What Is Male Infertility and Its Causes, Symptom and Treatments?

What Is Male Infertility and Its Causes, Symptom and Treatments?

male infertility

What is Male Infertility?

Male Infertility is a health issue faced by the man in which their sperm count gets too low, or the sperm get immobile. This ability of male sperm leads a woman to sustain the inability to conceive. So, whenever a couple is unable to conceive a child after frequent unprotected sex, then they are classified as infertile. But after when the female is diagnosed to be healthy and fertile, the major reason behind the failure of conceiving a child becomes infertility in men. There are several reasons behind male infertility, it can be medical, sexual, or even related to lifestyle. So, here in this article, we will learn about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of male infertility in brief.

Symptoms of Male Infertility

The major sign of infertility is the inability to conceive a child despite of having frequent unprotected sexual intercourse. But specifically in the case of men, you might observe symptoms that include:

  • Difficulty in Ejaculation
  • Reduction in sexual desire
  • Difficulty to maintain an erection
  • Swelling and pain in the testicle area
  • Reoccurrence of respiratory infection.
  • Lower sperm count

Male Infertility Symptoms

Cause of Male Infertility

Let us have a look at the possible causes of male infertility,

Sperm Disorders

There are several sperm disorders that can lead to male infertility such as improper sperm growth, odd shape, slower mobility, lower count, etc. Some men can have these problems by birth or may have developed them later on. This problem is also caused due to damage to the reproductive system. The other medical conditions also lead to a lower sperm count.


Varicoceles means the swollen veins of the scrotum. This problem in man blocks the blood drainage that harms the sperm. In this condition, the blood flows back to your scrotum from the belly that making the testicles too warm for sperm production.


Hormones that are produced by the pituitary gland are the major commanders which send signals to testicles to produce sperm. In this case, if a male body produces low hormones then this can lead to poor sperm growth.

Retrograde Ejaculation

In Retrograde ejaculation, the semen does not come out instead goes back to the body. The semen in such a situation goes into the bladder. This condition arises when the muscles and veins of the bladder do not close during the orgasm. In this condition, the sperm are healthy but do not come out from the penis and hence do not reaches the vagina.

Undescended testicles or Cryptorchidism

In cryptorchidism affected males whose one or both testicles fail to descend from abdomen to sac face the infertility problem.

Certain medications

Many medications such as arthritis drugs, long-term steroid use, testosterone replacement therapy, ulcer drugs, cancer medications also can alter sperm production and decrease male fertility.

Prior surgeries

Certain kinds of surgeries such as scrotal or testicular surgeries, vasectomy, prostate surgeries, rectal cancer surgeries, and many more prevent you from producing sperms.

Health, lifestyle, and other causes

Other health and lifestyle problems such as overuse of drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol and obesity also plays great role in infertility in male.


The sperm is responsible to take half of the DNA to the egg and in any case, if the chromosome changes then the fertility is affected.

Along with these several causes, other sexual causes and bad lifestyle also contributes to male infertility.

Treatment of Male Infertility

To start the treatment of male infertility, the person must go through the proper diagnosis. After the diagnosis, the person can start their treatment in many selected ways. Different treatment methods include,

  • Change in Lifestyle
  • Medications
  • Sperm count enhancement
  • Sperm mobility enhancement
  • Counseling and behavioral modification
  • Sex Pills
  • Oral medications, etc

male infertility treatment

Some of the surgical treatment associated with male infertility includes ART or Assisted Reproductive Techniques. If in case a male is not able to get fertile even after treatment then he is only left with ART for his partner to get pregnant. In this method, on the basis of your infertility specific treatment is given to you,

  • IUI or Intrauterine Insemination: In this method, the health care provider will put the sperm in the uterus of the female partner. This is the best method for those facing low sperm count or immobility, retrograde ejaculation, etc.
  • IVF or In Vitro Fertilization: This is useful method for women suffering with fertility issue. In this method good quality semen fertilize eggs outside of uterus then transferred back to uterus after 2-3 days.
  • ICSI Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection: This is another type of IVF that uses good quality sperm from male to fertilize eggs in females

For the best treatment of male infertility, you can also have the best and scientific medicines prepared by Ohman which are scientifically proven effective in treating male infertility. The major oral medication prescribed by Ohman for male infertility are as follows,

Fertility Booster Pack

This booster pack helps men to increase their sperm count and sperm mobility. The other major benefits that a man can avail through this pack are enhanced immunity power and endurance in men along with improved semen quality.

OH! MAN Herb Mix Tablet

This Herb mix tablet by Ohman is an ayurvedic herbal medicine that is made up of herbal plants such as ginseng, L-Arginine, Ashwagandha, and Eurycoma Longifolia. This tablet helps in increasing sexual hormones, delays ejaculation, and gives you strength and endurance.

OH!MAN Delay Capsule

OH!MAN delay capsule is herbal capsule made from herb called St.John’s Wort. St. John’s wart is a famous herb for controlling mild depression & ejaculation. it is being used for hundreds of  years in Europe for same purpose. ohman has bring you  St. Jhon’s Wart capsule for delaying the ejaculation & controlling the premature ejaculation problem. You can buy St. Jhon’s Wart  Delay Capsule for Premature Ejaculation Directly from ohman.

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator(SERM)

Although people might think that a person with low testosterone should be given more testosterone this isn’t the fact. Despite increasing the testosterone, this may lead to decreasing the sperm count. This is why, to treat male fertility, a selective estrogen receptor module should be used as this one.

Vitamin C 500

In the semen of a fertile man, the most abundant vitamin is Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the maintenance of the sperm by protecting the DNA of the sperm. It also helps in the increase in sperm count, and motility.

Vitamin E 400

The other vitamin that has proved to improve sperm motility is Vitamin E. This pill by Ohman is a tested and proven pill that shows significant improvement in the fertilization rate of males.

What people with male infertility can do at their homes to help their treatment?

Along with the medical treatment, the man with infertility can practice the following things,

Exercise: Performing regular exercises will not only keep you healthy mentally and physically but also sexually. Mental relaxation and relief from stress also play a vital role in recovering your infertility problem.

Proper Lifestyle: A healthy lifestyle is a must to make you fit sexually. You must have a proper sleeping and getting up schedule. You must perform exercise on regular basis along with healthy dies. A proper lifestyle also includes the prohibition of cigarettes and alcohol.

Diet: A person going through the medical treatment of infertility should give special care to their diet. They must consume healthy foods and prohibit junk foods and unhealthy food. For this, the person can also ask their doctor regarding the diet intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What health problems can cause infertility in men?

There are several health problems that can cause infertility in men. Some of these medical problems are Kidney disease, Testicular cancer, STIs, genetic problems, etc. Also, ordinary fevers and infections can hinder sperm growth in males.

Q. Can smoking affect sperm count?

Yes, smoking cigarettes can harm sperm counts in many different ways. It can make the sperm cells smaller and slower and will also impact the seminal fluid.

Q. Can steroids cause infertility in men?

Yes, steroids consumption restricts the hormones growth that forms the sperm.

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