Teratozoospermia : Causes and Its Treatment Options

Teratozoospermia : Causes and Its Treatment Options


For a long time, It is believed that infertility problems in couples were caused by women. But in reality male fertility issues also cause infertility problems in couples. Many male infertility issues like erection problems,  ejaculation problems and birth defects are considered as factors of infertility. However, Main causes of male infertility are sperm related problems like Teratozoospermia and Azoospermia. Which reduces a man’s sperm quality and leads him towards infertility.

Does Teratozoospermia cause male infertility? Yes, teratospermia or Teratozoospermia can become a major cause of male infertility. According to WHO when a man is suffering from teratozoospermia 96% of sperm become defective or disformed and lose their ability to swim in uterus fluid. Thus sperm loses the ability to fertilize eggs in the uterus.

However, you don’t need to panic about your fertility problem. Get a proper diagnosis from a fertility expert to get a detailed view on your fertility issue. After the checkup and Diagnosis of other infertility causes  Your fertility expert may turn towards diagnosis of sperm. Doctor can take a test to check sper under the microscope. To check the defects in the Sperm’s tail, midpiece or head of the Sperm.

According to Some Studies, Normal and Healthy Sperm Should have these qualities

  • Oval Shaped head with no liquid drops on heads
  • The quantity of Sperm should be 15 million or more per millimeter of semen
  • A Clear and Clean Cape covering the head
  • A regular looking strong neck with one tail

The above qualities may differ in Sperm that have abnormalities. Abnormal Sperm may have two tails, misshapen heads, and a variety of shapes; these sperm morphologies can be identified via seminogram and semen analysis.
Let’s get a full detailed overview of Teratozoospermia or Teratospermia and its causes and cure.

Causes of Teratozoospermia or Teratospermia –

What is the reason for teratozoospermia? There can be a lot of issues that can cause the condition of Teratozoospermia in men. Some of them are as below-

  1. Testicle Infections, injuries and pain in Testicle
  2. Gone through surgery of varicocele orvaricocelectomy
  3. Smoking Weed, Marijuana and cigarettes
  4. Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  5. Environmental effects that increase temperature in testicle area, Tight clothes, spending time in saunas and hot tubes.
  6. Taking Cancer treatment like chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
  7. Suffering from Diabetes
  8. Genetic defects like cryptorchidism and klinefelter syndrome that affect sperm production in the body.

Sperm quality also degrades with growing age. As a man gets older, his body loses the ability to produce and maintain sperm quality and morphology of sperm increases.

However, the positive point is that teratozoospermia is curable in some conditions like wrong lifestyle causes. Where minor changes in diet, avoiding harmful habits, and doing exercises can help you with regular treatment


The Severity of Teratozoospermia in You-

Is teratozoospermia serious? Yes, There are three types of severe kinds of teratozoospermia; that one can suffer from in lifetime, which is classified as below-

  1. Mild teratozoospermia– If you have mild teratozoospermia, you still have around 10-14 percent of sperms that are in shape.
  2. Moderate teratozoospermia– The category of moderate teratozoospermia shows that you only have 5 to 9 percent of sperms in good shape.
  3. Severe teratozoospermia– In this category of teratozoospermia; you only have 5 percent of sperms in good shape. And this severity needs immediate medical attention from doctors.

The curability of teratozoospermia directly depends on the cause of it. So, if you have the problem due to injuries, drug abuse, stress or alcohol abuse. You can get back to normal conditions by making some lifestyle changes and by having some oral medications which are prescribed by doctors.

Treatment Options for People Suffering from Teratozoospermia-

Is teratozoospermia curable? This question is the first thing that comes to your mind. If you are suffering from it, you can use any of the 3 methods which are stated below; to get better from your condition.


1. Natural Treatment-

In this process, as the name suggests, you have to make some lifestyle changes such as quitting alcohol and smoking are the primary things to be done. Also, you should intake fruits that are rich in amino acids, antioxidants and L-Carnitine as they are helpful in improving the fertility of men. Also, you should eat a lot of Vitamin E and omega 3 rich food items; to help you increase male fertility by increasing the sperm production in you. You can also add Vitamin E supplements to your diet, which should be only done after consulting a doctor or sexologist.

2. Medical Fertility Options-

There are three main options that can help you conceive a baby. However, there is no 100 percent guarantee of any of them to help you conceive. But they are successful most of the time and you can give them a try.

1. Intrauterine Insemination or IUI-

In this process, if the woman or the partner of the man suffering from teratozoospermia is healthy. The doctors inject the donor healthy semen into the uterus of the woman for successful fertilization. This is also the first choice of all the couples who suffer from the problem of teratozoospermia. As the success rate of the process is high and the cost of the process is just around 12,000 INR to 17,000 INR in India.


2. In vitro fertilization-

This is also a popular  treatment choice for couples who are suffering from teratozoospermia. So, the men who have mild or moderate teratozoospermia; sperms are seen under a microscope and the healthy sperms are taken out. Then these sperms are fertilized with the eggs in a petri dish, under artificial environments. As the process has a high success rate of around 43 percent; it is a popular choice for couples. However, the cost of the process of IVF lies from 1,00,000 INR to 1,30,000 INR in India.

3. Intracytoplasmic Morphologically or IMSI-

It is a very advanced technology and is higher in grade than Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. As in this process, the sexologist takes a much closer look over the sperms and studies them in detail; and then he chooses the best lot of sperms that can help you attain fertilization successfully.

These medical treatments are usually used for severe teratozoospermia treatment. If the patient’s sperm is not healthy or has 0 healthy sperm count a donor’s sperm can be used for treatment.


What is the Meaning of 0 Morphology-

This is the extreme and the most severe condition of teratozoospermia, in which there are 0 or no healthy sperms at all in the semen of men. Also, this condition is very difficult to cure. So, if a man who suffers from this severe condition of teratozoospermia and sperm morphology  wants to have a child. Then IUI or IVF are the only options that can help them conceive, by using donor sperms.

Take Away-

There are many sperm-related problems like Hypogonadism and Azoospermia, along with morphology in sperm that affects a man’s fertility. A lot of men these days go through a lot of sexual and intimate problems which they are shy to talk about with other people. But also at the same time, they are highly ashamed and frustrated from the condition. So, if you are one of them and want to have a permanent and efficient solution to your problems. Check out the official page of Ohman and order the products that you feel can help you. Also, they deliver all the medicines to you in a highly confidential way on your doorsteps.


Frequently Asked Questions About Teratospermia –

  • Can you get pregnant with teratozoospermia?
    Ans – Yes, Pregnancy is possible with medical procedures like IUI and IVF, but Natural Pregnancy depends upon men’s sperm quality and motility.
  • Does teratozoospermia cause birth defects?
    Ans – No, Teratospermia does not cause any kind of birth defect in babies. However, It is a genetic condition that means your baby might develop this condition in future.
  • How common is teratozoospermia in men?
    Ans – Teatozoospermia or Teratospermia is a prevalent male infertility problem in men. In Teratospermia, more than 4% of sperm is deformed or has some kind of morphology that leads to infertility in men.

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