What is Chlamydia? What are the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

What is Chlamydia? What are the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease which is can be caused in both men and women. The main cause of the problem is having unprotected sex with your partner; be it anal, vaginal or oral sex. It is a bacterial infection; which is fully curable in both men and women. But if you miss the symptoms of this problem; this can cause infertile problems in men such as Erectile Dysfunction(which is the inability of maintaining an erection, during sexual intercourse); and can cause other physical problems in females. Let us see in detail the causes, treatments and symptoms in this article below.

Causes Of Chlamydia in men and women-

The main cause of Chlamydia is not using condoms or having unprotected sex with your partner. This infection can also be caused without penetration and can be caused due to oral sex too. Also, by touching the genitals together; this bacteria can be transmitted from one person to another.

Also, a lot of newborn babies can get the infection through their mothers. Ans, uncommon eye chlamydia can also be caused because of oral or genital contact with the eye.

You can also get chlamydia by involving a person; who had a bad infection in past but successfully treated it.

How common is the problem of Chlamydia-

The problem of Chlamydia is more common in women than in men. A lot of cases all over the world get unreported and hence; the exact cases in a year are around 3 million.

Also, the infection rate is higher in young women; especially from the age of 15-24. Doctors advise women younger than 25 who go through unprotected sex; to get themselves checked once every year. Especially the women who involve with multiple partners.

Ideally, the people who involve sexually with more than one person are at risk of Chlamydia and  sexually transmitted Diseases. The number of patients is increasing every year; thus everyone is suggested to take precautions and look for the symptoms in them regularly. So, that it can be controlled in time.

Symptoms of Chlamydia in Men and Women-

Symptoms of Chlamydia in Men and Women

There are a few physical symptoms in both men and women; which can indicate the problem.

Symptoms of Chlamydia in Men-

Although, most of the men do not ever show any symptoms after they get the problem of Chlamydia. Some of them show; which are generally seen 1-3 weeks after they have transmitted the problem.

The most common symptoms of Chlamydia in men are-

  1. experiencing burning sensation while urinating.
  2. a yellow or green discharge from the anus.
  3. experiencing of pain in lower abdominal area.
  4. Pain in testicles.

You can also get Chlamydia in the anus. If you get it the main symptoms are pain, discharge and bleeding in the genital area.

One can get throat chlamydia, by having oral sex with someone who is suffering. Symptoms of throat Chlamydia in men are; sore throat, cough or fever.

Symptoms of Chlamydia in women-

The infection of Chlamydia is also called silent infection; as sometimes it shows no symptoms at all. Women who suffer from Chlamydia also show symptoms after weeks of having it.

Some of the common symptoms of Chlamydia in women are-

  1. Pain during sex, and extreme vaginal discharge.
  2. Pain in lower abdomen
  3. feeling burning sensation during urination.

If the problem of Chlamydia goes to the Fallopian tube; the problem caused by it is known as Pelvic inflammatory disease.

The symptoms of this disease are-

  1. nausea
  2. fever
  3. severe pain in pelvic region
  4. excessive abnormal vaginal bleeding during periods.

Chlamydia can also affect the rectum; if someone suffers from rectum chlamydia they generally have no symptoms at all. Women can also get throat by having oral sex with someone having infections.

The symptoms of Chlamydia can be entirely different in men and women. Thus, it is very important to see a doctor and consult a doctor on yearly basis.

Treatment of Chlamydia in Men and Women

Treatment of Chlamydia in Men and Women

The good news is that with the right treatment in time; the problem of Chlamydia can be successfully solved. Also, as the problem is caused due to bacteria; Antibiotics are used to solve the problem.

The Azithromycin drug is commonly taken; by patients who suffer from Chlamydia. Another effective drug is Doxycycline; which has to be taken 2 times a week.

Also, some other drugs can be prescribed by the doctor; as per infections. No matter which one is given to you. One must take the drug constantly by following all the instructions; to successfully get rid of the problem. The problem generally takes up to 2 weeks to solve.

It is very important for the patients not to involve in any sexual activity; during their treatments. As it may worsen the situation.

Also, however, the problem of Chlamydia is curable; you should always use condoms to make sure you are safe from chlamydia and other Sexually transmitted Diseases.

Take away-

The problem of Chlamydia is common in both men and women. And is generally an outcome of unprotected sex with your partner. The problem of can turn out to be dangerous; if not cured in time. Thus, doctors advise both males and females to go through a medical check-up every year. Especially those who involve with multiple partners at a time. This problem sometimes shows no symptoms in men and women, and thus it is difficult to make out if you suffer from it.

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