Your Guide to Lubricants for Sex: Type, Tips and Usage

Your Guide to Lubricants for Sex: Type, Tips and Usage

Lubricants for Sex

If you are indulging in sexual activity for the first time, it can be quite painful and uncomfortable for you and your partner. Therefore here is the time where using Lube comes to the rescue. As it is a well-known fact, the wetter the better, thus applying lube over the vaginal opening, reduces the dryness of that region, and also gives you smoother skin with less friction. Which is ideal for better sex. In research it was found out that 70 percent of the women who use lube found sex more enjoyable and pleasurable. In fact, lube can also save time when you have no time for foreplay and want to get indulged in sexual activity. Therefore, there are a lot of benefits of using lubricants for sex and it is extremely safe to use them.

What are the Lubricants for Sex-

Lubricants come in a variety of bases, which are available in markets such as oil, water, and silicon. There are hybrid lubes too which are available in the market, with a combination of water and silicone. There are various best lubricants for men and women, which are curated specifically for them. If you are doing it for the first time, consider it a first time sex tips to keep in your mind.

Water-Based Lubricants for Sex-


These lubes are called versatile lubes, which you can use in every activity you can think of; also during the use of silicone toys. These lubricants for sex are also extremely safe to be used along with condoms- both latex and nonlatex. Also, they are proven to reduce the risk of condom breakage. For vaginal sex, one must use lube which balances the PH of the vagina. These water-based lubes are perfect for sex lubes and are popular as they don’t stain the sheets, are easy on the skin, and are easy to wash away with water.

Silicon-Based Lubricants for Sex-

This lube is just like silk sheets on your private parts. Also, these lubricants for sex last longer and do not have any reaction on your sensitive areas. So if you want a lube that you do not have to apply, again and again, silicone-based lubes are a perfect match for you.

But, there is one downside of using these silicon-based lubes too, as they sometimes deteriorate the surface of silicone sex toys. So if you share these sex toys with multiple partners, you should go for water-based lubes to play safe.

Oil-Based Lubricants for Sex-


If you are the one who wants to apply it once; and want to keep on going and going without re-applying it. Oil-based lubricants for sex are great for sexy and fun massage times. But for latex condoms, the downside lies as they are much more vulnerable to be torn and damaged, while sexual intercourse. Also, these lubes have a high rate of infections such as bacterial infections. Adding to it the sheets might also get stained bad which are difficult to remove.

Natural Lubricants for Sex-


If you are worried to put artificial ingredients down there, then you should definitely go for natural lubricants for sex. These are the products that have less mixture of products and have paraben-free options without smell and taste.

One of the most popular choices is using Coconut oil as lube; although it has its own downside, such as it can stain your sheets, or it can make your condom more vulnerable to get damaged, as oil can easily damage latex based condoms.

Petroleum-based Lubricants for Sex-

These lubricants for sex should be used very carefully, and should not be inserted inside the vagina as they can trap bacteria and germs inside them. Additionally, one should not use any petroleum-based lubes for penetrative vaginal or anal sex and should be only used for penile masturbation.

When to Use Lubricants for Sex–

It is very common for vaginal opening that it does not produces, enough lubrication or wetness. And for that artificial lubricants can help and remove the dryness and discomfort of the vagina.  It can also help men last longer in bed by reducing the sensitivity of the penis and eliminating premature ejaculation during intercourse.

One should use the lubricants for sex if-

  1. You find vaginal dryness, because of medications.
  2. Changes in hormonal levels during pregnancy and vaginal dryness.
  3. Menopause which can cause vagina to be dry.
  4. Vagina is not able to produce lubrication for very long sessions of sex, which causes less friction during sex.
  5. You can experience pain and itching around vaginal opening which can cause dryness in vagina.

How to use Lubricants for Sex-


First and foremost thing before buying a lubricant, you should determine its uses whether you will use it for masturbation or intercourse. It is generally better to start the lubrication process gently, with a small amount of lube, and gradually increase the amount of it. Till the time your vagina feels comfortable, people prefer applying lubes several times before they get the best results.

Things to Avoid

One is advised to use different kinds of lubricants for sex before choosing one. And then go for it on a regular basis. However, if you feel itchy or sore after using lubes, it might indicate sensitivity or allergic reaction to lube.

Everyone should use these lubes only after discussing them with their doctors. And estrogen-based creams should only be used. Although these creams generally require a prescription from doctors and healthcare people. The cream may however take a few days to show results. So you should be patient while using the creams.


Sex is an important activity in everyone’s life. People indulge in sexual activities to gain pleasure and to make the bond stronger with each other. However sometimes because of dryness around the vaginal area, it can cause less friction so lubricants for sex come to the rescue to provide you with the right amount of moisture. You can get different sex lubes, lubricants for anal sex, personal lubricants, and lubricants for males and females in the market to make your act of sexual activity more pleasurable.

However, a lot of men during sexual activity find some problems such as early ejaculation, Sexual dysfunction and Erectile dysfunction which can cause a problem for them to stay long in bed. Also, a lot of people are shy about discussing these problems with others and doctors. But there is nothing to worry more about, as Online portals such as Ohman provides easy, effective and affordable solutions to all your problems. Thus, to get more information about the portal and the treatments; one can check it out on where you can buy best medicine for early discharge & erectile dysfunction medicines

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