding your sexual health, you can directly contact our doctors for consultation. We also provide clinically tested and FDA-approved medicines that can help you improve your sexual health and wellbeing.

Medicine and herbal product available in Ohman for Workout and Fitness that can help you increase Testosterone levels are ;

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