10 Incredible How to Have First Time Sex Tips For Men

10 Incredible How to Have First Time Sex Tips For Men

first time sex tips

Having sex for the first time with their long-term partner is a stepping stone for every couple’s relationship. That helps build strong physical and emotional bonding between couples.

Many things come into the mind of teenagers before having sex for the first time. Like “what he will think about my body figure?” Or “what is she going to think about my Mojo?” So before jumping on each other just get an idea about how to have sex first time so you both can enjoy your first intimate encounter perfectly.

First Time Sex Tips

Before getting into sex for the first time, you have to keep some things in mind, which will ensure that you are able to give pleasure to your partner and how is your first impression, be aware that bad impression can spoil your relationship, so go with the following first time sex tips to feel confident.

First Time Sex Tips that you should follow

1. Talk to Your Partner

For some people, sex is all about penetration, While for others stimulating having oral activities is all about losing virginity.

So before you take the major step of having intercourse, with your partner be sure of communicating well with them, as of what you are looking for.

However, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and enjoy your first experience.

2. Know Your Body

Knowing your body anatomy is one of the most crucial first time sex tips that help you discover your body’s working and help you find your pleasure points.

Knowing about your body will keep your mind calm and focused and it will help you last longer in bed during your first time sex.

Also, Try masturbation as a discovery method to delay your climax.

3. Wear Condom

You can get and transfer diseases through any kind of sex. So it is essential to use condoms to protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

No matter how many times you wish to do if you are not willing to use precautions, then you can get yourself and your female partner tested for any kind of sexually transmitted disease

4. Try Foreplay

Incorporate foreplay into your action even when you are having sex for the first time, it will make you more comfortable and confident.

Although, many couples ignore it and hop directly on the main course and get unsatisfactory results.

So, add foreplay to your romance checklist. It will help you ease the mood and heat up the environment for more exciting things.

5. Use Lubrication

For the first-timers, it is necessary to use extra lubrication like Vaseline, oil, and water-based lubricants around the vaginal area.

It will reduce irritation during penetration and you will go smoothly, with a more enjoyable experience. You can also use lubrication in foreplay to excite each other.

Find a comfortable position is one of the best first time sex tips

6. Don’t Forget About Hygiene

Hygiene is the most important thing you should keep in your mind if you are having sex for first time. When you decide to get physical with your partner, there are risks of hygiene problems like STI and other transmitted diseases like a yeast infection and pubic lice.

To avoid these problems, maintain your sexual hygiene, tell your partner about it, and use condoms to prevent unwanted disease transfer.

Another tips for first time sex you should follow is wash your hand before engaging in any sexual activity and avoid touching your partner’s private parts before washing your hands to eliminate unwanted infections.

7. Get Cozy Position

Every first-timer worries about lasting longer in bed, but they forget that getting a comfortable position is one of the factors that help you last longer in bed.

Getting a comfortable position will help you get better penetration and pleasure during the Intercourse. Try finding a comfortable position for both of you to enhance your experience more.

8. No Means No

Understanding your partner’s words and behavior in bed is most important for you.

If your partner is not comfortable with the position or refuses to have sex, and says “No” to you. Then try to understand and respect the decision and move back to give him/her time to collect thoughts.

Talk normally and help him/her with insecurities. This step is one of the most important first time sex tips that everyone should follow to understand the relationship better.

9. Take Things Slowly

Every person who is having sex for first time is excited about the upcoming event and forget about everything they learn about how to do first time sex. Even worse, Sometimes teenagers get too enthusiastic about sex and jump to bed to try some acrobatic stunts with partners.

Don’t get too excited about your fantasies and positions; take things slowly. Start with a proper conversation, think about your partner’s thoughts, engage in foreplay, and then move towards penetration.

10. Keep Talking During Intercourse

Movies and Stories have created a myth that couples during Intercourse do not talk to each other; they just moan and look at each other. Don’t fall for this lie. Try to speak with your partner during sex; it will help you understand your partner’s thoughts.

This way, you can also find if your partner has any problem with penetration or position. This first time sex tips for men will also help you to be last longer in bed.

Things Men & Women Should Keep in Mind During Sex

Important Things Men should keep in Their Mind –

  • Use condoms if you are not planning to have babies or want to avoid accidental pregnancy during your first intercourse
  • If you feel the condom has torn while coming out of the packet, do not use that condom and use a new one.
  • Both men and women often do not experience the climax of sex because of the fear of conception. In these circumstances, using a condom is the right idea to help you enjoy sex in the right way without the fear of conception.

Important Things Women Should Keep in Their Mind –

  • If your partner does not want to wear a condom, you should use a condom specially made for women. These condoms are made of nitrile or polyurethane, which are safe for women.
  • Do not hesitate to stop your partner if you feel pain or uncomfortable during sex because pain and discomfort can also cause injury during sex.
  • If you feel burning or pain in the vagina during sex, use lubrication such as water, oil, or any cream; this will help reduce the friction caused by sex.

First Time Sex Myths-

There are several myths regarding having sex for the first time. So after knowing the above first time sex tips, it is important to debunk these myths so you can enjoy your time with your partner.

Myths About SEX

The Hymen is Proof Of Virginity !

The hymen is just a part of your body, just like your ears and nose. And it doesn’t determine anything about your virginity. Also, some women are born without any hymen.

But your hymen doesn’t need to pop up, only during penetration as you can pop it or break it during exercises or other physical activities too. Thus, only you know if you have lost your virginity, and broken hymen does not prove it.

Your Body Is Going To Change After First Time Sex !

No visible or biological change occurs after having sex, for the first time, the second time, or the 100th time. However, you might go through temporary feelings or psychological reactions. Which may include-

  • Erection
  • Rapid breathing
  • Flushed skin
  • Excessive sweating

All these arousal-related changes are highly temporary and are just responses to the stimulus and are a part of your arousal. And knowing about these bodily reactions before losing virginity is important otherwise you or your partner become panic.

Sex will Loose your Vagina !

A popular Myth is floating around on the internet that having sex will cause you to slack your vagina. This information is a complete myth; Yes, during the Intercourse, your vagina will expand like your mouth grows during yawning and later comes back to its original position. So, rest assured and don’t believe in this kind of myth.

Pull Out Method Is Effective to Stop Pregnancy !

Many men believe that pulling out your penis before coming will prevent pregnancy. But according to WebMD, 22 in 100 women get pregnant after trying the pull-out method.

So try safer options like “condoms” with a pregnancy prevention rate of 98% rather than mythical pull-out methods.

First Time Sex Will Not Cause Pregnancy !

A complete myth that everyone believes that first time sex will not convert into any kind of pregnancy. Whenever a girl engages with a boy in a physical relationship, there is a chance of pregnancy.

if a boy penetrates a girl and ejaculates inside or outside the vagina there is a risk of pregnancy for girl. So always use protection to avoid unwanted pregnancies.


Having sex for the first time can be confusing and can lead to a lot of anxiety and confidence issues. But proper research and knowing some incredible sex tips or losing virginity tips can prevent you from performance anxiety.

Well, you can even get to know surprising facts about your own body, while you go for a first-time sexual encounter. You may also experience Premature ejaculation or Erectile dysfunction which can be due to some underlying physical condition. But these days a lot of online portals such as Ohman, who take care of men’s sexual well-being and provide you with effective and affordable treatments.

So, if you think you are dealing with any such intimate problem, check out the official page of Ohman ” Ohman.in” and order erectile dysfunction medicines & Best Medicine for Premature Ejaculation in India Today.

Frequently Asked Questions about First Time Sex Tips-

  1. Is it possible to Have an Orgasm During the First time sex?
    Ans- Can I get an orgasm? Another question that disturbs many couples. Yes, It is a high possibility that you might experience orgasm faster than you expected. Or you might not be able to last as long as you wanted to in bed. As mostly 1 out of 3 men experience PE problems. If you go through the same situation, you can consult a doctor to get a clearer picture of your situation.
  2. Does Sex Is Going to Hurt?
    Ans- Will it hurt? That’s the first thing that pops into mind. Having sex for the first time can be uncomfortable because of penetration and friction. But it should not hurt you. And if you feel hurt with every encounter, try lubricants to reduce the pain. If you still feel pain or discomfort, you should see a doctor as it might be due to some underlying medical condition. With the guidance of doctors, you can definitely cure your ailments.
  3. Is It Possible to Get Pregnant?
    Is it possible to get pregnant after the first time having sex? Yes, Even for your first sexual encounter. It is highly likely for you to get pregnant, even if your male partner ejaculates around the vaginal opening or in your vagina. So, to prevent such unwanted pregnancies and take real advantage of sex do not forget to wear condoms before every sexual encounter.
  4. How Long Does First Time Sex Last? How to Increase it?
    Ans –The time of sex during the first time depends upon you and your partner. If both of you are a virgin and going to experience sex for the first time, it can turn into premature ejaculation in men due to over-excitement. That’s why you should properly eat & exercise to keep your health up & increase sex stamina.
  5. Is it safe to have sex during the period?
    Ans – You should avoid having sex during your period because the menstrual blood flow increases during sex, and this blood supply increase the risk of many diseases like HIV and sexually transmitted diseases for both of you. However, by having sex during the period, women get relief from the pain and irritation caused by menstruation.
  6. What to do if the condom breaks during sex?
    Ans- You should always use the condom after checking whether the condom is of the right size and whether the condom is torn or expired. If even after all these tests, the condom breaks during sex, then you and your partner should discuss this topic. After this, if you do not want to have a child, then definitely consult a doctor.


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