Propranolol (10MG) Tablets

Propranolol (10MG) Tablets


Propranolol is a medicine belonging to the Beta-blocker medicine family. This medicine helps your body by controlling the heart rate and blood circulation by blocking the effects of adrenaline rush and uncontrol hormone triggers that your body produces to fight stress & Anxiety. Propranolol 10 mg is an FDA-Approved non-selective beta-adrenergic receptor blocking agent, which is used alone or combined with other medication for chest pain (angina), hypertension, migraine, heart attacks and unexpected nerve impulses.

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What is Propranolol?

Propranolol belongs to a group of medicines called beta-blocker medicine, predominantly used to treat angina(chest pain), hypertension, arrhythmias, migraine and heart rate control. It is an FDA- Approved medicine that uses beta-adrenergic receptor blocking agent, which helps your body to control hormonal triggers, severe nerve impulses and adrenaline rush, which are produced by your body to fight sudden anxiety and stress. Propranolol should be taken with doctors’ consultation and only take a prescribed dose daily.

Indications (Can Be Used For):

  • Propranolol is used to treat tremors, angina (chest pain), hypertension (high blood pressure), heart rhythm disorders, and other heart or circulatory conditions.
  • it is also used to treat or prevent heart attack, and to reduce the severity and frequency of migraine headaches.
  • Propranolol Tablets are also used to reduce anxiety before a performance like giving a lecture, public speaking or during love making.

Contra-indications (Cannot Be Used In):

Propranolol tablets should be avoided if you have any of these problems:

  • Asthma.
  • Very slow heartbeats that have caused you to faint.
  • A serious heart condition such as “sick sinus syndrome” or “AV block” (unless you have a pacemaker).

Side Effects of Propranolol:

  • Slow or uneven heartbeats.
  • A light-headed feeling.
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sudden weakness, vision problems, or loss of coordination
  • Cold feeling in your hands and feet.
  • Depression, confusion, hallucinations.
  • Liver problems – nausea, upper stomach pain, itching, tired feeling, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes).
  • Low blood sugar – headache, hunger, weakness, sweating, confusion, irritability, dizziness, fast heart rate, or feeling jittery
  • Allergic reactions
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, stomach cramps.
  • Decreased drive, difficulty in achieving hardness, or difficulty having climax.
  • Sleep problems (insomnia).


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