Prostate Cancer: It’s Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Prostate Cancer: It’s Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Prostate cancer

Cancer that occurs in the Prostate area of man is called prostate cancer. The prostate is a small area that looks like a walnut. If the problem is detected well in time, that is in the early stages then there are a lot of chances; that it will be cured well and easily within time. It is also one of the most usual kinds of cancer; which is seen in men. If the cancer is just limited to the prostrate and doesn’t grow out of it; then it is not a serious problem. These types of cancers generally need no, or very minimal treatment. While another type of cancer can grow very quickly in the body and needs attention immediately.

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer in Men-

Cancer shows no symptoms at all for a few men; especially during the early stages. While if it grows and advances, some of the signs and symptoms which one can see in them are as follows.

  1. Having trouble during peeing.
  2. You see a very slow or decrease in the stream of urine.
  3. If you see blood in semen or urine.
  4. Pain in the bone.
  5. You lose a lot of weight; without even making any effort.
  6. The problem of Erectile Dysfunction occurs.

So, if you get any of the above symptoms in you; which persist for quite a few days. Then you should see a doctor immediately.

Causes of Prostate Cancer-

However, the doctors still do not know the exact causes of prostate cancer. The only thing the doctor has seen till now is that the problem of prostate cancer begins only when the cells in the Prostate area of men change their DNA. The DNA of the cell has the instructions to guide the cells on what to do. Thus, these changes make the cell divide more rapidly and live for a longer time when the others die.

Thus, these living cells accumulate to form a tumour, which with time can grow and spread to the other parts of the body.

prostate cancer symptoms

Who are at the Risk of Prostate Cancer-

There are some of the characteristics; which may make prostate cancer more vulnerable in your body. The factors are as follows-

  1. Age- Men with age are at more risk of prostate cancer; thus men above 50 years are at the most risk of prostate cancer.
  2. Race- Although, there is no scientific reason determined to it yet. But the people who are Black are at a higher risk of Prostate cancer. As it is a very common problem among black people.
  3. Obesity- If you are overweight; you are at much more risk of prostate cancer; than people who have a normal weight. Also, the cancer is also at a risk to come back into your body after the initial treatment.
  4. Family history- The people whose blood relatives such as siblings or parents have a history of prostate cancer are at high risk. Also, the people in which the problem of breast cancer is propellant can be at a higher risk of prostate cancer.

What are the complications of Prostate cancer-

There are some complications of cancer and also of the treatment; which is as the follows-

1. Cancer can spread-

This happens rarely, but sometimes cancer can spread to other parts of the body. Like to the nearby organs, like a bladder. Or it can travel down to your bloodstream. Prostate cancer commonly spreads to the bones; which can cause broken bones and pain in bones. If in case the prostate cancer spreads to different parts of the body. Then however the treatment will still respond, but it may be unlikely to cure.

2. Incontinence

The problem itself and the treatment of it, both can cause urinary incontinence in men. The treatment to the problem of Incontinence is how severe you have, some treatments for it are surgery, medications and catchers.

3. Erectile dysfunction

Prostate cancer can also cause Erectile dysfunction in men; however, you can use external devices which can help you achieve erections of Erectile Dysfunction.

Treatments for Prostate Cancer-

There are a number of treatments available for Prostate cancer; depending upon the depth of the issue you are suffering from. Thus, you should consult a doctor before going under any of them. However, some of the common treatments for Prostrate cancer are as follows-

  1. Observation or Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer.
  2. Radiation therapy
  3. Hormonal therapy
  4. Chemotherapy
  5. Immunotherapy of Prostrate cancer.
  6. Targeted Therapy

Prevention Of Prostate Cancer-

There are a few changes in lifestyle which you can do; to prevent the issue of prostate cancer in you.

1. Include a Lot of Fruits and Vegetables in the Daily Diet-

If you indulge in eating fruits and vegetables in your meal can improve your overall health. And is also effective in reducing the risk of cancer in you.

2. Exercise a Lot-

By exercising every day you can uplift your mood, and can also maintain your weight well. But make sure you start with a very easy workout and gradually increase the rate of exercise.

3. Try Maintaining a Healthy Weight-

As we know obesity is one of the common causes of cancer in the prostate; try to keep your weight healthy, as it is very necessary. Thus you should have a balanced diet and should also exercise for at least 4 hours a week.

4. Talk To Your Doctor-

If you feel, that you are at a very high risk of cancer; because of your family history of it. Talk to a doctor and find ways of reducing the risk in you.

Take Away-

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer; which men suffer through. But with the right treatments, you can stop it from spreading and curing it.

Also, a lot of men suffer from a lot of sexual and intimate problems in life; which they are highly ashamed to share with other people. So, if you are also suffering and want a permanent and affordable treatment for it. Then you should definitely check out the official site of Ohman  And order your products today.

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