12 Sex Exercises Worth Doing for Better Sex Performance

12 Sex Exercises Worth Doing for Better Sex Performance

Sex Exercises

Exercise is the best way to keep your body in health and shape. It helps you lead a healthy life and gives you the power to engage in various sports and games and stamina. But do you know sexual activity also requires stamina to fully enjoy it?

According to a study by PLOS, men spent 4.2 kCal/min, and women spent 3.1kCal/min, which is less than a 30 min treadmill exercise that burns 276 kCal of energy. This goes to show that the longer your sexual experience is, the longer it will require for longer sexual stamina and performance.

Sex exercises are a great way to increase your sexual performance. These are special types of exercises which help you to build a strong body and stamina to enhance your sexual performance. A healthy diet and a few lifestyle changes can help you perform well in bed. But with a strong body, you can make better use of these performance boosts. In this article, we have come up with some of the best sex exercises like plank, Kegels and glute bridge which can help you in increasing your sexual stamina.

Sex Exercises for Better Sexual Performance –

There are a lot of exercises which one can do at home, and in the gym which can help them with Improving sexual stamina, and performance. One should work out at least 2-3 times a week, to help you with sexual technique, flexibility, and endurance. Below mentioned are a few sex exercises; which can help one with Stamina and Performance.

“Before learning more about the exercises, Having a schedule would be a great help for you. Try a combination of these exercises for a better and fast results like :

Fast Walking/Swimming with exercises like frog pose, plank and kegel in the same exercise session can help develop your body.

You can also create exercise combinations according to your ease and requirement but make sure to add different types of exercise combinations.”

1. Lift Weight –

Strength training exercises are the best which doctors recommend to help you with your sex life. These sex exercises increase testosterone levels in men, which is the primary factor in male sex drive and help you last longer in bed. One can also do squats, stretching, sit-ups and crunches. Studies show that these are the best exercises for sex as they strengthen your upper body, which can increase sexual stamina during intercourse.

lift common sex exercise

2. Do Kegel Exercise –

Kegel exercises are great for men; as these exercises build endurance and control the pubococcygeus muscles which lets you stop urine midstream. These exercises also help you to tone down the pelvic floor muscles, which are extremely important during sex. Kegel is the best answer for your primary question of how to increase sex stamina. Start with the easiest kegel exercises & one should try stopping their urine midstream, these are your pelvic floor muscles. Once you get to know the right muscles hold for 10 seconds and then relax. You can perform these exercises while standing, sitting, or lying down. One should perform 5 sets of kegel exercises, thrice a day. Try to add more pelvic floor exercises as your sex exercises to build stronger pelvic muscles.

3. Perform Yoga –

If you want to increase sexual stamina; and want to have sex in the most creative positions, then yoga is the best sex exercise for stamina in bed. Yoga definitely helps in providing more flexibility to the body which can result in a better sex experience. Also, you can try the most exciting positions with your partner; by performing creative positions. These exercises & yoga also help to improve the pelvic floor muscles, you can also try yoga for erectile dysfunction for stronger pelvic floor muscles.
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YOGA best sex exercise

4. Practice Fast Walking –

In a study which was conducted on 31,000 men over 50; showed that people who walk fast or performed aerobic exercises had 30 percent less risk of ED. Also, any exercise or activity which burned more than 200 calories a day was beneficial and the best Erectile dysfunction exercise. As brisk walking improves blood circulation and prevents heart attacks and also helped in increasing sexual stamina in bed. These exercises help men to keep their blood vessels clear; which can help in longer erections. Also, Doing these exercises release endorphins which can relax one’s mind and can improve sexual performance. So, add them to your sex exercises to increase your endurance in bed.

Fast Walking as Sex Exercises

5. Do Glute Bridge –

Glute bridge is a variation of bridge exercises that entirely focuses on pelvic muscles and strengthens them. This exercise provides strong pelvic muscles and better blood circulation in the penis. Lie down on your back and bring your ankles near your hip to perform. Rise your lower body above while keeping the upper body on the ground. Do 5-10 sets and relax.

6. Do Swimming –

As sexual activity requires endurance; practising long swimming sprints can help you keep going in bed. Swimming for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week does not only increases stamina; but also helps in losing weight which is necessary for good sex. Thus, swimming is assumed to be one of the best sex workouts, for both men and women; which can help them stay and last longer in bed. Your mate will be surprised and happy with your sexual stamina, once you start swimming regularly. So, try swimming as a couple for better bonding.

Swimming for Improving Sex Stamina

7. Practice Plank –

Plank is the most amazing exercise in this list of sex exercises that is a perfect way, to strengthen your ab muscles; along with upper arms, thighs and buttocks. This exercise builds up stamina in you which can help you to please your partner in surprising ways. One should try holding the pose for at least 60 seconds or longer; and if that is also too challenging try balancing on your knees.


8. Do Cat Cow Stretch –

This sex exercise for men and women can do wonders for you. This exercise helps one get even breathing, improves focus to make your mind stay in the present. Start the exercise with a steady flow; with each round up take the full breath out and for each downward posing takes a full breath in.

Sex Exercises - Cat cow stretch

9. Perform Pelvic Thrust –

Whether you love the cowgirl pose or the missionary position; this exercise can help you improve and increase sexual stamina and pleasure in bed. But this can be exhausting for you if you are not in shape. So, start working on your glutes, calves, to build stamina and strength. This sex exercise helps to improve your sexual pleasure with your partner in bed.

10. Practice Frog Pose –

The Frog pose is another fantastic exercise in this list of sex exercises that can definitely make any man or woman more flexible during your lovemaking. This exercise helps you open up your hips better, to stretch your thigh, groin, and hips. This exercise also reduces stress which can help real-time in bed.
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Frog pose

11. Get in Hinge Position –

This exercise for males and females can help you stay in your favorite position; without your legs and back giving out. Lean out at 45 degrees for few seconds before getting in normal position, and repeat it. Try hinge position with other exercises to last longer in bed and increase the power of your love.

squat exercises for sex and pelvic floor muscle

12. Do Squat –

The squat is a well-known exercise that helps build your Core and Thigh muscles. The most crucial point that put squat in Sex exercises lists its ability to increase your sex stamina and time on bed by building your pelvic strength. That’s why it is considered one of the best exercises for sex. So start with some stretch and start doing the squat version that suits you.


A couple that wants greater bonding in their relationship should perform these sex exercises together for better results and performance. Moreover, Sexual pleasure is a basic necessity for everyone; for pleasure and good health. But sometimes the challenge stays as you do not have enough strength and stamina to stay in bed. But for that, both the males and females can go through a few sex exercises which can help you stay longer in bed. Still,  A lot of men also discover the problems of Premature Ejaculation , Erectile Dysfunction or Sexual Dysfunction and feel shy to share these problems with others. But a lot of online portals such as Ohman are to your rescue as they give you effective and affordable treatments to help you get out of these intimate problems.

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