Male Anorgasmia: Symptoms, Causes and Its Treatment

Male Anorgasmia: Symptoms, Causes and Its Treatment


Male Anorgasmia is the inability of a man, to have persistent orgasms, even after trying stimulation. Although the problem can be seen both in men and women. But is highly common among females than males. This condition of male anorgasmia is very irritating for those who go through it. As even if the orgasm is possible to be attained easy, it takes a lot of time to reach it. Also, if you suffer from delayed ejaculation you are prone to it. According to research around 8 per cent of men go through this condition; and are unable to get an orgasm. This I much common in older ages, and is generally not seen in young men.

A lot of conditions such as side effects of surgery, psychological reasons, and medications can lead to this condition. However, if the problem is addressed in time; the man can go back to enjoy the normal pleasures as others.

Physiology of a Male Orgasm-

The orgasm of males is a highly complex process. As it involves a lot of organs, multiple hormones and nerves to reach it. Testosterone hormone plays an important role in it which is produced in testicles which lead to the orgasm of men. that’s why increased testosterone levels play significant role in men’s orgasm.

Also, a lot of contractions of the scrotum and anus propels the production of semen. The brain cells also play a very important role in the emotional response of orgasm. So, if a man has emotional and physical issues, they are generally unable to get orgasms normally.

Types of anorgasmia-

There are broadly two types of anorgasmia; which men go through-

  1. Primary anorgasmia- When a person in life has never been able to get an orgasm; even for once and Suffer from premature ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction.
  2. Secondary anorgasmia- It is the anorgasmia, which occurs because of some situations; also you reach orgasms only by masturbation or oral sex.

    anorgasmia in men

Causes of anorgasmia-

Psychological and Physiological causes can cause the problem of anorgasmia in men.

1. Physiological reasons-

  1. Some conditions such as diabetes, neuropathy, and uncontrolled blood pressure can cause anorgasmia in men.
  2. Low testosterone levels in men, can also cause the problem.
  3. Radiations from prostate cancer and complications of cancer can also lead to this problem.
  4. Side effects of some medications, especially antidepressants and SSRI’s.

2. Psychological reasons-

  1. Mental issues such as stress, anxiety, problems in relationships, and depression can cause anorgasmia.
  2. A problem that is common in men of any age is Sexual anxiety; this can also cause anorgasmia.
  3. Some phobias such as genophobia and haphephobia.
  4. the grief of losing your partner.Other than these 2 significant causes, your relationship also plays a significant role in your anorgasmia constant fight, lack of communication and partner’s rude behaviour also introduce anorgasmia in males and females.

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Diagnosis of Anorgasmia-

If you feel you have been dealing with the problem of Anorgasmia; then the first step to be done is to meet your healthcare provider. Your doctor may take you through some examinations and will also review your history of medical problems. It is also very likely to have the problem started while you started one of the new medications in your life.

After this, the doctor may take you through some more tests and refer you to either a urologist or a doctor who deals with psychological issues. Tests generally which help to see the Anorgasims in men are as follows-

  1. A blood test to measure the amounts of hormones in your blood.
  2. Test to check the sensations in the penis which is also known as Biothesiometry.
  3. The nerves of the genital area are tested to see the sensations in them.
  4. Penile sympathetic skin test to see the nerves which supply blood to the penis.

Treatment of Anorgasmia

Treatment of Anorgasmia-

Although, there is no specific treatment for the problem of Anorgasmia, and can be different for different people. The specific treatment depends on the result of the tests which are conducted on the problem. However, some of the treatments which are used to cure Anorgasmia in men are as follows-

  1. Therapy of replacing the testosterone, which may be able to restore the orgasm ability in men.
  2. Medications and therapy to treat psychological problems; such as antidepressants.
  3. Therapy can help in removing the sexual anxiety or the past traumas of the person.
  4. Counselling of couples; which may help them to build a stronger relationship and resolve their personal issues and problems.
  5. Therapy of sex to help treat sexual issues of men.
  6. Having prostate massages, which will help to stimulate the G-spot of men and help to bring back the sensations in it.

Also, sometimes just changing the dose of certain medication by the doctor; is all that has to be done to return back to the normal functioning of men. In case if man is suffering with primary anorgasmia doctor can suggest you premature ejaculation medicine or ED medicines for eliminating  Sexual dysfunctions.

How to Cope up with the problem on a personal level-

If you go through the problem of Amorgasmia it can be very frustrating and irritating to the one suffering from it. Thus, the best way is to discuss these frustrating emotions with your partner. It can majorly affect all the areas of the man’s life and of his partners too.

Also, the best way is to see a doctor immediately; while keeping aside your fear and feeling of shame aside. As it is a problem which affects many and also is not in your hands if you suffer from it or not. And with the right treatments; it is quite possible that you can get back to normal.

You can also take help from a sex therapist; who can help you achieve without having orgasms during sexual intercourse with your partner.

Take away-

As discussed above, some of the men go through the problem of Amorgasmia; which can cause a lot of mental and emotional toll on a male head. Can be cured well if the diagnosis is done well in time.

Thus, a lot of men currently also go through a lot of intimate issues, which are unexplainable and cause a lot of shame and fear in men. So, if you know someone or you yourself suffer from any such issue. Then you should definitely check Ohman’s portal. Which gets you effective and side effects free treatments. For more information, you can check it out on the official portal Ohman.

Frequently Asked Question about Male Anorgasmia

  • Is it possible to eliminate anorgasmia with viagra?
    Viagra or Sildenafil is a medicine that increases and maintains the blood flow to the male genitals, and these drugs are good for treating erectile and ejaculation problems. It has nothing to do with your inability to reach orgasm. So in Clear words, No Viagra doesn’t work in anorgasmia.
  •  Is it possible to get male anorgasmia with any kind of Medical cause?
    Ans –
    Medical Treatment for depression-like SSRI’s and medicine used in these treatments and Medicine like Lexapro (escitalopram) and Celexa (citalopram), cause anorgasmia. Some physical therapies like prostate injuries treatment or testicular treatments sometimes create a situation that leads to insensitivity in male genitals and anorgasmia.
  • How is Male Anorgasmia Usually diagnosed?
    Male anorgasmia’s diagnosis usually begins with a routine blood test to check the testosterone and other hormonal abnormality. After that Physical examination is done to complete the physical diagnosis of anorgasmia. If all the physical diagnosis is made, doctors look for psychological causes and treatments.
  • How Common Male Anorgasmia is in the world?
    Ans –
    Male Anorgasmia is not a common problem in the world; still, 8 % of the world’s male population is suffering from it.

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