Know More about Sperm Morphology and its Connection to Male Infertility

Know More about Sperm Morphology and its Connection to Male Infertility

sperm morphology

In the first place, sperm morphology states the unusual shape and size of sperm. In this case, you can find misshaped sperms such as extra head, no head or tail, and many different types of sperm. Due to these types of sperm, it is difficult to fertilize the woman’s egg. Some defective sperm like bent tails, coiled tails, and stump tail decrease fertility.

Moreover, a normal sperm looks like a round head, a neck, a middle section, and a tail. In research, it was found that only 4% of sperm with normal morphology is an ideal percentage for fertility. Many couples use IUI, IVF, or ICSI to improve their fertility.

However, there are many causes of sperm morphology, such as testicular temperature, exposure to toxic chemicals, infection, and genetic traits. All these causes lead to an increase in the percentage of abnormal, misshaped sperms and conditions like teratozoospermia. Mostly these types of sperm cannot be able to enter a woman’s egg.

Although sperm morphology can be detected during regular semen analysis and can examine the sperm cells under a microscope, and it is essential to adopt lifestyle modification and specialist advice to reduce abnormal sperm count.

Let’s know more about different sperms and problems faced for sperm morphology and its treatments.

Difference between normal, low, and abnormal morphology

However, everyone knows that men’s sperm plays a vital role in fertility. But it is essential to be the sperms are normal for this procedure. Due to sperm morphology, it is quite difficult for couples to become a parent. Hence, let’s know the difference between normal, low, and abnormal morphology.

Normal morphology

In normal sperm morphology, you will get a smooth rimmed head of sperm. However, the width of the sperm head is 2.5-3.5 micrometers. And also, the length of sperm must be 5-6 micrometers. Moreover, in normal morphology, around 40-70% of the sperm’s head should encompass an acrosome tip as the head of the sperm contains the enzymes necessary for fertility.

Apart from this, the head of the sperm should not contain any large fluid-filled vacuoles. In normal sperm morphology, the head and tail sections are the same length as the head but thinner than the head. Mostly the tail of the sperm should be at least 45 micrometers long. And also, the tail should be narrower than the sperm head and midsection. In the normal sperm morphology case, the tail is free of defects.

Low sperm morphology

However, low sperm morphology states the low number of perfect shape sperm. Significantly the lower number of perfect-shaped sperm reduces the fertility procedure. The main cause of low sperm morphology is genetics, past surgeries, general health, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Besides this, another reason for low sperm morphology is excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and drugs. All these lead to a lower sperm count in a man’s body. Another cause of low morphology is certain medications, including testosterone replacement therapy, long-term anabolic steroid use, cancer medications (chemotherapy), some antibiotics, and some antidepressants that reduce sperm count. But medical science invents many procedures to develop the sperm count.

Abnormal sperm morphology

In the case of abnormal sperm morphology, you get many misshaped sperms. Some of the sperms have no head and no tail. And there is also some bent tail, coiled tail, and stump tail sperms for which fertility procedure reduces. Let’s know some different types of abnormal sperms.


Mostly these types of sperm have an extensive and giant head. In these sperms, you can find extra chromosomes, which lead to lower fertility chances.


However, these types of sperm have smaller heads than normal sperm. These are reduced genital materials.

Tapered head sperm

Although the shape of these sperms is like a cigar, these types of sperms contain abnormal chromatin.

Nuclear vacuoles

You can find two or more vacuoles in these types of sperms. In studies, it was found that these types of sperm have lower fertility capacity.

Multiple parts

Multiple parts sperms have many numbers heads and tails. Moreover, these sperms are created using excessive smoke, toxic chemicals, and heavy metals.

Coiled-tail sperm

Mainly, these sperms cannot swim effectively due to their defective tails—these types of sperms are found in heavy-smoking persons.

Except for all these above types of sperms, many other abnormal sperms are also available in a man’s semen. All these types of sperm decrease the chances of fertility.

sperm morphology treatment

What are the problems you face due to sperm morphology?

Additionally, The fertility procedure cannot work correctly because of the lower number of sperms and abnormal sperms. The sperm must have a normal shape and size to enter the women’s egg. For sperm morphology, a man infertility problem, and it is difficult to become a father.

Moreover, now many technologies are developed to improve sperm count. Therefore an abnormal sperm morphology person can be a father with these technologies.

Various treatments of morphology

Although to improve sperm morphology, many medical procedures are available. Let’s know about some sperm morphology treatments to increase the chance of fertility.

Sperm Washing

In this procedure, doctors remove the low-quality sperms. And improve the fertility procedure.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

The male sperms are directly placed inside the woman’s uterus in this process. This process increases pregnancy chances.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Generally, the women’s eggs fertilize inside the lab before transferring the embryo in this process.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

However, this process is a part of IVF. In this process, the sperms are directly injected into the women’s eggs and fertilized inside the lab.

Sperm Donation

Mostly in this process, a donor donates his good quality sperm. After that, the healthy sperm are injected inside the woman’s uterus.

Can sperm shape be corrected?

The body of a man is constantly generating new sperm, and his sperm may become less healthy as he gets older. After 40, most men’s sperm production begins to decline. Also, modifications to a man’s lifestyle and diet that can help future sperm wellbeing include:

  • Regular exercise
  • Self-medicated testosterone steroid use, heavy tobacco use, drinking, and illegal drug use are all things to avoid.
  • Reducing caffeine consumption
  • If necessary, weight loss
  • Avoid hot tubs
  • Stress reduction
  • Wear loose boxer shorts made of cotton
  • Consume Antioxidant-rich foods or supplements daily.

It’s worth noting that it requires approximately three months to create and transit new sperm, so any dietary or life changes will take time to show results. Because of the effects of ageing, some doctors will advise a man to freeze his sperm sooner rather than later if he anticipates having a child later.

Bottom line

In the end, becoming a father is a beautiful gift from god. But for abnormal and low sperm morphology, the chance of becoming a father reduces. So all the above treatment helps you to improve your fertility procedure. Adopt one of these treatments to enhance your fertility chances without any delay. Get Online consultation from Ohman from our experts on your condition and learn which treatment is best for you. You can also learn more about problems related to your sperm like  Hypogonadism, Teratozoospermia, and Azoospermia, and get online medicine to increase sperm count from Ohman. You can also purchase ayurvedic & herbal medicines like OH!MAN Delay Capsule

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