How to Increase Penis Size and Strength Naturally? 10 Ways to Do

How to Increase Penis Size and Strength Naturally? 10 Ways to Do

How to increase penis

Generally, the size and the length of the penis determines the ego in men. Also, a lot of or most of the female partners love the men who have bigger and thicker penis sizes. It is also related to a man’s pride and the amount of sexual satisfaction which they can give to their partners. However, some people who have small penis sizes become underconfident are not able to concentrate well on their personal lives. The general size of a male penis is around 5 inches to 5.4 inches. And according to studies the length of a non-erect penis is 3 to 3.6 inches. So read this article to the end, and you will get to know about some ways on how to increase penis and strength naturally.

So, if you think you have a small penis size and feel helpless about it. Don’t worry anymore because now, with advancements in medical science; there are many simple ways that can help you increase the size of the penis. Some daily changes to your lifestyle and food habits, with regular exercise, can help you get your desired size of the penis. Also, penis enlargement medicine and surgeries have become common in the country. One can also take the help of penis stretching devices, such as pumps, extenders, dermal fillers etc. However, if you want to naturally increase the size of your penis; read down the article to find effective natural ways to increase your size.

10 ways to Naturally Increase the Strength and Size of the Penis-

Here is a list of 10 effective things, which you can do; if you want to increase the size of your penis naturally.

1. Include Food Rich in Minerals and Vitamins in Your Diet-

Food which is rich in vitamin-c is effective in increasing the size of the penis naturally. Some of the Vitamin C rich food items are blueberries, peaches, cherries etc. Also, the items containing Flavonoids can help such as tea, herbs and wine.

Also some high protein foods such as eggs, meats, nuts, bananas can help you increase the size of your penis naturally. Some of the other supplements such as Ginseng, horny goat, and weed are also responsible for increasing stamina.

However, you should consult your doctor before you include any supplement in your diet.

2. Exercise Regularly-

You should indulge yourself in daily exercise to help you strengthen and stimulate your pelvic area. Which can also be effective to increase your penis size. Thus including some pelvic floor exercises, kegel exercises and cardio workouts in your daily routine can help you get a larger penis.

How to Increase Penis Size and Strength Naturally


3. Using a pump-

The easiest way is to stretch the penis, to increase its size. You can do it both physically and by using a vacuum pump for men. However, the use of a pump is much more feasible and easy. A pump has a cylindrical chamber, which creates a vacuum and elongates your penis well. By regularly using these pumps one can get permanently increased length. Another popular way to increase size is penile traction devices; which are believed to increase size permanently.

4. Jelqing-

Jelqing is nothing more than massaging your penis to increase its size. In the process, once you attain an erection, using a lube massage the base of the penis from both sides; as if you are milking your penis. However, if you jelq in the wrong way you can hurt your blood vessels and can also cause bruises over the penis. So be sure you are doing it in the right way.

5. Liposuction-

In this process, the extra fat around the tummy and the abdominal area of men is removed; by using scientific methods. This can make your penis size look longer and larger. This procedure gives highly positive results and you can see an increase in the size of the penis by 2 cm in a short period of time.

6. Penile Enlargement Surgery-

The surgery can also be done without any surgery; and can be done using particular devices which are approved only by US-FDA, European and many other authorities. The device is highly safe and effective and has been featured in a lot of leading magazines and newspapers.

7. Glans Enlargement-

Another effective method that can be used for increasing the size of the penis is the Glans Enlargement method. In this method, the muscles of the penis head are augmented by using some dermal fillers. Some specific fillers are used which have the best outcomes and have the minimum side effects. You can expect an increase in size from 1-3 centimetres by using these glans.

8. Radio Frequency-

You are under the influence of anaesthesia, during this process. An incision of 1 cm is made on the upper skin of the penis. Then using a radio frequency the selected nerves are blocked; so that there is no further damage. This is also an effective process in enlarging the penis size.

9. By Using a P-shot-

The p-shot or the PRP treatment is a non-surgical and drug-free process; which can help you in increasing the size of the penis. This process can also help in improving sexual performance and helps in erectile dysfunction.

10. Girth Enhancement Procedure-

In this process, a dermal graph is very carefully implanted under the layers of the penis. The fillers which are used are completely safe and human tissues. This allows the diameter of the penis and even along the shaft and the backside to increase well. This is an effective way to increase the size of your penis and gain your confidence back in bed.

Take Away-

A lot of men are conscious about their penis sizes, as they feel they have a smaller penis size; and will not be able to please their partners effectively. However, by using and doing some things on a regular basis you can increase the size of your penis effectively.

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