Balanitis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Involved In It

Balanitis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Involved In It


In this disease, the men can feel pain, swelling and irritation, in the head of the penis. This can cause a lot of problems in the personal life of men; as they are not able to concentrate on anything apart from Balanitis. It is a non-contagious problem; which is caused due to yeast infections, bacterial or viral infections. Also, this infection is common in men who are under 4 years; and around 10 per cent of men have this problem once in their lifetimes. So, if you want to get a full insight into the symptoms, causes of treatment of Balanitis; read out the article till the end.


Different types of Balanitis-

There are three types of Balanitis, which can be found in men. The detailed description of their types is as follows-

  1. Balanitis (also called Zoon’s balanitis)– This causes a red, inflammation in the penis to all middle-aged men; and usually it affects the uncircumcised.
  2. Circinate balanitis– It is a reactive Balanitis, and is a type of arthritis that develops as a side effect of an infection in the body. It also causes small sores on the head of the penis with redness and inflammation.
  3.  Micaceous balanitis– The balanitis which affects men who are over 60 is micaceous balanitis. In this balanitis, small scaly warts occur on the glans of the penis.

Who is commonly affected by Balanitis-

This problem generally attacks the men who are uncircumcised, as the moist and warm skin allows the yeast infection to grow easily and effectively. This problem can affect men of any age group, however, if a man has phimosis it is more common for them. Also, the men who are at very high risk of balanitis are-

  1. The ones who are very poor in hygiene or smegma and already suffering from infections like Paraphimosis .
  2. If you fall in the age group of middle age or older.
  3. You suffer from diabetes, as the glucose in the blood stimulates yeast growth on the skin.
  4. If you are overweight and obese.
  5. Also, it can affect you if you have any sexually transmitted diseases in past.
  6. You have a sensitivity to certain chemicals.

Symptoms of Balanitis-

The symptoms for the problem of balanitis may gradually be seen or can also suddenly appear. Some of the signs which may include Balanitis symptoms are as follows-

  1. Pain during you urinate, or irritation and pain in the head of the penis.
  2. You feel itchy under the foreskin.
  3. Swelling in the pubic area.
  4. There is a foul smell and white discharge under the foreskin.
  5. White patches and shiny skin around the area of the penis.

How to diagnose the problem of Balanitis –

The doctor generally conducts a physical exam, in which they determine if an infection is causing the symptoms. In some cases, the doctor may also take a swab through your opening in the penis, and send it for testing. If the doctor feels, they can also suggest you go through a blood test or a urine test to check for other infections and diabetes.

balanitis treatment

How to know if you suffer from Balanitis at home-

You may see redness, irritation or pain if you suffer from the condition of Balanitis. However, people with uncircumcised penis health are at a higher risk. So, it is better to see a doctor immediately and to know what is causing the condition of Balanitis in you. Some other medical conditions such as HIV and other sexual diseases can also cause redness and rashes around the penis. Thus, it is very important to see a doctor if you see any of the symptoms.

Treatment options for the condition of Balanitis-

The treatment majorly depends on the cause of the problem. However, some of the treatments for Balanitis can be as follows-

  1. Antifungal creams– If the yeast is the issue that is causing in you. Then your doctor will give you an antifungal cream like clotrimazole. You have to apply this cream to the glands and skin as the doctor says to.
  2. Antibiotics– Your condition of Balanitis is if due to a sexually transmitted disease, your provider may give you antibiotics to help you get out of it.
  3. Improve hygiene– The doctor may even tell you to wash your pubic area more frequently; to reduce the risk of returning.
  4. Manage Diabetes– By chance if you suffer from diabetes with Balanitis condition; then your doctor may give medications to reduce it.
  5. Circumcision– This is the most common procedure the doctor suggests; for those who suffer from tight foreskin. It is a surgical process that removes your foreskin.

Complications associated with Balanitis-

If the condition of Balanitis is not recovered in time; then you can have lasting effects on your health. Some of the conditions which can occur are as follows-

  1. Balanoposthitis– This condition can occur more in men who have a tight foreskin, or have diabetes. Some signs of Balanoposthitis are swollen skin, itching and irritation.
  2. Balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO)– This condition makes the skin extremely tight and white. Also, this hard tissue can make it impossible for a man to urinate or pass semen.
  3. Phimosis– This can lead to long term scarring and constructive foreskin; this makes the skin so tight that it can not pull back.

How to relive the symptoms of Balanitis-

  1. You should have a shower more often; also pull back your foreskin and clean that area every day during the shower.
  2. During your bath, try not to use harsh soaps or irritating soaps in the pubic area.
  3. Make sure to dry your urine stains under the foreskin; after you urinate every time. To keep that area dry.
  4. You should teach your kids to take care of their hygiene; especially to those who are uncircumcised.

Take away-

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