Gonorrhea: A Complete Overview on Causes, and Treatment

Gonorrhea: A Complete Overview on Causes, and Treatment


Gonorrhea is Another common sexually transmitted disease; which is caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhea. It mostly grows in the warm and moist areas; thus it attacks the genitals areas and other areas like the urethra, eyes, anus, vagina, female reproductive part etc. This infection can pass from one person to another through oral, anal or vaginal sex. Thus, it is best to use protective measures like condoms, while having sexual intercourse. The visible symptoms of the problem generally occur after 2 to 14 days of getting the disease. Also, even if the symptoms are not visible, they can be still transferred from one person to another.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea in Men-

Although, most of the men suffering from the problem of Gonorrhea, never see any symptoms even after getting the problem. However, feeling a painful sensation during urine is among the first symptoms of the problem. Other persistent symptoms which may develop after a while are-

  1. Frequent urination and urgency to urinate.
  2. Some discharge from penis like pus which may be green, white or yellow.
  3. swelling and Pain around the testicles of men.
  4. Regular Sore throat

The condition can however be well treated after the symptoms are seen in men completely by taking medications.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea in Women-

Just like men, a lot of women also do not develop any symptoms if they are suffering from gonorrhea. Also, if they develop any symptoms they are very mild which makes it very hard for them to diagnose. Also, the symptoms are similar to vaginal yeast bacterial infections. Some of the symptoms which show that a female is suffering from the problems are as follows-

  1. A creamy, watery discharge from the vagina which might be green.
  2. If you feel a lot of urge to urinate; or feel a burning sensation when you urinate.
  3. Feeling feverish, or pain in the lower abdomen area.
  4. If you go through heavy periods or spotting can also indicate gonorrhea.

gonorrhea causes

What are The Tests for Gonorrhea-

There are several ways to test Gonorrhea; where you can take a sample from the penis, vagina with a swab and can check it under a microscope. If the doctor by chance feels, there is an infection in the blood, then a blood sample can also be taken. However, the blood sample method is quick, but the results are not certain.

Another option to test gonorrhea is to take the sample and place it on a special dish; which is incubated for several days. If the bacteria is present then a colony of bacteria grows out.

The time to provide a final result out of the test takes up to 3 days, however, preliminary test results can be given in 24 hours.

What Are The Complications of Gonorrhea-

Women are much more at risk of developing complications if the problem is not solved in time. As the untreated bacteria can involve in the reproductive tracts like Fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus.

The condition which develops is also commonly known as Pelvic Inflammatory disease, which can cause bad damage to organs of reproduction. This problem can also lead to scarring and blocking of Fallopian tubes; which can lead to ectopic pregnancy; in which the egg implants out of the uterus. Also, women suffering from Gonorrhea can pass it on to her baby.

However, in men, the condition can cause a painful abscess to grow in the inner parts of the penis and it can affect penis health. Which can reduce fertility in men. Also, if the problem grows in the bloodstream then it may cause problems such as damage of the heart valve, inflammation in the brain or spinal cord may also occur. However these conditions are very rare to develop in men and women, but they are very serious if developed.

What is Treatment of Gonorrhea-

A lot of antibiotics can cure the problem of Gonorrhea to the core. However, those who believe that the problem can be cured at home are entirely wrong. You need to take a fully prescribed treatment from the doctors to completely get out of the situation. Usually, there is a course of 7 days of oral treatment for the problem of Gonorrhea. The treatment may also include therapy; to cure the condition of Gonorrhea. Common medications or antibiotics which are given to the patient to treat Gonorrhea are azithromycin and doxycycline.

What to Do If You Suffer From Gonorrhea-

If you somehow feel that you are suffering from the condition of Gonorrhea; then first thing is to restrain yourself from sexual activities. Also, you should see your doctor immediately. Make sure that you should inform partners with who you have been involved in past as in intercourse. You should also make sure to take the full course of medicines as the doctor has given you.

Make sure that you also restrain from all kinds of sexual activities for weeks after you go through the process of treatment. And only resume the activities after you have tested negative.

How to Prevent Gonorrhea-

The best way to protect yourself from Gonorrhea and other sexual activities is to use condoms; or any other barrier. It is also important to get yourself checked in a timely for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Also, if your partner shows any symptoms of Gonorrhea, abstain from having sex with them.

One is also at a very high risk of developing the problem if they have a lot of sexual partners at the same time.

Take Away-

Gonorrhoea is a very common sexual problem in men and women, which is mostly due to sexual intercourse. You can however save yourself from this problem by using condoms every time during intercourse. But the good news is if this problem is found out in time; doctors have the cure to completely remove it from your body.

Also, a lot of men these days suffer from a lot of sexual problems, which they are very underconfident to share and feel stressed about. You can find the cure to these problems on Ohman’s portal. All the medicines are without any side effects and are safe to use. So, if you need any other information about Ohman’s portal.

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