Sexual Performance Anxiety: Everything You Should Know About It

Sexual Performance Anxiety: Everything You Should Know About It

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The anxiety a man faces in bed is reffed to as Sexual Performance anxiety. Anxiety is a normal symptom which anyone can get; during doing any task. As the person is uncertain of the results of their actions. You can feel performance pressure in exams, during an interview, or during intercourse. Which is totally dependent on person to person. But the best way to deal with such kind of pressure is to prepare yourself well before you do a task. A lot of men also feel that if they are unable to perform well in bed or are not able to satisfy their partners well in bed. It can lead to the ending of their relationship or feeling ashamed in front of their partners. But however, if they mentally and physically relax and prepare well; they can go through the anxiety well.

Symptoms of Sexual Performance Anxiety-


There are various symptoms of performance anxiety, and people who have general anxiety are more prone to address sexual performance anxiety. A sudden feeling of negative emotions taking overhead or having a sudden fear of doing something can be some of the symptoms you may face during sexual anxiety. Also, when you go through sexual performance anxiety; you may either feel erectile dysfunction or have premature ejaculation. Performance anxiety can also affect your social and work life every day. However, some of the key symptoms you may face during Performance anxiety are as follows-

  1. You are unable to sleep or stay in bed too much.
  2. Unable to concentrate or focus on anything.
  3. Feeling of restlessness and feeling of faster heartbeats.
  4. You feel extremely tired, even doing the things you used to enjoy earlier.
  5. No control over emotions, or feeling extremely overwhelmed by the emotions.
  6. Tension in muscles.

Causes of Sexual Performance Anxiety-

A common myth that people think of is sexual intimacy is just physical contact. But in real terms it is much more than that; as a lot of emotions also come into the role while you are sexually involved with someone. So, generally, if a man is too stressed about his performance in bed, he won’t be able to get excited much; which will directly affect his performance in bed. Some of the causes of sexual dysfunction are reasons which can lead to the problem of sexual performance are as follows-

  1. Anxiety, worry or fear of not being able to satisfy your partner well in bed.
  2. If you are overweight or have a poor body image. This can cause a lot of sexual anxiety.
  3. Thinking of either taking too much time to ejaculate or ejaculating too soon in bed i.e. premature ejaculation.
  4. You have relationship issues with your partner.
  5. Being anxious about not enjoying the sexual intimacy and not being able to get orgasm.

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Various Treatments for Sexual Performance Anxiety-

1. Get an Anxiety Analysis Done-

If you feel you have been continuously feeling performance anxiety in bed for very long. You can go through an analysis done by a doctor or a professional. Where the main aim is to make the males understand the difference between sexual realities and sexual fantasies. Also, it can help the doctors, understand the basic causes of anxiety; with the help of some tests. So, by guidance and therapy, doctor’s can help you regain your confidence and help you to be more expressive to your partners.

2. Go for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-

The CBT is an effective way to help patients reduce their performance anxiety; as in this process, the main focus is shifted to the cause of the problem, rather than seeing the symptoms. This can help ease out the stress and tension of the man to perform out well during every sexual encounter. Also, it can give you the strength to discuss your problems of anxiety with your partner; who can also find ways to help the problem ease out for you.

3. Exercises to Help You Increase The Libido Production in You-

Dr Chirag Bhandari, who is a famous sexologist of India; suggests the following exercises which if you do daily can help you overcome the problems of ED etc. He suggests men a combination of pelvic floor exercises, kegel exercises, and cardio exercises which can help you cure the problem of ED naturally. Some of the common and easy exercises which can be done at home to help the problem of sexual performance are Planks, running, boxing, squats, leg raises etc.

4. Change Your Food Habits to Improve Your Condition-

A good diet is directly related to your physical and mental condition. And these two things are extremely important for you during sexual intercourse; as a good and healthy mind and body can directly have a healthy sexual life. Thus some of these healthy foods should be included in your diet to keep a balance between your head and body.

  1. Include fruits such as raspberries, watermelon, avocados into your diet.
  2. Eat almonds and walnuts. Especially walnuts are known to improve sex drive by improving sperm quality.
  3. Leafy and green vegetables such as broccoli; can help to increase libido levels.
  4. Oysters, as they have high Zinc, improve sexual desires.

5. Counselling and Therapy-

If nothing from the above seems to work for you; you can go for a couple of therapy sessions. This helps in improving the communication between the partners, and also helps in resolving the interpersonal conflicts between them. Most of the couples who are going through a separation; or are not able to have the sexual intimacy which they want; go through it.

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Take Away-

Sexual anxiety or performance anxiety is very common; especially for first-timers. Thus, preparing yourself well before going through the action can save you a lot from the problem of performance pressure.

Also, as the cases of intimate problems among men are increasing; portals such as Ohman are helping people all around the world to help them go through it. The portal gives you a lot of treatment options; so choose the ones you think can help you effectively. For more information check out the official portal of Ohman and order Premature ejaculation medicine in India &  erectile dysfunction medicine in india.

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