Amazing Advantages of Sex on your Physical and Mental Health

Amazing Advantages of Sex on your Physical and Mental Health

While talking openly about sex is still taboo in our country. Doctors and psychologists say that having sex is good for your health. There are a lot of health advantages of sex for both males and females. But you should not force each other of going through the intercourse and should be only conducted when it is mutually conducted between both of them. Sexually active couples and people are found out to be happier and have less stress. Which also is beneficial for their long-term relationships with each other. It’s even been found out that daily sex and morning sex can do wonders on people’s mental toll and can help them stay longer with each other.

Sex is not only to make you feel good but also has some amazing health benefits and advantages of sex for both males and females. Let us see below what a healthy sex life can do for you.

Helps in Keeping Your Immune System Well-

It is seen and proven by the doctors that people who indulge in sexual activities frequently. Or once or twice a week have a better immune system and their bodies have high defense systems against viruses, germs, and intruders. Thus having sex frequently or daily has great health benefits and advantages of sex for you.

Boosts Your Libido-

If you want your sex life to be more exciting and lively having frequent sex will help you get that. It also helps to increase your low libido. Especially for women by having ups and downs vaginal lubrication, blood flow, and elasticity can help you ease your tension feel better, and will make you long and crave for sex. Well, that is why a lot of couples are practicing daily sex to help them stay happy.

Improves Heart Rate-

Improve heart rate

Yes, you heard it right as sex is just like a physical activity that is good for your heart. A study which was conducted in 2015, showed that men who had sex thrice or more in a week had a more healthy heart rate than those who had once a week or much less. Thus, having sex can be beneficial and is just like any other physical workout. Studies show that men burn around 4 calories during a sexual session of 25 minutes while women burn around 3 calories for the same. Hence what is better than getting pleasure and burning fat out simultaneously.

Less Stress & Controlled Blood Pressure-

Sex is a perfect tool to help you out, by easing your tension as it raises endorphins and boosts your mood immediately. Morning sex regularly also helps you control your blood pressure during stressful events. While this is much more effective if you go through penetrative sexual activity but non-penetrative sex and masturbation can also help one stay calm.

Better and Fulfilling Sleep-

A study by the National Sleep Foundation showed that people generally feel sleepy and relaxed after having a great sexual session. As the release of prolactin hormone is there, which makes you feel satisfied. So do not wonder or be in shock if you and your partner dose off quickly after a fulfilling session. Researchers also say that women who sleep for longer periods of time have more sexual desires than other women. Also by having morning sex frequently, one can have better control over their anxieties, and also boosts one’s memory along with controlling your morning wood.

Younger & Glowing Skin-

It is a fact that you look more attractive and glowing after you have a satisfying sexual activity. The release of stress and better mood and the flush under your skin can is a natural arousal process that gives you young and glowing skin. Thus having a fulfilling sexual life with your partner can also do wonders for your health. You do not only pleasure yourself but also open doors for more fulfilling and long-term positive health benefits and advantages of sex.

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Reduces the Risk of Prostate Cancer-

What is better than knowing that sex can help you reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. A study showed that people who ejaculated at least 21 times a month have much less risk of prostate cancer than others. Although sex is better and more pleasurable to do it. But if you by chance do not have a partner, it is still possible as you can go for masturbation, nocturnal emission, etc.
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Reduces Pain-

Having orgasms during sexual activity can help you raise the pain threshold. Even stimulation without orgasm can also do the trick. Vaginal stimulation during sex can do wonders on health as it can block chronic back and leg pain. And also a lot of women who go for self-stimulation in genital areas during menstrual cramps release the pain. It also reduces arthritis pain and reduces headaches in a lot of cases.

Improves the Bladders Control-

Great sex helps one achieve more control over their bladder as it is a great workout for the pelvic floor muscles. Also when you have orgasms during sex the contractions in those muscles which in strengthen them. Therefore, what is better than having sex and getting the health benefits and advantages of sex.

Eases Out the Stress-

Eases Out the Stress

Staying close to your partner can make you feel good. While touching and hugging each other you get happy feel-good hormones. Sex also releases rewarding brain chemicals and is a reward system for you. Sex is not only a prescription for a healthy life but for a happy one too.

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Conclusion On Advantages of Sex-

Sex is just not for pleasure but also has great health benefits and advantages of sex for both males and females. Also having sexual activities frequently with your partner helps you stay happy and builds a stronger bond with your partner. So, if you wish to have a happy and healthy and happy life you should go for daily sex or morning sex.

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