How to Increase Sex Stamina: 11 Ways for Better Sex Stamina

How to Increase Sex Stamina: 11 Ways for Better Sex Stamina

how to increase sex stamina

How to increase sex stamina? Is a upend question in a couple’s mind because sex is always a stepping stone for every couple’s relationship. It is a way to express each other their fondness and trust to each other. It also shows the closeness between the couple which strengthens the emotional connection, commitments, and bonds between the two. The spark stays and grows with every act of intimacy with your partner. Not only this, there are a lot of emotional benefits of having sex with your partner. It also connects your body with your partner’s body in a highly pleasurable way. This is the best way to show and emote your care and love to your partner.

But these days as stressful life and frustration prevails in society. A lot of men are unable to stay in bed for long and please their partners, as much as they want. This can create a lot of unsatisfactory sexual encounters which can lead to decreasing the bond of the couple’s life. But with a little change in lifestyle and by taking certain medicines and food items, you can definitely get better stamina, which in all leads to better sex life and a better relationship.

9 Ways on How to Increase Sex Stamina-

There are a lot of ways on how to increase sex stamina and life. These ways can help you last longer in bed, which can in all help you please your partner well. To know more about it read these proven and easy ways to help your stamina.

1. Stay Active-

The first way to increase sex stamina on the list of How to increase sex stamina is to Stay Active. The best way to improve your cardiovascular health and stamina is to exercise daily well. Sex stamina generally raises your heart rate, but regular exercise can help you keep your heart shape well. Thirty minutes of daily exercise such as swimming and running can do wonders to increase libido. Thus, exercising daily can do wonders to help you increase your stamina.

2. Add these Fruits and Veggies to your diet-

How to Increase Sex Stamina by fruits and veggies

Certain food products can definitely help to increase your blood flow. These are as follows-

  1. Onion and Garlic- These food items can help you increase your blood circulation to increase your stamina.
  2. Bananas- This potassium-rich food can help you lower your blood pressure and boost your sexual performance.
  3. Chilies- All the spices can help you reduce hypertension and stamina.

3. Control Stress-

Stress can badly affect all your health, including your libido. Stress can directly increase your blood pressure, which can damage your sexual life as your desire decreases. Exercise can help you reduce stress. Also by including meditation, and mindfulness daily to cope up with stress.

4. Masturbate on Regular Basis-

However, practice can help you increase your sex stamina. But masturbating on regular basis can do wonders and can improve your longevity. The only secret is making it last, just like you want to do it ideally.

5. Pay attention to your Partners Needs-

Pay attention to your Partners Needs To improve sexual perfomance

Sex is not a one-way thing, it works mutually. If you want to stay long in bed you need to communicate with your partner, to make your sex life more enjoyable. Focusing on your partner’s needs can help you get the best of what you want. As you are relaxed and sure of your partner’s needs, you can surely last and stay longer in bed.

6. Do more research if you need-

One of the other reasons which can lead to less timing in bed is, you might have any underlying medical issues such as Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. Which might lead to medical treatment or counseling to help you cure it. It’s never a bad decision to know more about your body’s problems and getting specific treatments for them.

7. Get some sunlight-

Get some sunlight to Boost sexual stamina

One of the other effective ways on how to increase sex stamina better and stay longer in bed is to stay long in Sunlight. As sunlight stops the production of melatonin. This hormone helps you to calm down and also quiets down your sexual urges. So less Melatonin means more potential for sexual desire.

Getting in the sun can help you hit your skin more and wake up your sexual drive, and stay longer in bed while improving your sex stamina.

8. Reduce Bad habits-

Some lifestyle changes can also lead and help you to stay longer in bed. Especially cutting down bad habits such as smoking, consuming alcohol can help you stay very long in bed. These stimulants narrow the blood vessels to a large extent and can also lead to impotency in men. Thus replacing bad habits with good ones can help you stay longer in bed and increase your stamina.

9. Eat meat and other food to increase blood flow-

By including these foods can help you increase blood flow, and stay longer in bed.

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids- By having tuna, salmon, Avogadro, and olive oil can help you increase blood flow.
  2. Vitamin – B-1- You can have more brain signals which help you give quicker signals from the brain to the penis.
  3. Eggs- This food item does wonders by keeping a balance of hormone levels in the body. It also decreases stress and inhibits erections in you.


Apart from questions like How to increase sex stamina. A lot of sexual problems can create a lot of differences in a couple’s life, which leads to frustration in life. Thus a satisfied and good sex life can help you perform well in every area of your life. So if you feel you are suffering from any of these, you should see a doctor immediately.

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