Varicocelectomy: Causes, Procedure and Its Effect on Fertility

Varicocelectomy: Causes, Procedure and Its Effect on Fertility


Varicocele is a problem that is a cause of enlargement of veins in the scrotum areas in men. Veins main function is to transport blood to different organs of the body. The same function is of the veins in the scrotum; which holds the blood to the balls. If the blood does not return back to the heart; it gets stuck due to damage to valves. This results in Varicocele problem in men can be treated by Varicocelectomy process.

These obstructive veins can; reduce the flow of blood and testicles in men in the reproductive system. Thus, it can lead to infertility in men if it is not well treated in time; by the doctors. Thus, taking the advice of doctors before further proceeding to any conclusions or taking any medications.

What is Varicocelectomy?

It is a big procedure in which the veins of the scrotum are removed. This process is usually done using a laparoscopy process. In this process, an incision is used and is a conventional style of varicocele surgery.


Process of laparoscopic Varicocelectomy Surgery-

  1. The patient is kept under full anaesthesia during the surgery; also it is advised to the patient not to eat or drink anything on the day of the surgery.
  2. Once the patient is under the influence of anaesthesia; a few small incisions are made in the lower abdomen area of the patient.
  3. With one of the incisions, a tube with a camera is inserted to have a look inside the body of the patient. Through the other holes, other instruments are inserted that will be used to remove the bulged veins.
  4. Once the veins are successfully removed from the body; the patient is asked to rest for a few hours in the hospital or the clinic.

How is conventional Varicocelectomy done?-

In the conventional Varicocelectomy only one large incision is made; through which they insert the camera and the tools which are used to remove the nerves. So, the doctors generally prefer the laparoscopic varicocelectomy as it requires, small incisions, with less blood loss and has quick recovery in the patients.

Varicocelectomy surgery-

Generally, doctors advise that if the varicocele is not causing any discomfort or pain in the body. You can just leave it and not go for surgery. However, if a man wants to become a father in future; and is not ready to take a chance; then the process is idle.

The problem of varicocele is usually on the left side of the testicle. But if you see swelling and feel testicular pain on the right side anyhow, it can be due to a tumor; so seek a medical professional immediately. If a man gets varicocele the most common problem from which he suffers is male infertility.

Process of Varicocelectomy Surgery

The surgery is a day procedure; which means the patient is generally sent home on the same day of the surgery. Now comes the question of how long you need to recover from surgery? Then in 2-3 days, you can return to your daily life.  However, after the discharge of the patient, there are certain things that the patient should take care of; by being at home.

  1. The patient should thoroughly follow the instructions given by the doctor; and should take the prescribed antibiotics on time. So, that you do not get any infection in the place of the incision.
  2. You can apply ice packs to reduce the swelling in the incision area. However, if you feel bleeding or pus around the area of the incision; you should immediately consult a doctor.
  3. Thoroughly avoid any sort of contact with water; that is taking bath or swimming until your doctor allows you.
  4. If you think, How long do I have to wait to masturbate or have sex? Then you should restrain having sex for at least 2 weeks after you go through the surgical process.
  5. Do not lift very heavy weights until your incision areas fill up completely.
  6. If you feel constipated a lot, have stool softeners and do not try and apply excessive pressure.

Possible Side Effects of Varicocelectomy Surgery

  1. You may find difficulty during peeing; therefore, you must consult a sexologist before you go through a Varicocelectomy surgery. ‘
  2. You may experience a high fever or might get an infection in your area of surgery.
  3. Can feel the urge to vomit, or feel nauseous at times.
  4. Inflammation, puss or leakage at the site of the surgery is also possible.
  5. A condition called Hydrocele can develop; which builds up fluids inside the areas of testicles.

It is good to see a doctor immediately if you feel any side effects post the surgical process.

Varicocelectomy can Improve a Man’s Fertility-

The process of Varicocelectomy gives positive results as it increases the blood flow in penis and in the areas of testicles and other parts of the scrotum. And a result it will produce normal sperms in the area of testosterone. In research it has been seen that; 60-80 per cent of the improvement rate after the Varicocelectomy surgery.

Take Away-

The problem of Varicocele can cause infertility in men; if the treatment is not done in time. Therefore, one should never just look away from the symptoms and see a doctor immediately if they feel they are suffering from Varicocele. Apart from infertility the problem of Varicocele can also cause a lot of discomforts and swelling in the genital area.

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