Reasons for Low Sex Drive and How to Improve it Naturally

Reasons for Low Sex Drive and How to Improve it Naturally

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Sex is an activity in a relationship, which increases the level of respect, emotional connection, and commitment with your partner. Also not only does it helps to make the bond stronger between the couples; it has some great health benefits too such as it boosts mood, reducing stress levels, and strengthening the immune system. But sometimes low sex drive in men is the key reason; that you are not able to satisfy your partner well. Also as the women’s sexual desire is not fulfilled well, it can create a void in the relationship. But however, there are some natural ways that can help improve libido levels and lead to a high sex drive.

Reasons for Low Sex Drive-

Reasons for Low Sex Drive

How come men lose their sex drive? There are various medical or lifestyle reasons, which can lead to low sex drive in both men and women. These are so common in today’s generation that we do not give much attention to them, but they surely can lead to reduced libido and less sex drive in men and women.

1. Low testosterone levels –

This is one of the most common reasons, which leads to reduced sexual desire in men. As testosterone is an important male hormone; and is produced by testicles. So if the testosterone levels decrease in men; it leads to reduced sexual desires and longer refractory periods after sex in men. This can also be a cause of aging, but however, if you feel a drastic drop in the levels of testosterone. One should immediately talk to a doctor; as they may refer you to some supplements and gels which will help you to increase testosterone levels.

2. Restless leg syndrome-

Restless leg syndrome also known as RLS is a problem in which men have uncontrollable urges to shake or move their legs. And in a study, it was found that the men who suffered from RLS were more prone to Erectile dysfunction. As they were not able to last their erections for a long time in bed. Severe RLS in men could also lead to permanent impotency in males. Thus, if you feel you are suffering from it; you should immediately see a doctor.

3. Chronic illness-

A lot of chronic illnesses can also lead to low sex drive in men. Chronic illnesses such as pain and cancer can cause less prioritized sexual desires. Some chronic illnesses that can reduce libido levels in you can are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, organ failure, etc. So if you think you too have been going through a chronic illness; you should see a sex therapist and get a cure for your issues.

4. Sleep problems-

People who go through Obstructive sleep apnea are more prone to experiencing low testosterone levels; which also leads to low libido and low sexual desire. Researchers have found out that men going through these issues we’re having less sexual drive than others. And it was more evident between 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm the next day.

5. Low self-esteem-

This is another major issue that can contribute to low sexual desire. Self-esteem is generally the way you look at yourself; thus people who do not feel attractive about their own selves; avoid sexual encounters or have performance anxiety about their sexual performance. Which in all leads to drug abuse- which can lead to low libido levels and low sex drive.

6. Medical Problems

Several medical conditions affect your sex drive severely, such as heart problems and diseases that create issues with your blood flow and metabolism, completing erection, and testosterone problems in your body. It would be best to control these diseases or save yourself for a better life.

How to Improve sex drive Naturally-

How to Improve sex drive Naturally

How can I increase my sex drive? There are certain ways that if you include it in your daily lifestyle; can help you with your sexual desires and sex drive. All these procedures are extremely simple and can be done without anyone’s guidance.

1. Eat Chocolates-

As chocolates are from ages a symbol of desire, it is not only due to their amazing taste, but it also has the power to improve sexual desires. After one eats chocolate hormones such as serotonin and phenethylamine are produced, which uplifts your mood and increases sexual desire in women. According to research, the effects of chocolate are more psychological than biological.

2. Boost your Self-confidence-

Self-confidence is the key for everyone while they are in bed. A poor self-image, unhealthy diet, and lack of exercise can lead to poor self-image. Thus by keeping yourself in shape and active can help you gain a lot of confidence. So the best way to boost your confidence is to make a few lifestyle changes and also shift your focus to your attributes than flaws. This can definitely help you experience pleasure during sex.

3. Meditate and Relieve Stress-

As stress and depression can cause a low sex drive in you. Meditating or practicing yoga for a minimum of thrice away; can help you relieve stress and stay in the present moment. In addition, yoga for erectile dysfunction can help you fight with stress as well as help your body to restore blood circulation in the pelvic area. To relieve stress one can also consider practicing tai chi, Zumba, sports activities, or a run.

4. Get plenty of rest and Sleep-

As the busy schedule lifestyle prevails in everyone’s life; it does not give your body enough time to rest. And when your body has not relaxed properly it leads to making it a difficult time for sex. Thus, people with extremely busy schedules; should try taking naps and power naps in between their schedules. Also, they can increase the amount of energy in them by having balanced dies which include a high amount of carbohydrates.

5. Drink one glass of Wine-

Before indulging in sexual activity. Make sure you are not taking too much alcohol. As it might reduce your sexual performance and may lead to Erectile Dysfunction. As 2 wine glasses can be too much; sticking to one glass of wine can give you enough ease to go with foreplay and give you sweet orgasms. So make sure that you do not overload yourself with alcohol before you go for sex.

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6. Do Exercise for Healthy Weight

  Exercise is the best way of keeping your body fit and in good health. It also helps you increase metabolism, which in turn increases testosterone production and reduces the fat stored in your body. Try doing different exercises, including pelvic floor exercises and premature ejaculation exercises, to improve your sex drive and treat your previous problems. 

7. Eat Healthily

 Your daily diet is an essential part of your day. So include foods to cure premature ejaculation and increase libido. These foods may contain carrots, avocados, nuts, fish, and oysters. These foods are rich in vitamin C, Zinc, and magnesium that help your testosterone production in your body, and provide you with a better sex drive. You can also try shilajit to increase the intake of minerals such as zinc & Magnesium. To take the benefits of shilajit mix it with milk & consume it before bed.


There are a lot of natural ways which can help you go through your reduced sexual desires and low libido levels. But remember and keep in mind that every couple has different issues. Thus little experiments and patience can help you know that what works best for you. Also if you and your partner decide to go through prescribed medicines to go through these problems; keep in mind that emotional issues can not just be solved by having some blue pills. This is how to increase blood flow to penis for better eraction.

Thus talk to your partner and share your problems and desires. Also if you are going through the problems of Sexual dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction and early ejaculation. And you are looking for an effective and affordable solution to these problems. Check out “Ohman. in ” and get consultancy and order the best medicine for early dischargemedicine for erectile dysfunction.


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