What is Morning Wood? Know Reasons Why Men Gets Morning Wood?

What is Morning Wood? Know Reasons Why Men Gets Morning Wood?

morning wood

Morning wood, medically nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), is a common penile erection phenomena in several men and boys.

Men occasionally wake up with an erect penis which is normal. This phenomenon is more normal in younger males and healthy older men. However, with the increasing age and depleting health conditions affect morning erection.

Who Gets Morning Wood?

Men of any age can experience Morning Wood. Although many people believe that NPTs indicate sexual arousal, this is not always the scenario. It indicates a properly working blood and nervous system around the penis that is good at any age. Young boys as young as 6 to 8 may be subjected to nocturnal penile tumescence. Men around their 60s and 70s are also likely to get erect penis in the morning. It will become less common as Erectile Dysfunction issues emerge, and those problems may become more prevalent as you get older.

An erection can occur three to five times each night in men, and NPT could last up to and even greater than 30 minutes, regardless of what was in your imagination. Some men may have an erection for up to two hours while sleeping, and most erections will fade away within minutes of waking up.

Unconnected to sexual arousal, spontaneous erections are a standard bodily function. During pregnancy, ultrasounds have revealed that fetuses have erections. Young boys have erections throughout their childhood, long prior to actual puberty.

Various Factors and Conditions That Causes Morning Wood

A combination of factors most likely causes NPT or reason of morning erection. Doctors have several theories to explain why men occasionally awake with an erect penis, and however, none of them is backed up by solid medical evidence. These are some of the theories:

Stimulation of The Body

Even if your eyes are closed, your body is very aware of these things around you. You or your companion if accidentally touch your private parts, you may have an erection, and your body detects arousal and produces an erection as a result.

Hormone Change

When you first wake up, your testosterone level is at its highest, and it’s at its peak right after you wake up from a REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase. Even without any physical arousal, an increase in testosterone may be enough to induce an erection. According to NCBI your testosterone levels rise up to 10 points during a good sleep that also contribute to morning erection. However, Natural testosterone levels start to decline as men age, typically between 40 and 50. As this level falls, the number of NPT episodes may also fall.

Brain Relaxation

During the day, your body produces hormones that restrict erections, and your body produces fewer of those hormones while you sleep. When you add this to the other explanations, you might get an erection while sleeping, NPT will become more likely.

Morning wood, for example, is not caused by the need to urinate. A few people believe that having an erection in the morning prevents them from urinating while sleeping, but that isn’t the case. Moreover, morning wood isn’t always indicative of sexual stimulation, either. Also, sexually related dreams or feelings don’t always cause NPT.

Need to Pee –

The sacral nerve inside your penis controls the erection behavior of your penis. During the sleep erection can happen due to sexual thoughts and dreams. However, a full bladder can also cause an erect penis in the morning. While sleeping when your bladder fill up it constantly push sacral nerve and creates an erection in the morning.

morning erection

Is Getting Morning Wood Normal?

It’s perfectly normal to have erections while sleeping. During the night, you may have up to five erections. ‌

According to one research, you’re less likely to develop nocturnal penile tumescence as you get older.

What Happens When You Have Weak Morning Wood?

Experiencing Morning Wood indicates healthy blood and nerve supply around your genitals.  Morning erection also suggests that you’re physically capable of gaining and keeping an erection when awake.

If you stop having NPT or realize that you are no longer waking up with an erect penis, it could be an early indicator of a medical issue.

This is most probably a symptom of physical erectile dysfunction (ED). Something about your body may be attempting to prevent appropriate erectile function by avoiding adequate blood or nerve delivery. If you experience any of the following, you may be more likely to develop ED:

  • have high blood pressure
  • overweight
  • high cholesterol levels
  • diabetes
  • certain physical impairments.

Although NPT is becoming less common as people age, consult your doctor if you’re young and don’t have a morning erection or if erections stop.

Treatment for Weak Morning Wood

Morning wood is healthy and rarely necessitates a visit to the doctor. Two situations, however, may indicate that it is time to schedule an appointment. These are some of them:

You no longer have morning wood.

You should see your doctor if you used to get morning wood but no longer do or experience fewer erections. While it’s normal for NPT episodes to become less prevalent as you get older, a sudden decrease in frequency could indicate an underlying medical issue.

You start having painful erections.

Within 30 minutes of waking up, morning erections will be gone. However, make an appointment with the doctor if the erections persist over an hour after you are awake or become painful.

When it relates to NPT, defining “too much” and “too little” is difficult. Some men have an erection each day in the morning, and some people have less than once-a-week experiences. Also, discuss how often you experience morning wood in your yearly checkup with your doctor. Moreover, if you’re not having enough of it, your doctor will be able to help you figure out what’s causing it.

Almost always, an absence of morning wood or persistent ED can be resolved by making diet and lifestyle modifications or receiving proper medical treatment.

Bottom Line

Morning wood is prevalent. It indicates that the penis receives adequate blood and nerve supply. Morning wood is something that most young men will encounter. On the other hand, men experience it less frequently as they get older. Because erections are multi-factorial (i.e., they are affected by various physical and psychological aspects), it’s critical to consult a doctor if you’ve noticed symptoms of ED or a lack of morning wood.

Keep track of how often you get morning wood and, if it doesn’t go away, consult your doctor.

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