What is Trichomoniasis? Its Symptom, Causes, and Treatment?

What is Trichomoniasis? Its Symptom, Causes, and Treatment?


Trichomoniasis is a disease due to parasites; which is also a sexually transmitted disease. This sexual problem can affect both men and women. In women the symptoms of Trichomoniasis are foul-smelling discharge, itching in the genital area and pain during urination. Also, in men, there is generally no symptom at all. If a pregnant woman suffers from the problem of Trichomoniasis; she may deliver the baby prematurely. This problem has an immediate cure; as it can be contagious to your partner. Also, the problem is easily curable using medications. You can also use condoms during sexual contact; to help you save from the sexually transferred infection.

Symptoms of Trichomoniasis-

Most of the men and women who suffer from the problem of Trichomoniasis; have no symptoms at all. Thus, that makes it very hard to know if you are suffering from the problem of Trichomoniasis. But a few of the symptoms which you can see in women if she suffers from Trichomoniasis; is as follows-

  1. A white, yellow grey discharge from the vagina; which is generally very foul-smelling in nature.
  2. Redness around the genital area, with extreme itching.
  3. If you feel pain during urination or during sexual contact.

Men generally have no symptoms at all, if they are suffering from Trichomoniasis. However few symptoms which you can see in men are as follows-

  1. A discharge from the penis.
  2. You feel irritation inside the penis.
  3. Feeling of burning sensation after ejaculation or during urination.

How Common is The Problem of Trichomoniasis-

The problem of Trichomoniasis is the most common sexually transmitted disease in both men and women; also the good news is it is quite treatable with the right treatment. It affects around 3.7 million people. Also, women are prone to get this disease. You are more prone to have this problem if-

  1. You have multiple sexual partners.
  2. During sexual contact, you do not use condoms.

Causes of Trichomoniasis-

The cause of Trichomoniasis is only due to having intimate and sexual contact with an infected person. Also, you can pass on the infections to other people, if it is not treated in time. Some of the common causes of Trichomoniasis are-

  1. vaginal- vaginal or vaginal- penile intercourse.
  2. Anal sex
  3. Oral sex
  4. Touching of genitals (contact of skin to skin without ejaculation)

How Do You Diagnose Trichomoniasis-

The doctor may suggest you one of the following tests, which are as follows-

  1. Physical exam- A woman can be asked to g through a pelvic exam.
  2. Lab test- In this test the doctor takes a sample of your genital discharge; to study it under a microscope. Also, the swab may be sent to the lab for further test, if the infections are not found under the microscope.

treatment trichomoniasis

What are Trichomoniasis Treatment

If you do not get the condition of Trichomoniasis; it does not go away by itself. You may suffer from the problem for months or even years. And during the process, you may transfer it to a lot of people through intercourse. Thus, to control the problem; doctors generally give you oral medicines like metronidazole or tinidazole. But you should keep in mind the following points while you go through the treatment.

  1. However, a single dose clears up to 95 per cent of infection. You may be given the medicines for around 5 to 7 days.
  2. If any of the two parts is not treated for trichomoniasis; you may infect each other back and forth endlessly.
  3. You should strictly avoid having intercourse; after you have completed the medication for at least 1 week; to clear up the infection. Having sex too soon can cause to reoccur of the infection.
  4. Go and get yourself checked by a doctor after 3 months to see if you still do not have the infection.

Side Effects of Medications of Trichomoniasis-

When you take the metronidazole or tinidazole medications; you should completely stop drinking alcohol. Because having alcohol may cause rapid heart rate or nausea and vomiting. Some of the other side effects of the medications are as follows-

  1. Yeast infections in the vagina
  2. heartburn
  3. The metallic taste of the mouth

Can You Suffer from Trichomoniasis, for More Than Once-

It is highly possible to get infected from the condition of trichomoniasis; more than once. Also, approx 1 in 5 get infected by the condition; just after 3 months of suffering from it. So, if you want to prevent yourself from the condition; then you should constantly take anti-ineffective medications. Also should complete your course of medications given by doctors. And should keep yourself away from sex for a few days.

Complications of Trichomoniasis; If It is Left Untreated-

If the condition of trichomoniasis is not treated in time, there is a risk of it converting to HIV. Also, untreated conditions of HIV can lead to the problem of AIDS. So, the women who are suffering from both diseases have a very high chance to transfer both HIV and trichomoniasis to their partners. Thus, according to the medical association, every woman should go through a test of HIV and trichomoniasis once a year.

Does Trichomoniasis Affect Pregnancy-

If you are infected through the problem of trichomoniasis; while you are pregnant. Then you should take anti-infective medicines. As if the condition is left untreated; it may lead to the risk of following-

  1. A premature baby; which is labour before 37 months of pregnancy.
  2. Or it may lead to the baby being born underweight; with a weight less than 5 pounds.


The problem of trichomoniasis; is a very common sexual disease among men and women. However, with the right treatments, it can be cured well.

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