Different Types of Testicular Pain Their Causes and Treatment

Different Types of Testicular Pain Their Causes and Treatment

Testicular pain is a major problem that men go through; which sometimes need medical attention. The testicular pain can be because of infections or traumatic injuries. The common symptom is a pain in both the testicles; where the pain can be sharp, dull or may have a sensation of soreness. The main purpose of testosterone is to produce sperms which are used during fertility. If you feel continuous ongoing pain or trouble in testicles; the best is to see a sexologist or a doctor immediately, as it can be due to an underlying disease. So, with a proper physical examination, the right treatment is provided to you under professional guidance.

Types and Causes of Testicular Pain

Testicular pain can be a cause of various underlying diseases. So if you are also going through pain; check out the following causes and their symptoms. Which might be causing a pin in you too.

1. Epididymitis

This is an organ where a sperm initially matures; before it leaves the body of men. An infection in this area can also cause pain and trouble in the testicular.

Some of the symptoms which you may go through if you suffer from Epididymitis infection are as follows-

  1. Swelling in the pubic region.
  2. Pin in pubic region which gradually increases with time.
  3. Scrotum feels hot to touch.

This problem can be caused due to urinary infections, or can also be an outcome of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea. The doctors usually treat this problem in men with the help of antibiotics.

2. Hernias

A hernia is a problem caused if the tissue pushes through the abdominal muscles. An inguinal hernia can push through the scrotum; which can cause pain and swell in the testicle area.

Doctors are generally able to push the inguinal hernia back into place. However, if the process is ineffective due to some reason. Surgery can correct the placement of Hernias. Condition become worse when it happen with hydrocele and treatment become complicated.

3. Kidney Stones

If you are having a kidney stone. It can also cause discomfort and pain in the testicle area. The doctors call this pain referred pain; where the pain is beyond the pain-causing area. Generally, the doctors wait for the stone to pass down naturally; but if that does not happen or if it causes unbearable pain and fever in men. Doctors generally opt for a surgical process to remove the stone from the kidney.

Some of the symptoms which you may go through if you have a kidney stone are as follows-

  1. feeling nauseous and urinating frequently.
  2. blood in urine or feeling burning sensation during urinating.
  3. Pain at the upper side of penis.
  4. Sharp and cramping pain groin.


4. Orchitis

Orchitis is an infection of the testicle. If the epididymitis is not treated in time it generally leads to orchitis. If you are going through the problem of orchitis; you should seek medical assistance immediately; as sometimes the pain can be unbearable and can be as severe as testicular torsion. which leads a medical surgery.

There are various treatment options available for orchitis; if it is caused due to bacterial infections an antibiotic is given. However, if it is caused due to virus, supportive treatment such as pain relievers, rest and scrotum elevation is suggested.

The common symptoms which you may experience if you go through the problem of Orchitis are as follows-

  1. fever, fatigue or nausea.
  2. testicular pain
  3. Swelling in one or both the testicles.

5. Testicular torsion

It is a serious medical problem; which generally occurs when the spermatic cord which contains testicles to the urethra twists down. This is a problem which occurs generally in young men; or men below 25 years of age. The pain may start with less and can worsen over time. It is also believed that the pain problem occurs more over the left side than the right side. The cure to this problem is generally surgery; which involves removing a testicle. This problem mostly occurs at one side of the testicle. Thus, removing that side generally does not affect the fertility of men.

Some of the symptoms you might face if you go through testicular torsion are as follows-

  1. nausea and vomiting.
  2. swelling around scrotum
  3. sudden and severe pain in scrotum or redness and darkening of scrotum.

6. Testicular Lump

A tumor or lump in the pubic area can also be the cause of excessive pain in the pubic area. The main symptom of the problem is swelling in the pubic area. However, the other symptoms of this problem can resemble hernias and epididymitis. Therefore a medical examination from a doctor is mandatory to get a clear picture of the problem.

Some of the other symptoms which you may face if you are going through the problem of Testicular lump are as follows-

  1. Excessive swelling in testicle.
  2. Feeling of a lump in the testicle area.
  3. a dull ache in the region of groin.

7. Varicoceles

This is a problem that may not cause any symptoms in you at all, and are abnormally large and twisted veins. This can be a feeble pain in testicles; which may increase with time and physical activities. This problem can also affect the fertility in men . Although, there is still not a clear picture of what causes Varicoceles in men by Doctors. However, the problem is generally treated using a surgical process.

Take away

Testicles are a important part of males fertility process; as they are the sources of sperm generation in men. However any discomfort, pain or swelling in this area can cause a lot of discomfort and pain in the pubic area. Also, a lot of men go through other sexual and intimate problems such as Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction. Which can cause a lot of frustration and confidence issues them.

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