Penis Enlargement Surgery : Effectiveness, Cost & Risk

Penis Enlargement Surgery : Effectiveness, Cost & Risk

penis enlargement surgery

Being unhappy about the size of the genital organs can affect the sexuality of a man and result in adverse psychological effects and complications in a relationship. Hence, men choose to undergo the penis enlargement surgery procedure.

The penile enlargement surgery procedure increases the size of your penis and can be a combination of different procedures designed to improve the length or girth of the penis. In most cases, people undergo the process for aesthetic reasons despite their penis being healthily functioning.

Medical Reasons For Penis Enlargement Surgery

Sometimes, men undergo penis surgery due to some instances that demand surgery.

For instance, if the penis’s size affects an individual’s fertility or quality of life, enlargement of the penis could be advisable under a urologist’s guidance.

Further, the penile enlargement may be essential for those who have suffered penile trauma or suffered from an illness that impacts how the penis functions .

In some instances, the penis of a person could be genuinely smaller because of an underlying hormonal or genetic condition that causes the micropenis.

Micropenis refers to the length of a stretched penis that is less than three inches.

The size of a penis could hinder a person’s ability to control urine flow. Further, it could also make the process of sexual intimacy difficult and reduce the likelihood of conception.

Other issues associated with reduced size of the penis:

  • Microphallus is a term that refers to an unusually tiny penis associated with hypospadias.
  • Peyronies disease is a condition on which the penis develops an irregular curvature unexpectedly. Fibrosis (scarring) at the bending point may result in the penis shrinking and narrowing and painful erections or impotence.
  • Buried penis: “buried penis” refers to a penis concealed under excess pelvic fat.

While penis enlargement surgery might prove effective in certain situations, there’s no guarantee it will work, and the procedure comes with risks.

Most patients who decide to undergo penis enlargement surgery want to feel comfortable and address issues like anxiety or inability caused by insecurity regarding their penile size. Moreover, some may undergo surgery due to obvious medical reasons.

Why Are Men Obsessed With Penile Size and seek penis surgery

Why Are Men Obsessed With Penile Size?

Several males don’t know that the average penis erect is 5-6 inches long with an average circumference of 4 to 5 inches.

Although having an average penile length, men still believe that their penis size is small. So this can lead to a fascination with various treatments that claim to improve the length of the penile either through non-surgical options or via penis enlargement surgery.

Moreover, in some cases, men also look for penis thickening options. So, this is why many men desire enlargement of the penis from the assumption of being “smaller than average.”

Some men choose non-surgical penis enlargement options instead of opting for penis girth increase surgery.

Below are some of the most common non-surgical options.

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Options

Lotions and pills

Numerous lotions and pills made up of synthetic hormones, herbs, and artificial vitamins are readily available on the market that claims to increase the size of the penile. However, these products are readily accessible to the public without evidence-based research or safety studies.

Hence, if you are employing such products, ensure they are from reputable sources that can actually help you increase the size of peins like Ohman. Ohman sells only FDA- Approved Medicines & patented  devices that can help you increase the size of your penis. So if you are looking for authentic & clinically proven medicine for enlargement of penis in india you can buy it online from ohman.

Vacuum devices

Some vacuum tools like pumps are also in use for penis growth. To use a vacuum pump for men  put a tube-like structure over the penis and pumps air out, creating pressure that draws blood into the penis, and this causes the penis to expand and show to be big.


Jelqing is a pulling workout that aims to improve blood flow in the penis’s tissues and makes the penis appear bigger. However, this technique does not have any scientific proof, and it can also cause pain or even scarring over time.

If any of the above things fail to offer the optimum results, the next step men consider is the penile enlargement surgery procedure.

Understanding Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis surgery to enlarge the size of the penis is an operation designed to extend the length of the penis’s girth.

The implantation of silicone implants and fat cell transfers, as well as the placement of skin grafts, may be used to increase the penis size. Some approaches can take the approach of cosmetic surgery to create the appearance of an extended penis.

The need for real penis enlargement surgery is extremely rare. A penis that is functional to allow sexual intercourse and the urination process does not require surgery. Some researchers have observed that the vast majority of patients who seek treatment for the size of their penis are in the normal range of functioning.

Below is a brief about the different types of penile enlargement surgery.

The Different Types Of Penile Enlargement Surgery

The Different Types Of Penile Enlargement Surgery and penis thickening

Silicone Implants

This procedure involves the placement of a crescent-shaped section of medical-grade silicone underneath the skin of the penile to make your penis larger and larger.

At present it is currently, the Penuma method can be the one surgery for enlargement of the penis that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for commercial usage under the 510(k) regulation. .

The surgeon makes an incision on the penis. They then place an implant made of silicone into the penis’s shaft. They make the silicone implant into a shape to ensure it is in line with the shape and size of the penis.

Usually, the penis enlargement surgery cost for 2 silicone rods starts somewhere around 1,30,000 INR exclusion of surgery cost and hospital stays. These additional expenses could add up and make 4 lakhs-5 lakhs. Yet, your exact will be determined by the doctor and also the final cost.

Fat transfer

In a fat transfer procedure, surgeons remove fat cells from a fat area of the body, then place them inside the penis shaft.

The penis enlargement surgery takes places by making tiny incisions along the sides of the penis and injecting pure fat cells into these locations.

For this penis enlargement surgery cost, you can expect somewhere around 1.5 lakhs – 2 lakhs.

Suspensory ligament division

Ligamentolysis other name for Suspensory Ligament Division, provides an option for the penis to appear longer. The process involves cutting the suspensory tendons and the ligament connects your penis with the pubic bone.

In this penis enlargement surgery procedure, surgeons will cut this ligament and transfer the skin from the abdomen towards the penis’s shaft. Even though this can cause the flaccid penis to hang lower, it doesn’t grow in size.

The surgeon could also suggest different procedures, like removing fat from the region surrounding the penis. The process can cause the penis to appear bigger however the penile enlargement surgery procedure does not alter its size.

Other enhancements

Other, less popular augmentations include:

  • Injections of hyaluronic Acid
  • Tissue Grafts
  • injections of polylactic acid
  • penile disassembly

Is Penis Surgery Effective?

The FDA has approved the Penuma implant as the sole cosmetic surgery procedure that can increase your penis’s size.

A study published in 2018 notes that the Penuma device showed an average of 56.7 percent rise in the girth of the penis and high patient satisfaction, and higher ratings of confidence and self-esteem in the long-term aftermath.

Furthermore, there is the possibility that the Penuma procedure could aid with problems that affect the penis. A study published on Nature ijir in 2019 mentions that an implant made of silicone helped resolve penis retraction, which allowed the penis shaft and glans to be visible.

Another study from nature ijir  discovered the cosmetic penis enlargement procedure using the combination of a spacer made of silicone and fat transfer gave satisfying results. The process has increased the length and the penis’s girth and enhanced its functionality, even after 12 months.

However, there is no guarantee for a successful penis enlargement surgery.

Penis augmentation through injecting fat cells could not be a good idea in some instances. Studies suggest that the body could absorb or break down around 30 percent of the fat within the first two months. A review from 2017 found that fat grafts might shrink in size by 20 to 80% within the first year.

The review also states that the results of patients having suspensory surgery are not always positive. Rates of satisfaction for both partners and patients for this procedure vary between 30 to 65 percent.

Is The Penis Enlargement Surgery Safe?

There is still research ongoing about the safety of the penis girth increase surgery and other penile augmentation. Still, there are conflicting outcomes.

Yet, cosmetic surgery is becoming safe. Still, there are certain risks associated since it is a surgical procedure.

Risks Associated With Penile Surgery

Each step in the procedure to enlarge the penis comes with dangers. There are potential penis enlargement surgery side effects that can appear.

One could be affected by:

  • The site of the operation appears bruising.
  • Penis bruising
  • Changes in the shape of the penis.
  • The incision is bleeding, and there is a lot of blood.
  • Infection
  • swelling
  • A temporary loss of sensation occurs in the penis
  • Erection pain
  • scarring

There are a few surgical requirements to be considered before the procedure. For instance, the patient should have already had an enlargement procedure that involved a circumcision using silicone implants. If not, they’ll need a circumcision prior.

Bottom Line

Penis enlargement surgery may be beneficial for individuals having medical conditions that impair their penis’s functioning. However, surgery is not recommended for someone who has a functional penis of normal size.

As a result, insurance is uncertain to cover aesthetic penile surgery. But this may cover certain associated expenses if surgery is required.

Even effective penile enlargement procedures include the risk of problems and negative effects. In each scenario, a patient should consult with a physician attentively to evaluate all potential dangers and the likelihood of succeeding with each surgery.

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5. 510(k) regulation

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