Dhat Treatment Pack

Dhat Treatment Pack


OH!MAN Dhat Treatment Pack is Intended for those men who suffer from passing Dhat (thick semen-like fluid) from their urethra (urine pipe) for an extended period of time and feel weak and tired because of this. This Dhat treatment pack contains prescription-based medicines like SSRI, Sertraline and other essential medicines. Which are best suited for the treatment of psychological problems like dhat syndrome & depression. Along with these assured dhat treatment pack, you will also get “A Free Consultation with Our Doctors.”

  • Prescription based medicines
  • Sexual Health supplements
  • One Oh!Man sexologist consultation
  • Instructions on how to take the medicines

This pack will last for 30 days.

*Medical Prescription Required

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What is Dhat Treatment pack?

Ohman’s Dhat Treatment Pack combines health supplements and medicine like SSRIs, which help eliminate Dhat syndrome or Dhatu rog. Along with proper guidance from doctors to maximize the effectiveness of treatment and faster recovery.

Who can use the pack?

  • Men who pass dhat/dhatu in urine
  • Men suffering from Dhat Syndrome
  • Men who pass dhat/dhatu during defecation(passing stools)
  • Men who feel weak and tired due to passing of dhat/dhatu
  • Men who have frequent nightfalls( nocturnal emissions)

Who Cannot Use?

  • Men who are taking, or within 14 days of stopping, MAOIs(monoamine oxidase inhibitor) including linezolid and intravenous methylene blue and other medications containing sertraline because of an increased risk of serotonin syndrome
  • Men who are taking pimozide (antipsychotic)
  • Men with known hypersensitivity to sertraline (e.g., anaphylaxis, angioedema) – or people who are allergic to sertraline or any of the ingredients in the medicine
  • Men who are taking disulfiram

Key Features

  • Significant reduction in Dhat/Dhatu
  • Better mood
  • Increased energy
  • Improved vitality

Side Effects

  • Insomnia and agitation
  • Excessive sweating
  • Tiredness & Drowsiness
  • Difficulty in breathing & Skin rash
  • You must read the Side Effects Profile of the medicines used in this pack before purchasing. For complete information, please go to the individual products page.

Please note that the results vary from person to person and that it is impossible to predict an accurate response in every patient. Results may start to show within a few days to a few weeks. It is advised to take the complete course for better results.

Doctor Prescription Required

  • After the purchase of this pack, you will get a call from Oh!Man advisor who will fix an appointment for you with Oh!Man doctor (9AM TO 9PM).


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