10 Natural and Effective Ways to Increase Testosterone In Your Body

10 Natural and Effective Ways to Increase Testosterone In Your Body

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Every man wants to increase testosterone levels to look muscular. But do you know testosterone is one of the most important hormones in men, which is also helpful in reproduction? In young men, testosterone is the hormone that gets physical changes in men like muscular body, deep voice and hair growth in them. But at the same time, low testosterone levels in men can cause a lot of problems in men, such as low sexual drive, weight gain in men and fewer erections in men. According to a study the normal testosterone levels in men ranges from 264 to 956 decilitres. However, some drug companies claim to help increase testosterone levels in men.

The results have been found out to be mixed in nature and have varied from person to person. So, the best procedure to increase testosterone levels in you is by adopting a healthy lifestyle and getting this hormone to naturally increase in the body. Some of the natural ways which can help you increase testosterone levels naturally in men are as follows.

10 Natural and Effective Ways to Increase Testosterone In Your Body-

Some of the natural ways which can help you gain and increase testosterone levels; easily are as follows.

1. Get Enough Sleep-

If you are not resting enough, it may affect the secretion of chemicals and hormones in you; especially the production of testosterone. In a research which was conducted by the University of Chicago. Ten healthy men were observed in which they were told to sleep 8 hours daily for a week, and then they spent the next 11 nights in the lab. In the lab, they slept for 10 nights 10 hours a night and rest 8 nights they had restricted sleep of 5 hours. During the experiment doctors checked the blood every 15-20 minutes; and found out that their testosterone production decreased to 15 per cent.

Thus, sleeping 8 hours a night is mandatory for every man; so that they can have a steady testosterone production. If you are already suffering from low testosterone levels and fatigue, then 8 hours of sleep is good medicine for your refreshment and increases testosterone levels in your body.

2. Have a Balanced Diet-

Doctors show that having a healthy balanced diet is mandatory for a steady testosterone level and it also increases your low libido. Because being overweight can cause inflammation and can cause low testosterone levels in you. As you munch down and overeat can disrupt your hormone levels and can cause erectile dysfunction in men. . The best diets are the ones which include a lot of carbohydrates and proteins. Eating a healthy diet can keep hormones in the body steady and promote long term health.

3. Lose Your Weight-

Doctors say that people who are overweight, have more levels of testosterone levels in the body. Reports say that men who are between 14-20 and who are fat; have lower testosterone levels in them than normal.

4. Be Physically Active-

Well, by increasing physical activity; you not only decrease the weight but also nourish the testosterone growth hormones in men. But also be sure not to over-exercise as that may also cause low testosterone levels in men. However, exercising at least 4 days a week for 1 hour daily can help you increase testosterone levels in men. You can try premature ejaculation exercises to boost your testosterone and treat your erectile problems.

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5. Avoid drugs and Alcohol-

Intake of drugs and alcohol has been proven to reduce testosterone levels in men timely. According to research, doctor shows that these drugs affect hormones and glands of the male reproductive system directly and reduce the production of testosterone. Further, drugs and alcohol also cause hormonal reactions and cell damage in men. Thus, eliminating these bad habits is necessary to increase testosterone levels in your body.

6. See Your Medications-

While a lot of medicines are given to people to cure an ongoing medical condition. Side effects of these medications are also known factors that affect your body severely;  Thus it is also a common reason for low testosterone levels in men. According to research the medicines for low cholesterol, also partially reduce testosterone levels in men. If you somehow feel that you are getting lower production of testosterone due to any medication; consult your doctor about it.

7. Reduce Stress-

A lot of stress and chronic stress can cause less production of testosterone levels in men. As stress increases cortisol, which imbalances the hormone production; and makes erratic changes in testosterone production.

In study 58, men and women were studied; in which, their saliva samples were taken during an exam. The men’s saliva showed larger levels of testosterone production. Which showed that this caused a lot of emotional inhibition and rumination in them.

8. Take The Right Vitamins and Supplements-

Taking Vitamin D in sufficient amounts daily can help in increasing the levels of testosterone in men. Therefore, getting at least 15 minutes of sun daily is important; according to the studies. DHEA is another hormone that keeps testosterone in balance in men, but it drops as age increases. Thus, giving DHEA supplements to men of older ages helped them to keep the balance of their bodies and function better. Try including foods to cure premature ejaculation to boost testosterone and a balanced diet.

Also, magnesium and zinc deficiency can lead to low testosterone levels in men. Thus, if possible men should include green leafy vegetables and whole grains in their diet. Pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and dark seeds are also rich in zinc.

9. Include Lemon Intake in Your Diet-

Lemon is another magical food; which can help increase testosterone levels in men.  Just like garlic, lemon also controls the cortisol in men; so that testosterone can be readily produced in the body. They also contain Vitamin A and are also helpful in controlling and lowering estrogen levels to help testosterone levels in men.

10. Eat One Banana per Day-

Do bananas increase testosterone?  Yes! Banana’s are magical foods that help in boosting testosterone levels in men. They have a bromelain enzyme; which are an excellent source of energy for men. And also help in reducing the antioxidants in you. Thus, it is a perfect snack for you every day.

Take away-

Having normal production of testosterone levels in men is mandatory; as it is necessary for the normal functioning and fertility of men. But a lot of men are facing a lot of sexual issues; because of the busy, competitive and stressful lifestyles, we are going through. And this also makes them nervous and shy about discussing these problems in public. Hence if you want an effective and affordable solution to all these problems. You should definitely check out the official website of Ohman and order your favourite products today.

Frequently Asked Question About Testosterone

  • Which foods increase testosterone the most?
    Foodstuffs that are loaded with zinc and magnesium are the best foods to consume to increase testosterone. Some of these foods are Avocado, Shellfish, leafy green vegetables, Eggs.
  • Does masturbation decrease testosterone?
    Answer- Masturbation does not affect testosterone levels in your body; however, it shows short-term effects on your hormone levels and sex drive.
  • Is caffeine good for testosterone?
     Caffeine affects men and women differently. Men consuming caffeine are shown to have increased levels of testosterone and decreased estradiol, but women consuming caffeine have lower levels of testosterone.
  • Does sugar affect testosterone?
    Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston research shows that 75 gm sugar reduces the testosterone level by 25 percent after two hours of consumption. So if you are a sugar lover, then it is not suitable for your testosterone levels.
  • Does fasting increase testosterone?
    Up to 8 hours of fasting can increase your testosterone level, but testosterone is negligible compared to your previous level. You can add small exercises into your fasting to increase the testosterone levels more.

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