Sex After Marriage: Signs of Healthy Sex Life, Tips and Changes

Sex After Marriage: Signs of Healthy Sex Life, Tips and Changes

Sex After Marriage: Signs of Healthy Sex Life, Tips and Changes

Well, a new journey begins for most couples after Marriage. As they take one major step towards their marital bliss, sex plays an important role for them. And this doesn’t end here as this might be a different experience for the couple all together as they spend their life together. However, your sex after marriage should not get boring with time, but rather it should build stronger with each encounter.

Well after a time the burden of work, children’s finances, career, and other issues can put a break to your romance. But with these everyday factors, you can not just let your efforts and romance to just fade out. You can keep the thrill and the excitement with your romantic life just like in older times. But with time if you encounter any changes and issues while having intercourse, you should definitely look for a doctor to discuss your issues.

Signs of Healthy Sex After Marriage Life

Signs of Healthy Sex After Marriage Life

These are a few signs which show that you and your partner are leading quite healthy and fulfilling sexual life. Which satisfies you and your partner well. These are some of the general signs and may not be fit for your affair, that doesn’t mean that you do not have a great sexual life.

  • You and your partner are quite open to discussing your wishes and you can actually ask exactly what you want, and your partner supports you and gets you exactly that on board.

  • Sometimes Just Skip Main Event

    You both are well aware of each other’s timelines and schedules. However, you are ready to take a quickie without spending hours exploring your bodies. Sometimes you just stare and make out, just before you both have to leave for a get-together with friends or to eliminate your morning wood.

  • You Feel Appreciated

    It’s quite important for both the partners to feel appreciated while the activity. Thus, if you feel confident showing off your body to your partner and feel good about it. You surely have an understanding partner who loves you for the real person you are.

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  • You Both Are Incredibly Giving

    If you and your spend hours going down on each other and maybe not going for the main event. As you both feel that is more pleasing to each other and is just like a sexy Mobius strip. Then definitely you have amazing sex after marriage life without a doubt.

  • You Split Effort

    Just like how you split your responsibilities in a real relationship which lets you work out your relationship. You both take responsibility for the efforts during intercourse so that it’s special for both of you.

Tips for Great Sex After Marriage Life

Tips for Great Sex After Marriage Life

If you feel your romance has just died out with time, and you are unable to get what you exactly want from your partner. You can try these few tips mentioned below, which can help you get back the spark of your sex after the Marriage life which you want.

Communicate well with your partner

According to psychologists, it’s better to discuss everything you wish or want. Especially discuss your wildest fantasies, and desires. This is a great way to have better sex and a healthy relationship with your partner. If you think it’s very difficult for you to share face-to-face. Write down it in your journal or a note and let them read.

Try something different

Doing daily sex after marriage seems boring sometimes. So, spice up your boundaries by trying something different. You can try new foreplay techniques or positions. Or try a new environment altogether in your kitchen counter, couch, or bathroom. Not only this it is a good habit to have sex at least once a week, to keep your relationship strong.

Schedule your timeline to Intimacy

Just how you take out time for other important personal and professional tasks. You should definitely take out time for romance and intimacy, for around once or twice a week. This not only lets your sexual life exciting but also maintains your personal bonding with your partner.

Don’t Compare

You are having sex after marriage, and you or your partner bring up talk about the experience with your previous partner. This small talk about your last relationship will ruin your present life. So please do not take the words of your last experience with your partner; they will think you are comparing them with your ex.

Exercise regularly

Exercise helps you to tone your body well and helps you increase sex stamina in bed. It also elevates your self-esteem and makes you feel confident and sexier. Thus regular exercise is a must for a great sexual life. Along with regular exercise maintain a healthy diet if you want to enhance your performance then you can try eating shilajit & ashwagandha supplements to support your diet and life.

Be Affectionate & Understand Each Other Well

Not all your romantic and intimate moments have to end with sex. This is something that should be kept in mind. And hence cuddling, or taking a hot shower together with your partner can help you, get to know each other better. It will also give an insight into what your partner feels good about.

Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are types of pelvic floor exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and highly support your bladder. Thus, by doing them your sex becomes more comfortable, smooth, easy, and full of orgasms. As they induce more blood to your genitals and give you intense erections and intense orgasms.
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Plan Weekend Getaways

Sometimes all you need is a change of surroundings. Thus book an exotic vacation for you and your partner. Switch off your phones and rekindle your relationships. You can also think of you to be dating or being strangers to spice up things between you two.


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