Epididymitis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment procedures

Epididymitis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment procedures


Epididymitis is a sexual problem in men which occurs when the very long tube Epidydmis; the tube which coils the two testicles of a man becomes inflated. This problem generally occurs because of sexually transmitted diseases, but a lot of bacterial infections can also be a cause of it. This tube generally carries the sperms from the testes; to the tube behind the bladder. The tube can be around 20 feet long; if it is straightened out, but it coils around the testicles so does not seem too long. It can take around 2 weeks for sperm to travel from one end of the tube to the other. By that time; generally, the cells in the sperm mature and are unable to fertilize a woman’s egg

Thus, it can affect the fertility of men. Therefore, immediate attention should be taken to the one who is suffering from it. Although, the right amount of treatments can cure the problem fully.

Symptoms from Epididymitis-

If the bacterial infection strikes you. It can cause swelling, and pain which most of the infections cause. However, this problem occurs only at one of the testicles; and can last up to 6-7 weeks; if it is not treated in time. You can also find yourself going through one of the following symptoms if you suffer from Epididymitis-

  1. The sac that contains testes; may be swollen, red or you can feel tenderness in the scrotum.
  2. If you feel a lump in one of your testicles; or get frequent urge to pee suddenly.
  3. Feeling pain during urination, blood in urine, blood in semen( hematospermia) fever can also be some of the symptoms.
  4. Enlarge lymph nodes in groin; or a lump on your testicles.

You should immediately see a doctor; if you go through any of these.

The symptoms of his problem can be similar to a more serious disease which is known as testicular torsion. The symptoms for testicular torsion however develop faster. However, torsion is a medical emergency which if not treated well in time; can lead to losing of a testicle. Orchitis is another condition that is similar to epididymitis. Orchitis virus also influence in progression of epididymitis and make worse in no time.

Causes of Epididymitis in Men-

The main cause of Epididymitis is due to sexually transmitted diseases; such as Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Around in a year there are 600,000 cases on a average for men in between the age group of 18-35. Epididymitis is generally caused due to infection in bladder or urinary tract.

In a very few cases it can also be caused due to the same bacteria which causes tuberculosis.

Inform your parents-

If you think that your problem of Epididymitis is a cause of sexually transmitted disease; you should immediately talk to your parents about it. Also, inform it to the person with whom you involved with sexually for the past 60 days. Its good if they also go and get themselves tested; as they also might be suffering from a sexually transmitted disease.

Risk factors in Epididymitis-

Your chances of having Epididymitis increase a lot if you –

  1. Involve in sexual activity with someone; who has STI.
  2. An uncircumcised penis.
  3. An enlarged prostrate.
  4. Have a history of suffering from STI’S
  5. A history of having infections in prostrate or urinary tracts.

Epididymitis in Children-

Children can also suffer from the problem of Epididymitis. Which they can acquire from their parents. An STI, a infection in urinary tract, or a infection in reproductive organs can also cause the problem of Epididymitis in children. However the children suffering from Epididymitis have the same symptoms as adults. Which are as follows-

  1. Swelling and pain in testicle.
  2. Heaviness in testicles.
  3. Blood in semen.
  4. Lump in testicles.
  5. Pain during ejaculation and peeing.


Diagnosis of Epididymitis-

The doctor will do a examination of your scrotum to find signals of infections and will confirm of your symptoms. A rectal examination can also be done to check for the prostrate and the tenderness. If the doctor gets a clue of Epididymitis in you; he might do a few more tests to confirm it.

Some of the tests you may go through are as follows-

  1. Urine test– In the test Your pee is collected in a container; and signs of infection are seen in them.
  2. Blood test– a blood sample can also be taken to check any abnormalities in you.
  3. Swab sample– In this method a tiny swab is inserted in your penis and the discharge is collected. The next step is to check Chlamydia or gonorrhea.
  4. Ultrasound- In this test the waves are used to produce a picture of the scrotum and testicles to further examine them.

Treatment of Epididymitis-

The first step of treatment for Epididymitis is Antibiotics. If a doctor belives that you have Epididymitis; they give you antibiotics, even before you get your results back. Within a course of 2-3 weeks of taking the antibiotics; you are sure to feel better. However, to get the full healing take the full prescription as suggested by the doctor.

Even after you take antibiotics; you may feel a little swelling or soreness in your genital area for a few weeks. However, you can reduce the pain and swelling by giving a cold compress or by elevating the scrotum.

Complications of Epididymitis-

The problem should be cured in time as ; Epididymitis can become a chronic disease which can cause a lot of recurring problems.

It is also possible that Epididymitis can cause a infection to man’s scrotum.

In a few cases the problem of Epididymitis; can also be the reason of infertility; or it can cause the inability to make a woman pregnant.

Take Away-

The problem of Epididymitis is generally a cause of sexually transmitted infection; which needs a medical attention immediately. Also, there are a lot of increase in intimate problems which amen face; whose solutions are given to them through online portal such as Ohman. All the medicines and treatments are safe to use like PDE5 Inhibitors; and do not have any side effects. Also, they deliver all your medicines to your door steps; while you sit back and relax at home.

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