11 Best Yoga for Erectile Dysfunction to Prevent ED

11 Best Yoga for Erectile Dysfunction to Prevent ED

yoga for erectile dysfunction

Stress, exhaustion, and the absence of self-confidence reduce sexual performance, and practicing Yoga can calm your mind and alleviate stress. Further, Yoga is believed to raise testosterone production and blood flow to the pelvic area, aiding in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Here in this post, we bring all the details about Yoga for erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition wherein a male’s erection is sufficiently hard for sexual activity with their companion. Because of this, a man cannot maintain or get erections, resulting in an unsatisfying sexual experience.

Erectile Dysfunction, which impacts a person’s physical relationships with his partner, is among the most frequent sexual issues among men.

As per research of Massachusetts Male Aging , 52% of men suffer erectile dysfunction, and the prevalence of ED rises from 5% to 15% between 40 and 70 years. Although the risk of erectile dysfunction raises with age, young men can still experience ED.

While age is the main risk factor for experiencing ED, some other factors may contribute to ED.

  • Age: The prevalence of erectile dysfunction increases with age, from around 5% at 40 to 15% – 25% at 65 and later.
  • Diabetes
  • Arteries Hardening
  • Peyronies disease
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Physically inactive men
  • Tobacco use
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Prostate Problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Any chronic condition
  • Relationship issues

Currently, Yoga for erectile dysfunction is among the first treatment option that a doctor suggests as an alternative to medication. Moreover, Yoga asanas for erectile dysfunction are prevalent and seem to cure ED effectively.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Rare causes of ED are often related to stress, fatigue, anxiety, or excessive alcohol use, and there is no need for concern.

However, if this is a frequent occurrence, it may be due to physical or psychological health issues. Yoga for erectile dysfunction may correct some mental issues, keeping you calm so that it doesn’t affect the erections you get.

Here are other causes inducing erectile dysfunction are:

  • Anxiety over your performance. The most common cause is stress.
  • Depression. Depression may inhibit the capacity to have an erection. Some anti-depressants trigger erection issues, too.
  • Biological inability. So this affects the penis’s veins or arteries. It is the most prevalent cause of erectile dysfunction, particularly in older adults, and it may also lead to the body’s arteries hardening. A penile injury or vascular leak could also cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Diabetes. ED is frequent among diabetic males, and it causes rapid and severe arterial hardening. Diabetes is often accompanied by complications with the nerves that govern erections.
  • Neurologic factors. Many neurological abnormalities may cause ED. Multiple sclerosis, strokes, or spinal cord and nerve damage are examples. ED may be due to nerve injury following pelvic operations.
  • ED induced due to medications. Hormonal imbalances may lead to ED, and they also include bodybuilding steroid addiction, excess or deficiency of thyroid hormone, and hormones for treating prostate cancer. In rare instances, low testosterone levels might induce erectile dysfunction.
  • Lifestyle choices. ED may also be caused by smoking, heavy alcohol use, excess weight and lack of exercise.

Available Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction

Apart from Yoga asanas for erectile dysfunction, doctors may prescribe certain medications to treat ED.

Here are some other possible treatments for ED, apart from Yoga for erectile dysfunction.

1. Some oral medications

Oral medicines are a therapeutic option for erectile dysfunction for several men. They consist of:

All four drugs improve the impact of nitric oxide, a naturally occurring molecule that calms penile muscles. Hence, this boosts blood flow and helps you have an erection when sexually stimulated.

2. Penile Shots or Penile Injections

With this procedure, you administer an injection into the penis’s bottom or side using a small needle.

Further, each penile injection works by producing an erection that lasts no more than one hour. Since the needle employed is tiny, injection sites often produce little discomfort.

3. Testosterone replacement

So if lower T-levels contribute to a man’s ED, then the doctor will prescribe Testosterone Replacement Therapy to restore your T-levels.

4. Vacuum Pumps

A mechanical aid to induce erections is vacuum pumps. So these vacuum pumps work by drawing out air to increase blood flow in the genitals, causing an erection.

5. Yoga for erectile dysfunction

In contrast to contemporary medicine, Yoga never seeks to provide a temporary solution, and Yoga focuses on addressing the basic systems of the human body.

Yoga may not only cure erectile dysfunction but also prevent it with the appropriate practices.

The following yoga benefits may help manage and treat ED:

  • Improve your blood circulation
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Control hormone secretion
  • Improve nerve functioning
  • Enhance your spinal health
  • Remove obstructions from blood vessels
  • Maintain normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Lower body weight
  • Aid relaxation and alleviate stress

11 Yoga For Erectile Dysfunction

Ardha Matsyendrasana yoga for ed

1. Ardha Matsyendrasana

So this pose helps in promoting digestion and blood circulation to the liver, pancreas, spleen, and pelvis area:

To start with this yoga for erectile dysfunction:

  • Start in a sitting posture with your legs extended forward.
  • Following that, on the knee flex the right leg, criss-cross over the left, and position the right foot on the floor.
  • Gradually inhale and exhale while moving to the right, extending the left arm forward and placing the left elbow upon the right knee.
  • Those with exceptional mobility may clasp their hands across their backs while turning.
  • Drop the posture and start from a sitting position. On the other side, repeat.

2. Paschimottanasana

Alternatively termed as seated forward bend, this Yoga for erectile dysfunction may assist in relaxing the pelvic muscles that are stiff from prolonged sitting and improve blood circulation. Further, this position may also help you relax.

  • Begin by sitting with your legs extended towards your front.  Consider using a rolled blanket for additional support. Using one hand, draw the right sit bone (the bones comprising your bottom) away from your body while you sway your body towards the left. Continue on either side.
  • Inhale, maintaining your upper body extended as you approach the ground, lean forth, and extend your tailbone. With your hands, grasp the feet while extending your elbows completely. In addition, a person may use a yoga strap over their feet for support with this pose.
  • Continue to hold this position for up or two minutes. Further, concentrate on your breathing and try to relax and loosen your physique gradually. You may eventually be able to extend your hands past your feet. However, don’t try to do so before you’re prepared.


3. Kumbhakasana

Plank posture or Kumbhakasana Asana, one of the Yoga asanas for erectile dysfunction, may increase your endurance, strength, and stamina, enhancing sexual performance. Moreover, if a person frequently engages in physical activity, there is no question that they will notice a change in their endurance and upper-body power. So to start with this pose:

  •  Lie on the ground with your tummy contacting the surface.
  • Then, while laying down, place your hands by the sides of your faces.
  • Flex your feet to the point where your toes must leave the ground.
  • Push your arms with your torso while simultaneously raising your buttocks.
  • Ensure that your legs remain parallel with the floor at all times.
  • Try to maintain the posture for as long as possible and gradually return to your regular position.

However, people with blood pressure issues and osteoporosis must avoid this Yoga for erectile dysfunction.

4. Uttanapadasana

This specific yoga asana, also referred to as lifted leg posture, works on the quadriceps and glutes, which would help you maintain missionary postures for longer. Additionally, this Yoga for erectile dysfunction also extends your psoas and hip flexors. Hence, it increases the pelvic area’s endurance and blood circulation to cure erectile dysfunction.

  • On your back, lie on floor.
  • Place your hands side-by-side with your legs.
  • The feet should be together.
  • Raise your arms to form a 30-degree inclination with the floor as you inhale.
  • Carefully raise your head off the floor as you perform the preceding moves.
  • Hold the posture for a few breaths.
  • Return your legs to their usual position on the floor.
  • This time, inhale and elevate your legs to create a 60-degree inclination.
  • Once again, hold this posture for some period.
  • Drop your legs and return to the normal posture.

Yet, people with muscle or internal organ injury must refrain from doing this Yoga to cure erectile dysfunction.

5. Naukasana

One of the best Yoga for erectile dysfunction is the boat pose stimulates the body’s sex hormones. If you believe that the body lacks the sexual power to engage in sexual activity, this asana might assist you in sustaining your stamina. Naukasana strengthens and tones the buttocks and thigh muscles. Additionally, it improves the pelvic region’s tendons to boost the duration.

Naukasana yoga asanas for erectile dysfunction

For performing:

  • Lie flat on the ground.
  • Put your arm alongside your other arms and body.
  • Inhale and exhale.
  • Raise your upper chest into the air.
  • Liftoff is when you simultaneously leave the ground and ascend into the air.
  • Further, your hands must remain straight at all times.
  • Hold this posture.
  • Return to your original posture while gently exhaling.

Any person having high blood pressure, insomnia, or heart disease, must avoid this asana.

6. Dhanurasana

The Bow Pose stimulates the sexual organs and increases blood flow to these regions. Moreover, it also helps stretch all the frontal body muscles, such as the thighs and pelvis. Bow Pose also might improve your posture overall.

To start this:

  • Relax on your abdomen on the ground , keeping your feet in a hip-width.
  • Maintain your arms at your sides.
  • While inhaling, fold your knees into angel positions.
  • Inhale and elevate your torso off the floor as you exhale.
  • Pull your legs along with your hands on your rear and stare straight.
  • Hold this posture for twenty to twenty-five seconds.
  • Then, relax your ankles carefully and return them to your usual position.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose ) best yoga for erectile dysfunction

7. Garduasana

This standing stance, also known as Eagle Pose, needs balance. If a male is working on balancing, he must execute this exercise next to a wall or solid furniture. Further, this Yoga for erectile dysfunction can increase blood circulation to the pelvis, making it especially advantageous for those with erectile dysfunction.

So to perform this:

  • Stand up on both feet.
  • Consider the right leg to be a linked root to the earth. Raise the left leg gently while rotating it across the right knee, and if feasible, place the tip of the left foot on the right calf’s back.
  • Further, kneel to intensify the stretch. A person may raise their hands to shoulder elevation and cross them over if they want.
  • Keep doing the asana for 5-10 seconds Then switch legs and go on.

8. Pavanamuktasana

Also referred to as Wind-Relieving Pose, it stimulates intestinal movement and eliminates gas-related stomach discomfort. In addition, it stimulates the warmth and motility of the pelvic area and reproductive system.

  • Lay on the floor with extending your legs.
  • Inhale, exhale, and raise one knee towards the chest while exhaling. Circulate the all-around arms around the knee and draw the leg as near as possible to the abdomen.
  • Breath continuously while holding the posture.
  • Relax the leg and drop it and repeat on other side.

Pavanamuktasana yoga to cure erectile dysfunction

9. Janu Sirsasana

The head-to-knee position is most effective when practiced on an empty belly. It improves flexibility, particularly in the hamstrings, back, thighs, and buttocks. Furthermore, it increases blood flow throughout the lower stomach and pelvis. Apart from the physical benefits, Yoga may also be an effective stress reliever.

  • Keep your legs stretched while you sit on the floor. Further, flex one of your knees and move its heel closer to your pelvis while you inhale. Put your foot on your thigh then lower your knee towards the floor. If your knee doesn’t meet the ground, rest it on a blanket.
  • Inhale and lift both hands in the air. Exhale and bend forward beyond your extended leg while maintaining an elongated spine. Try bringing your chin to your knee, and if possible, wrap your arms around your foot.
  • Try holding this position for one to three minutes. Then, lift your arms high as you exhale and return to a seated position. Repeat this position on the opposite side to achieve bodily equilibrium.

10. Ashwini Mudra

Among the mudras for erectile dysfunction, for doing Ashwini Mudra, a practitioner must sit in the lotus posture, inhale when lowering their head to place their chin in a jugular posture, and then exhale while holding their breath. Following this, the anal sphincter contracts and relaxes. Additionally, this is an effective yoga to cure erectile dysfunction.

11. Shavasana

This posture, also referred to as Corpse Pose, is typically the final in a yoga session.

Even while practically anybody can perform the Shavasana, this might be one of the most challenging to execute properly.

It is because it requires silence, introspection, and breathing concentration.

Shavasana yoga and different mudras for erectile dysfunction

  • Lay on the floor. Extend your arms and point the palms upwards.
  • Envision each bodily component gradually relaxing. Visualize the left leg loosening and ascending throughout the body.
  • Deepen your breathing while retaining your emphasis on calmness.

What do the studies say about Yoga to help with Erectile Dysfunction?

There are several evidences suggesting that yoga may assist with ED. For instance, a study where 65 men participated in research on yoga and male sex performance. After only 12 weeks of yoga practice, the sexual performance of these males, with an average of 40 years, observed significant improvement.

Additionally, as per another research, Yoga asanas for erectile dysfunction significantly reduce:

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • BMI

Since high blood pressure and obesity are both associated with erectile dysfunction, the advantages mentioned above might assist a man to lower the prevalence of ED. The same study also indicates that certain yoga positions for erectile dysfunction boost blood circulation to the genital area, improving sexual performance.

Final Say

There are treatment options besides prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction. Yoga may be an effective starting point for addressing the condition naturally. Yoga for erectile dysfunction may boost blood circulation, improve flexibility, and decrease stress, among some other advantages. Further these health benefits assist lower ED symptoms. So, there is no harm to start Yoga to cure erectile dysfunction since it offers several benefits to your body.

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