8 Signs of Excessive Masturbation: Side Effects & Prevention

8 Signs of Excessive Masturbation: Side Effects & Prevention

Excessive masturbation

“Aggressive or Excessive masturbation refers to an extreme masturbation addiction. According to Our Expert Sexologist, Dr CHIRAG BHANDARI, the masturbation habit is considered Excessive when a person masturbates 21 times in a month.”

What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is generally done by everyone at some point in their life. However, people do not talk about it openly; and is still a cliched topic among many. Also, some people lie about not doing it as they feel ashamed; however, the act of masturbation is completely normal. Also, as the act of pleasing oneself, or enjoying some private moments can be a shameful act for some; is pleasurable for others. However, it is just a matter of thought. Also, there is nothing wrong with it. But doing excessive masturbation can be an issue.

Also, a lot of people believe that the act is generally done by the people who are single; which is also completely false. According to a survey a lot of men and women being in a relationship mostly; that does not mean that you are less attractive to your other half. It is just an act of pleasing your own self and playing with your own body. And also masturbation is not limited to gender; men masturbate, women masturbate, transgenders masturbate. But as we all say everything done excessive can lead to ill effects. Thus, excessive masturbation can also cause some problems. Read the article till the end to know 8 signs which can tell you, if you have a habit of excessive masturbation.

Causes Of Masturbation

Masturbation is a completely healthy sign, and also has a lot of health benefits associated with it. But if you do it excessively it can impact your health and mind in the wrong way. Thus here is a list of signs which show you that you are masturbating excessively; and you need to control it.

Masturbation started as a part of an exploration of your body; later on, it became a part of escaping your daily life and work. Here are some causes of masturbation.

  • Too much workload and fatigue leads you towards it
  • Erotic thoughts also trigger thoughts of masturbation.
  • Depression and trying to escape it also leads to it
  • Puberty leads you to explore your body more and leads you towards it.

Symptoms of Excessive Masturbation


  1. The first sign is, that even if you have masturbated; you still feel the need to jerk off after that. This means you need constant urge to masturbate and do a lot of sessions of masturbation; one after another.
  2. If you do not want to involve in sexual intimacy with your partner. As nothing apart from your hand, satisfies you, as you have reached the extreme point of pleasing yourself on your own can also show the addiction to masturbation.
  3. It is very difficult for you to get hard-ons, during intercourse. As you do not give your body enough time to relax and replenish sperm before you do it all over again.
  4. If you indulge with a lot of partners simultaneously for finding physical and sexual intimacy. And are still not able to find satisfaction in the act; this can also show that you use your hand too frequently.
  5. If you are seeing a lot of hair fall suddenly, with no major cause attached to it. Then it can also be due to excessive masturbation; as excessive masturbation can lead to hair fall problems.
  6. There is not even a single day that you can spend without masturbating. No matter where are you or what situation are you in. You need to masturbate can also be a sign of excessive masturbation.
  7. You have tried abstaining yourself from masturbating for a period of time. But all you have done is give it up every time; that too in the very beginning. Is a major sign that you are masturbating excessively.
  8. No matter how much you try, you are never pleased by one session. And you stay awake in bed late nights just to please yourself and are never tired by giving it a lost shot. There might be a problem in there.
  9. You many of the times masturbate out of your daily habit; even when you do not feel like touching yourself.

Side Effects of Excessive masturbation-

There are a number of side effects which people face after masturbating; these are as follows-

1. You might feel guilty-

A lot of people have reported that they feel guilty or shameful after masturbating; this can be due to cultural, spiritual or religious beliefs.

But there is nothing shameful or bad in pleasing yourself. However, if you still feel guilty or bad you can talk to a therapist who might help you to come out of the situation.

2. You can develop an addiction to Masturbate-

Too much masturbation can cause problems in relationships and in your personal lives. If you spend your major time leaving all the chores around and masturbating frequently it can cause a major major problem in your life.

3. Too much masturbation can decrease sensitivity-

If you masturbate a lot; due to your technique and grip, you might decrease the sensitivity of your shaft and in some extreme cases injuries and penile fractures. So, if you face this problem then you should talk to your doctor about it; to gain your sensitivity back. Thus, too much masturbation can be a cause of it.

side effects of excessive masturbation

4. Chronic Fatigue

Masturbation leads you towards constant fatigue and tiredness. It reduces the production of steroids in your body and speeds up your metabolism, making you lazy and unwilling to do your daily chores.

5. Anxiety

Constant masturbation also raises performance anxiety problems if you have a partner. This performance anxiety problem is relatively common in excessive masturbation due to low self-esteem and constant sexual exhaustion.

6. Premature Ejaculation

Excessive masturbation Can also cause premature ejaculation. It happens due to masturbation,  you may face low hormone production like testosterone and dopamine that leads to weaker erection, premature ejaculation, and in some extreme cases, constant sperm leakage at night or Nightfall. It is best you should control your masturbation habit to stop nightfall at home otherwise you have to visit doctor for nightfall & premature ejaculation issue.

7. Dhat Syndrome

Dhat Syndrome is one of the leading cause of sexual problems in men. It made semen ejaculate during the process of urination. According to the International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences study in Jan 2015, Dhat syndrome is a possible side effect of excessive masturbation. Which you can control by controlling your masturbation habit & consuming dhatu rog medicine regularly.

8. Social Distancing and Lack of Focus

Masturbation also leads you towards social distancing. Your lack of interest in the outside world and your habit of playing yourself make you socially distant. It will also make you lose focus and constantly think about your next opportunity to masturbate. In return, you lose your ability to perform well in your daily work.

How to control excessive Masturbation easily-

There are some easy ways that can be done to help you out of the problem of excessive masturbation.

  1. The people who want to avoid masturbation. They should not watch porn, see erotic images; as these days these things are easily available. Just in a few clicks. Thus creating a barrier between these sites and you.
  2. Keep yourself busy; choose some new activity and indulge your energy in learning that. Choose an instrument, go for a run, or a walk, exerciseor just change your thoughts and indulge in new activities by diverting your mind.
  3. A lot of people indulge in Masturbation, out of loneliness. Thus spend more time with your friends and family to help you restrain from the act of masturbation.
  4. Find a group that can help you get out of your problem. By openly discussing your challenges with others can give you the confidence and power to face them. Also, the people motivate you to help you leave your bad habits.
  5. Do a physical workout, which can lower down the stress and can pump up your mood.

Take away-

Masturbation is a common activity that is done by men and women all across the globe. Which is a general act of pleasing yourself. And also there is nothing wrong with it; as it is just a personal choice.

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