What is Male Vasectomy Its Types, Procedure and Cost in India

What is Male Vasectomy Its Types, Procedure and Cost in India


Vasectomy is a surgical procedure used as a birth control method for men, which can last for a lifetime. This is a one time process, which is used to prevent a man from the release of sperms during ejaculation. In the process, the sperm-producing ducts are sealed or clamped in every testicle. This process is ideal to prevent the sperm from mixing form semen when a man ejaculates. Also, it eliminates the chances of a woman getting pregnant as the female egg can not fertilize without the sperm. However, even after this process the testicles still produce sperms but they will be directly absorbed by the body.

Different Types of Vasectomy-

Majorly there are 2 methods of vasectomy, used by doctors which are the No-scalpel method and the conventional method. Also, in both processes anaesthesia is given to the patient, to numb the area of the scrotum.

1. Conventional Method-

In this process, two small incisions are made over the scrotum; so that the doctor is able to get the vas deferens. After this, the vas deferens is cut down and removed. Post that the ends are sealed using stitches or heat (cauterize) in the end portion. The doctor performs the exact same procedure on the other testicle. It is up to the doctor if he uses the same incisions, or two other incisions are made on the other testicle. After the process is done successfully skin glue or stitches are used to close the ends of the scrotum.

2. No-Scalpel Method–

This is another process that is used to perform Vasectomy in men. In the process, a small puncture hole is made at the one end of the scrotum, and then vas deferens is pulled out of that hole. After the major part is pulled out, the small remaining ends are cut down and removed. The end is then put back in the hole after it is tied well or it is cauterized.

Is the Process of Vasectomy Painful?

As anaesthesia is already given to the patient during the surgical process; the doctors try and make the process as painless as it is possible for the doctors. Thus the only pain is felt is when you are jabbed by an anaesthesia shot.

The overall surgery almost takes around 30 minutes; with or without an incision over the scrotum. Also, there are no side effects post the surgery; only a little swelling or mild pain can be seen by the patients. However, sometimes the patient can also feel that they have been kicked in their balls straight; thus most of the doctors generally advise the patients to rest after surgery and do not conduct any physical exercises; till the time they recover back completely.

How is The Procedure of Vasectomy Done

How is The Procedure of Vasectomy Done-

There are a few steps, which the doctor follows while he performs Vasectomy on the patient. The process is as follows-

  1. The first step is to clean the pubic area by using antiseptics, and also the pubic hairs are shaved down.
  2. The doctor gives you an oral medicine generally, which is helpful in reducing your anxiety.
  3. You are given anaesthesia, in the scrotum area so that area is numb and ideal to perform surgery.
  4. The doctor then makes incisions over your scrotum; and after they have the access to vas deferens, they tie up or block the tubes by using the process of electrocautery.
  5. After this procedure is conducted on both the testicles; the tied up vas deferens is placed back and the upper skin of the scrotum is sealed using stitches. The surgery is generally done in a clinic and takes about 30 minutes to complete successfully.
  6. The process of non-scalpel vasectomy is almost the same with much less bloodshed than the conventional one. In that method, although a clamp pokes your skin to create an opening.

Side Effects of Vasectomy Procedure-

Although there are no major side effects of the Vasectomy procedure. Some of the side effects of the procedure can be as-

  1. Sometimes very rarely you can get an infection around the area of the scrotum; also sometimes this infection can develop inside the area of tour scrotum too.
  2. The sperm carrying tubes may see some inflammation in them.
  3. In almost 1 in 10000 cases, the vas deferens grows back successfully to make an infertile male, fertile again.
  4. You may also feel bleeding, bruising or swelling up in your skin, in the area of surgery.

How Long The Recovery from The Process of Vasectomy Takes?

You will need a maximum of 2 to 3 days to fully recover from the post-surgery effects of the process. Although there is no effect on your sexual life and Erection at all, it is advised by the doctors to use birth control methods; until they confirm you have zero sperm count by a test. Also, you should get a sperm count test after every 2 months of the surgery.

Cost of The Process of Vasectomy in India-

The process of vasectomy is very affordable and does not cost a hefty amount of money. Although the prices vary from city to city and hospitals to hospitals. The process costs generally between  85,102 INR to Rs. 1, 04,740 INR in India. Also, it is possible to reverse the process if someone wishes to do it, which is a little complex process and it costs something from  144,000 INR to 360,000 INR.

Take Away-

Vasectomy is a process that can permanently allow you to have sexual intercourse; without the worry of making your partner pregnant. Different people go through the process for different reasons; as some might do it because of the reason of genetic disorders, while others may do it if they do not wish to have kids in life. Whatever the reasons you choose to go through the surgery; it is a highly safe and effective process.

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