Penile Traction Devices: How Effective Therapy is it in Penis Correction

Penile Traction Devices: How Effective Therapy is it in Penis Correction

penile traction devices

“Penile Traction Device is a penis enlargement method used to treat Peyronie’s disease. When you wear it for a fix time each day, It Stretches penis tissues in a controlled way & Increases the length & reduces its curvature”

If you are suffering from Peyronie’s disease, the most appropriate and effective treatment currently available is penile traction therapy. Penile traction therapy is a method of penis enlargement in which you wear a penile traction device to create tension on your penis for a specific period of time each day. They make the penis grow erect by generating penile traction, and they also help to stretch the penis in the opposite direction of curvature.

Penile traction devices are devices that use the principle of penile traction to lengthen the penis and correct penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease and injuries. Like penis enlargement surgery, penile traction therapy and traction devices are ways to increase penis size. However, clinical studies suggest that penile traction therapy and devices are a better option than surgery because of better efficiency, lower cost, and minimal risk.

Many studies show that this device is very effective against curvature of the penis. But, the user needs to show persistence and commitment to get noticeable results through regular use of these tools.

Check out more information about Penile traction therapy below.

What Is Penile Traction Therapy?

In recent times penile traction therapy has been proven to help patients with Peyronie’s disease recover to a regular form of a penis.

The treatment involves using penile traction devices close to a brace that keeps the penis straight or at a particular angle for a specific period. It is essential to remember that having a slight curvature of the penis is entirely normal. If your penis has been curving or is of standard length, there’s no need to use a penile traction device. People with Peyronie’s disease or a shortened penis may restore length and curvature using traction devices.

Individuals receiving penile traction therapy need to adhere to a particular plan set by their physician. Typically, the treatment requires wearing the penile-traction device for 30 minutes daily or six hours per day. penile traction therapy

How To Start With Penile Traction Therapy?

For starting with penile traction therapy, you’ll require the traction device for penile growth. There are a variety of traction devices which is why it’s a good idea to consult your physician regarding which one they would recommend for you.

In the majority, penile traction therapy devices operate similarly. Men need to place the pelvic ring at the penis base and the shaft inserted through the ring. After that, men can firmly clamp their penis tip into the opposite end of the device for traction. Extension rods positioned between the two pieces allow the wearer to extend the penis softly.

Peyronie’s disease penile traction includes the option of rotating the penis.

Suppose you’re taking penile traction therapy to reduce the curvature due to Peyronie’s disease. In that case, you must turn your penis in the opposite direction to the way it usually curves in an erection. Make sure you consult your doctor regarding particulars.

Are Penile Traction Therapy Devices Effective?

Penile traction therapy such as Andropeyronie® is a proven way to extend the length of the penis and reduce the penis’s curvature. These are the findings by the researchers:

  • In a Research of 55 people having Peyronie’s disease, men used penile traction devices for 4.6 hours daily for six months. They decreased their curvature by approximately 20 degrees. Further, they also observed a reduction in discomfort and the length of their flaccid penis.
  • In 12-week research experiencing 41 men with Peyronie’s disease used a traction device daily. Men who wore the traction device for penile growth for more than six hours per day observed their curvature drop by 38 degrees. The people who used this device less than four hours per day could see their curvature diminish by an average of 20°.
  • In a 2011 report with similar results suggested that the average size of a penis increased to 0.7 inches in 23 participants who used penile extender devices for 3 months upto 4 to 6 hours daily.

However, in these studies, the individuals needed to be consistent in wearing the penile traction devices for the given timeframe.

Is Penile Traction Device Good for You?

Any person suffering from curvature of the penis and want to increase the length of his penis. When his member is weak or not getting enough erection wants to use Penile Traction Device to improve his health condition.

However, One thing you should keep in mind is that these penis traction devices only add a couple of centimeters in length, and these devices are not meant to add significantly, and no research supports this claim.

Penile traction therapy devices are primarily used to treat penile curvature due to injuries and Peyronie’s disease. This curvature in the penis happens due to damaged corpora cavernosa, and these devices help you to recover your body from corpora cavernosa damage and corporal fibrosis. If you are still considering using this device, you should consult a doctor about the uses according to your condition.

Where Can I Buy a Penile Traction Device in India?

Many Online Platforms & Websites offer traction devices or penile traction devices in India for penile enlargement like Ohman. OH!MAN’s Curvature correction pack & Andropenis – Medical penis extender which works on the same theory of penile traction. These penile traction devices in India are the best in quality & approved by FDA to use as penile traction devices.

Other Options Apart From Penile Traction Devices

There are other alternatives to penile traction devices or traction devices for penile enlargement. If you are seeking a traction device for penile growth and you are interested in looking out for other options for penis stretching without Surgery. In that case, there are some exercises and other non-surgical equipment available.
Let’s check some of them.

Vacuum pumps

The person expels air from the tube, forcing blood circulation toward the penile region. The increased blood flow creates an enlarged penis and an erection. People typically use vacuum pumps for erectile dysfunction treatment and increased erection.

Penoscrotal rings

Penoscrotal rings sit around the penis’s base. They restrict the flow of blood to the penis to obtain a firmer erection or extend the duration of a sexual erection.

Some researchers state that employing one of these rings while taking prescribed medications for erectile dysfunction, either tadalafil or sildenafil— may increase penis size in men encountering anxiety.

Jelqing Exercise

It is the most popular kind of exercise that men do, and it assists in thickening the penis. For improving the penis size, it is advisable to do it at least every day. It can also help improve sexual erection, leading to a happy and healthy sexual experience.

Stretching Exercise

It is one of the greatest workouts for achieving faster results. This is a form of jelqing workout, and however, it only requires your index finger and thumb.

So, these were some of the other alternative options to penile traction devices.

However, it is essential to note that before choosing or attempting any alternatives to penile traction devices, you must weigh down the pros and cons of each method. Further, consult with your doctor about which treatment approach suits better to your condition. traction device for penile growth

Risks & Considerations Of Penile Traction Therapy

Considering the existing studies and research, penile traction devices, other non-surgical penis enlargement devices, and exercises have low risk compared to surgeries.

However, incorrect techniques or excessive use can destroy tissues of the penis, and tissue damage can cause weaker erections.

Before using it, people should talk about using a stretch device with a medical professional. It is imperative for following all the directions with care when using the device.

The adverse effects of exercise or devices may be:

  • redness, itching, or irritation
  • minor bruising
  • numbness

If the side effects are severe or last longer than a couple of days, the person should consult an experienced doctor.

Average Size of Human Penis

According to a study conducted by BJUI- Journals on 15000 men from all over the world average penis size is:

  • 9.16 cm or 3.61 inches when loose and sleepy
  • 13.12 cm or 5.17 inches when fully erect

Another research from says that men who usually look for penis enlargement fall under average penis size. However, APA PsycNet found out that most women are satisfied with their partner’s penis size.


Penile traction therapy may greatly impact those with Peyronie’s Disease. It may cause longer lengths, but more importantly, it can reverse the extreme curvature of the penis, which is a major sign of the condition. According to research studies, people suffering from Peyronie’s disease who have tried stretching their penises have reported fewer symptoms and improved sexual functioning.

Penile traction devices require a significant time commitment. For the best outcomes, research indicates wearing the penile traction devices for prolonged hours in a day. However, users must ensure that they use the device appropriately and follow the doctor’s instructions.

If you’re worried about the length of your penis, or the curvature of your penis, consult with the doctor and understand if Peyronie’s disease penile traction is correct for you.

Additionally, you can always consult with the Ohman specialists to get a precise diagnosis of your condition. Whether you are looking for erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation treatment or are concerned with your overall sexual wellness, our specialists can address your concerns. You can book an online consultation by visiting the website. Further, you can conveniently order penile devices, vacuum pumps, or any medication from the Ohman online store.

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Frequently Asked Question

  1. Which penile traction device is best?
    Answer – In the Market, lots of penile traction devices are available, but it is best to choose devices that are clinically tested and proven by doctors for effectiveness, like Andropeyronie.
  2. How long should I wear a penile traction device?
    Answer – Wearing a penile traction device for up to 4 -6 hours daily is an effective way to increase penile length. However, if you feel discomfort or want to increase the use time, then it is best to consult your doctor about it.
  3. Can penile traction increase girth?
    Answer – Some product manufacturers claim that penile traction devices can increase penile girth. However, some studies had found negligible changes in the girth of the penis.
  4. Are the Results I Get From Devices permanent?
    Answer – The results you get from penile traction devices are permanent, but any research or studies do not support this claim.


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