What Is Penile Fracture? What are the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of It?

What Is Penile Fracture? What are the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of It?

penile fracture

“Penile Fracture is a Rare Occurrence that happens due to penis injuries. It is an alarming situation that needs immediate medical attention.”

Usually, penile fracture happens when the tunica albuginea muscle in the penis tears apart. It is an extremely painful experience a man can experience in his life. Tunica albuginea is a sheath of tissue responsible for enlarging the width and length of the penis to give a firm erection. Sometimes tissue below the tunica albuginea also tears apart and causes corpus cavernosum. Most Penis fracture cases happen due to injuries in the penile region; it can be caused by an accident and rough sexual encounters. But one thing is clear no matter what condition caused the penile fracture; Immediate medical attention is needed for the patient to avoid further injuries and complications. Early and effective treatment can save you from urinary and sexual problems.   

Symptoms of Penile Fracture-

If you take a closer look at your genitals; you may find your penis to be sore, swollen or bruised. Although, a penile fracture is a very severe injury which can cause a lot of pain inside penis and other problem. You may find the following symptoms if you suffer from a penile fracture.

  1. You may suddenly lose your erection.
  2. Extreme pain after the fracture, in the genital areas.
  3. A popping or snapping sound, which is clearly audible by the patient.
  4. Blood dripping from the penis.
  5. Penis becomes bent
  6. You feel difficulty in urination.
  7. You can also have extreme bruising in the injured area.

Possible Causes of a Penile Fracture-

The main cause of penile fracture is generally a sudden trauma or a bend in the penis; especially due to tearing of tunica albuginea. There is also a possibility that the tissue beneath the Tunica also tears down. These 2 spongy tissues are full of blood in the times of your arousal process; and help one achieve an erection. The fracture can sometimes also rupture or damage the urethra. Which is a channel which helps you pass urine.

Some of the common causes of penile fracture are as follows-

  1. It forcefully bends when you are having vaginal intercourse.
  2. If you have a hard and traumatic masturbation
  3. A sharp blow to the penis, due to an accident, or any other incident.

The most common cause of penile fracture in someone, who is sexually active; is because of traumatic intercourse with your partner.

Risk Factors-

Although a penile fracture can happen in any position. It is believed that certain practices or sexual positions can increase the odds of fracture. Also, the position in which the woman is at the top of a man during sex can increase the risk. As the penis is for time being blocked by the vaginal entrance; which can forcefully bend the erection. The woman can also put her full weight on the man during intercourse, or can bend too much forward or too much backwards which can result in bending the shaft of the penis. Also, the rear-entry position can be a cause of penile fractures in men.

In some countries, the practise of penile cracking is also popular. Which involves bending of the shaft of the penis; to get an audible sound of cracking. This is just a habit in men; just like cracking the knuckles. Which can be a cause of penile fracture in men.

Meet a Doctor Immediately-

If you feel you have got a penile fracture; you should not wait and immediately see a doctor. Because if a penile fracture is not treated in time; it can cause permanent damage to the penis. The fracture can also cause difficulty of having erections in men. The problem of not having a firm erection is also commonly known as Erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of Penile Fracture

Diagnosis of Penile Fracture-

A doctor after examining the situation and circumstances can successfully tell you; if you are suffering from a penile fracture or not. If there is no clear analysis of the exam; the patient may even be asked to go through medical imaging. The imaging process of the penile injuries are as follows-

  1. A special x-ray; in which a die is injected into the blood vessels of the penis. This process is also known as cavernosography.
  2. An ultrasound of the penis; in which the internal structure of the penis is observed using a sound wave technique.
  3. MRI process; in which radio signals and magnetic fields are used to create a detailed image of the inside of the penis.

Also, around 38 percent of people who get penile fractures; also have urethra damage. thus, you can also go through a urine test to check the urethra.

A common test of the urethra is done; by injecting the die into the urethra. And then seeing the abnormalities through an x-ray sheet. So that the doctor gets to know about the damage in that region.

Treatment of Penile Fracture-

Most penile fractures require surgery. The surgeon uses stitches to close the tear of tunica albuginea and corpus cavernosum. The goal of the surgery is to revive the ability of a man to have erections and preserve urinary function.

Recovery of The Process-

Post-surgery the patient stays in the hospital for almost 2-3 days. The doctor generally gives antibiotics and pain killers to recover. Also, you will take months to fully recover your fracture. You also need to take a lot of consistent checkups from doctors for-

  1. To know the progress of healing
  2. Assess the flow of blood in the penis
  3. To examine the arteries and veins in the penis.

Also, make sure you do not have sexual intercourse for at least a month or two; before you fully heal. Surgery gives men around a 90 percent of success rate; however, some of them can have some side effects such as Erectile dysfunction, painful erections etc.

Take away-

Penile fracture is a problem; which can cause a lot of pain and infertility problems in men. Also, a lot of men are going through a lot of intimate and sexual problems. So if you want to have an effective and permanent solution to them; while you sit back at home. Check out the official site of Ohman. And order your favourite products today. Also, All the medicines which the portal provides; are FDA approved and do not have side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Penile Fracture

  • How Common are Penile fractures?
    Penile fractures are not a common occurrence, but they can happen to anyone who is not aware of this situation and always playing rough alone and on the bed. Try to take things easy and take care of your Mojo’s health and safety.
  • How do most penile fractures occur?
    Ans –  Most penile fractures occur during intercourse when you try some unusual position with your partner, and your penis bends abnormally during that procedure. However, it also happens in a lone male due to excessive and wrong masturbation.
  • How is penis fracture treated?
    Ans – Penis fracture is usually treated with surgeries. After that, doctors advise you to stay away from sexual intercourse for a while.
  • Can a penile fracture go untreated?
    Ans – No, due to penis fracture, you have to suffer many day-to-day problems related to your penis, like pain during urination, painful erection, or unable to get an erection. So it’s better to seek professional help if you have a penile fracture.
  • Is Penile Fracture an Emergency?
    Ans- No, a Penile fracture is not an emergency that threatens your life. However, it is best to seek treatment faster to avoid inconvenience in life.

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