Pain Inside Penis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Pain Inside Penis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

pain inside penis

A variety of conditions can cause a person to feel pain inside penis. The pain can be mild or extreme, and it can happen while you are resting, during sexual activities, and urinating. In addition, some people experience pain in various parts of the penis, and they may also experience different pain, including dull, sharp, or throbbing.

Penile pain can affect the penis shaft, base, and head of the penis, and it can cause difficulty at any age. It is because of an illness or injury. Yet, there are other several penis pain causes.

The severity of pain in penis varies based on the underlying illness or condition causing it. If you’ve experienced injury, the pain could be intense and appear abruptly.

The pain could be minor and gradually become more severe in case you have a medical condition or any other disorder.

Any discomfort or pain inside penis could be an issue to be concerned about, mainly if it occurs during an erection. It may also prevent the urination process, or you observe any discharge, sores, swelling, or redness.

Although some people find relief from pain in the penis at home, specific underlying causes could require medical treatment. If any person has any concerns, they must consult a doctor.

Symptoms of Pain Inside Penis

Sometimes, there’s nothing to worry about if you feel discomfort in the penis. There are instances when your body experiences changes, and you could experience pain in specific locations.

However, feeling pain inside penis could often signify specific issues with your sexual health or an underlying disorder.

  • If you notice penis swelling, redness, or pain inside tip of penis
  • Experiencing penis foreskin itching
  • Penis shaft irritation
  • Any unusual discharge
  • The pain of doing sex
  • Acute pain before or after sexual activity
  • Urine discolouration
  • Burning inside penis during urination
  • Blood or semen along with urine

Types of Pain Inside Penis

Individuals may feel pain inside penis at various points the penis, including the surface, of the cone-shaped penis. Some may experience pain at the glans (head) or at the base (the one which connects the penis with an abdominal wall). Or some men can experience pain throughout the entire penis.

A few men also experience discomfort in the urinary tract (a tube used to carry semen and urine to drain out of the penis).

The penis shaft is the most extended tube-like structure, and most people only experience discomfort in this area. The penis splits into three distinct sections: left, middle, and right.

Man can experience pain in the entire area or a specific section. For instance, some people can feel the middle of the shaft; others feel pain on their left, while others experience it on the right side.

penis pain causes

Medical Causes of Penis Pain

Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease begins when irritation causes a piece of tissue scarring, known as a plaque, to develop around the lower and upper lines of the penis shaft.

Because the scar tissue grows close to the tissue, which becomes hard when you get an erection, you might notice that your penis bends when getting an erection. You will be experiencing pain inside penis.

The condition can occur if bleeding within the penis occurs when you bend or strike it, in the case of connective tissue disorders or an infection of the lymphatic system or blood vessels.

Further, the disease may be passed down in certain families, and the reason behind the condition could be unclear.


Priapism can cause an unpleasant, lengthy erection. The erection may occur even if you do not want to engage in sexual relations.

Further, this condition is more common among men in their 30s.

If you notice priapism, it is essential to seek immediate treatment to prevent any long-term effects which could affect your capacity to get an erection.

The cause of priapism could be:

  • adverse side effects of the drugs prescribed to treat erection disorders or medicines that combat depression
  • blood clotting condition
  • mental health disorders
  • blood disorders
  • alcohol use
  • Illicit drug usage
  • Penis injury or the spinal cord

You might try taking a hot shower for immediate relief or putting on an ice pack to relieve the erection in the beginning.


Prostatitis is a typical prostate issue that refers to prostatic inflammation, and it can result in discomfort in the penis or pelvic region. The inflammation of nerves, infections caused by bacteria, and injuries may cause prostatitis.

The signs may include:

  • Paining or burning inside penis while urinating
  • Blood in the urine
  • discomfort in the penis, or the bladder
  • Pain in testicles
  • ejaculation pain

Treatment options will vary based on the person’s symptoms and the source of the inflammation. However, mostly it is using antibiotics.

Prostate massage, as well as hot compresses, may assist in relieving symptoms.


Balanitis refers to an infection that affects the foreskin and the penis’s head. It typically affects males and boys who do not take care to wash their foreskin or haven’t been circumcised. Boys and men with circumcision may also get balanitis.

The other reasons for balanitis are:

If your condition is not serious, a medication like topical Canesten 1 percent cream (Clotrimazole Lotrimin)can help you. If you don’t see satisfactory results within a couple of weeks, you should ask a physician for assistance.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Any STIs can lead to pain inside penis. These STIs include:

It is essential to get yourself tested if you believe that STI can be the reason for pain in penis. Then the doctor can prescribe the medication.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is more prevalent in women, but this can occur in men. UTI is a condition that occurs when UTI is when bacteria infiltrate and infect the urinary tract. The likelihood of infections are more incase you are:

  • uncircumcised
  • experiencing or obstruction within the urinary tract
  • weakened immune system
  • Have a sexual encounter with someone who is suffering from an infection
  • Engaging in anal sex


Injuries to penis can also damage the penis. Some possible causes include:

  • are in a car accident
  • get burned
  • Have rough sex
  • Ring around your penis for a longer the erection
  • Insert items into the Urethra

Phimosis and Paraphimosis

Phimosis is prevalent  in uncircumcised males because the foreskin is tight. The majority of cases occur in youngsters, and however, it could be seen in older males if balanitis or an injury results in scarring on the foreskin.

Another condition is when your foreskin is pulled back from the front of the penis, and it cannot return to its initial position, known as paraphimosis.

It is a medical emergency as it may prevent you from going to the bathroom and cause the tissue of your penis to break down.

Penile Cancer

Penile cancer is another penis pain cause. However, it’s not common. Certain conditions increase your risk of developing cancer, such as:

  • Smoking
  • Not being circumcised
  • Experiencing HPV 
  • There is no proper cleaning of your skin under your foreskin, which can lead you to foreskin infection like posthitis and balanitis.

burning inside penis treatment

Penile Fracture

Penile fracture, also known as a broken penis, is a condition that happens when sudden bending or force is applied to the erect penis & muscle inside the penis called tunica albuginea gets injured. A penis doesn’t have any bone, but tunica albuginea filled with blood imitates one; that’s why many people call this situation a penis fracture. Penile fractures often happen during rough sex or masturbation. In extreme cases, you can hear a popping sound coming from your penis & which can cause immense pain. In case of a penile fracture, you should immediately visit a doctor for treatment. They will examine and, according to the condition, determine how to fix your tunica albuginea muscle. Some Common Symptoms of Penile Fracture are:

  • Popping Sound from the penis
  • Pain after rough sex
  • Bruising and rashes on the penis
  • Swelling

Erectile Dysfunction & Pain Inside Penis

In some cases, penile pain can be due to erectile dysfunction. ED is a sexual disorder that causes a person to be incapable of erecting. The failure to erect is due to various reasons that include blood circulation issues, diabetes in the penis, blood leakage through the veins, and poor blood flow.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, the specialists at Ohman can offer you the appropriate treatment option and medicine for erectile dysfunction that can help you maintain erection and blood flow to penis.

Other Causes of Penis Pain

Above, we discussed certain specific penis pain causes. Now have a look at some of the most unexpected reasons for pain inside penis:

Available Treatment Options for Pain Inside Penis

The treatment varies based on the disease or condition:

  • Injections can soften the plaques of Peyronie’s disease. The removal is also possible surgically in the most severe cases.
  • The process of removing blood from the penis using needles can help reduce the risk of having the possibility of having an erection in those who suffer from the condition of priapism.
  • Antibiotics can treat UTIs and a few STIs. Antifungal and antibiotic medications are also in use to treat balanitis.
  • Antiviral medicines can cut down or even stop the duration of herpes outbreaks.
  • You can use your fingers to stretch the foreskin, causing it to become looser in the case of phimosis. The application of steroid creams on your penis may also aid. In some instances, surgical intervention may require to get relief from the pain inside penis.
  • The penis’s head swelling reduction associated with paraphimosis is possible through the icing. Also, your doctor might suggest applying pressure on the penis head. They can also inject medication into the penis to aid in helping it drain. In addition, they may cut minor cuts into the foreskin to reduce swelling.
  • The surgeon can remove the cancerous areas in the penis. Treatment  may also involve chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Hence, these are the methods  to relieve pain inside penis.

Methods to Prevent Penis Pain

There are some steps you can take to prevent penis pain. These methods include wearing condoms during sexual intercourse, maintaining hygiene during sex, and regularly testing yourself & your partner for any STIs. In addition, avoid rough sex with your partner and instruct to prevent accidental movements. If infections & pain continue, then you should immediately consult a doctor about your condition and take proper treatment.


You can take steps to decrease the chance of suffering from pain inside penis, including using condoms whenever you have sexual relations. Also, avoid not having sexual intercourse with STIs.. Further, stay away from any aggressive movements that can bend your penis.

If you’re experiencing frequent infections or other issues on your foreskin, the procedure of circumcision or washing your foreskin each day can aid. If someone is experiencing intense or persistent penis pain, consult an expert.

At Ohman, our experts will help you treat any men’s sexual concerns. Further, you can purchase the best medications for premature ejaculation & best penis enlargement medicine in India for any underlying condition after having a video consultation with your doctors. Book a private and safe online consultation with our experts to discuss any men’s sexual wellness condition.

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