12 First Time Sex Tips : How to Have Sex for The First Time?

12 First Time Sex Tips : How to Have Sex for The First Time?

first time sex tips

Having sex for the first time? Or losing virginity with your long-term partner is a stepping stone for every couple’s relationship. That helps build strong physical and emotional bonding between couples. Many things come into the mind of teenagers before having sex for the first time. Is he looking at my body? Or what is she going to think about my face or Mojo? Just relax! Take things slowly, start talking to your partner; this will ease the environment, and both of you can engage intensively in the Intercourse. Thus, it is better to gather information about first-time sex tips. It will clear all of your confusion and anxiety about the situation. Start with some romance, then move on to the main event Just by following these 12 first time sex tips.

 First Time Sex Tips

There are some of the things which one should know before you decide to lose your virginity with your partner. These things will let you know more about your sexual health and sexual life.

Talk to Your Partner

For some people, sex is all about penetration, While for others stimulating having oral activities is all about losing virginity. So before you take the major step of having intercourse, with your partner be sure of communicating well with them, as of what you are looking for. However, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and enjoy your first experience. For that, you should know the first time sex tips which will help you to have the best first time with your partner.

Hymen has Nothing to Prove About Your Virginity-

The hymen is just a part of your body just like your ears and nose. And it doesn’t determine anything about your virginity. Also, some are born without any hymen. But your hymen doesn’t need to pop up, only during penetration. As you can pop it or break it during exercises or other physical activities too. Thus, only you know if you have lost your virginity, and breaking of hymen does not prove it.

The Body Does not Change after Sex-

No visible or biological change occurs after having sex, for the first time, the second time, or the 100th time. However, you might go through temporary feelings or psychological reactions. Which may include-

  • Erection
  • Rapid breathing
  • Flushed skin
  • excessive sweating

All these arousal-related changes are highly temporary and, are just responses to the stimulus and are a part of your arousal.

No Post-sex Look-

After you have finished your sexual intercourse with your partner, there is no post look or any change which can let other one know about your virginity. Your body might take a while and come to a normal state. But there is nothing that can let others know that you are no longer a virgin, apart from the fact if you tell them. So it is the most important first time sex tips.

It’s not Like Your Fantasy-

Take things slowly, start with some romance and go easy on things. Because, everyone has at some point, encountered or watched explicit movies or a romance scene in the movie. But do not expect too much from your first sexual activity. As in movies also the actors have to reposition themselves several times, to get the perfect shot. Although you should be excited, do not expect too much and just go with the flow.

Is it Going to Hurt?

Will it hurt? That’s the first thing that pops into mind. Having sex for the first time can be uncomfortable, because of penetration and friction. But it should not hurt you. And if you feel hurt with every encounter, you should see a doctor. As it might be due to some underlying medical condition. With the guidance of doctors, you can definitely, cure your ailments.

Find a comfortable position is one of the best first time sex tips

Should We Use Lubrication First Time?

For the first-timers, it is a must to use extra lubrication like Vaseline, oil, etc around the vaginal area.  As it can reduce irritation and penetration can be much easier for you. With more enjoyable experience. You can also use lubrication in foreplay to excite each other. This is another important first time sex tips that you should follow.

Is it Necessary to Wear Condom?

You can get and transfer STDs through any kind of sex. It is extremely important to use condoms to protect yourself and your partner. For that, you should use condoms for your every sexual act, no matter how many times you wish to do. If you are not willing to use condoms then you can get yourself and your female partner tested for any kind of sexually transmitted diseases

Is It Possible to Get Pregnant?

Is it possible to get pregnant after the first time having sex? Yes, Even for your first sexual encounter. It is a high possibility for you to get pregnant, even if your male partner ejaculates around the vaginal opening or in your vagina. So to prevent such unwanted pregnancies. This is one of the most important first time sex tips that one should wear condoms for every sexual encounter.

Orgasm? Is it going to Happen or Not?

Can I get an orgasm? Another question that disturbs many couples. Yes, It is a high possibility that you might experience, orgasm faster than you expected. Or you might not be able to last as long as you wanted to in bed. As mostly 1 out of 3 men experience PE problems. If you go through the same situation you can consult a doctor, to get a clearer picture of your situation.

Being Comfortable will Give You Extra Pleaser-

It is proven that the more comfortable you are, with your partner, with your body, and the whole experience. The more likely you can get an orgasm. You may feel pleasurable sensations throughout the process, which can lead to orgasms eventually.  Try different positions to find out more comfortable positions for both that way you can have an amazing first-time experience of your life.

Sex Does Not Always Mean Love or Care-

Just like running, or doing any other physical activity such as dancing, it can be merely an act of sexual pleasure and a physical act. It is not necessary that you love that person, or that person loves you. It can just be a mere act of involving physically and having pleasing sexually to each other.


Having sex for the first time can be confusing and can lead to a lot of anxiety and confidence issues. But proper research and knowing first time sex tips can save you big time. Sex is more about being comfortable and enjoying with each other while exploring.

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